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What is a Credit Score?

A credit score is a number that is used by companies to help decide if they will give people loans, credit cards and other lines of credit. Your credit score de...

Are Teachers Overpaid?

Are teachers overpaid? Some insist that generous benefits packages and summers off mean that teachers get a sweet deal at the taxpayer's expense. And those who'...
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How Do I File Taxes Late?

Everyone knows that April 15th is the date to file taxes. But by what time? And what happens when someone doesn't file in time? Last year, just before the well ...
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How to File Taxes Online

Filing taxes online can help taxpayers file taxes faster and without worrying about something getting lost in the mail. If you make under $60,000 you can file t...

Do Poor People Pay Taxes?

Do poor people or people have low income have to pay any taxes? Political pundits will often say this to upset others, or make a case for a change in taxes that...
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Tobias Samuel

Tobias lives in Ohio and is an editor for Money Nation, as well as a contributing writer for the site. He has edited and worked for financial and personal finance blogs since 2007, covering stocks, Apple and savings tips.