5 Android Apps to Save You Money Now

Save money with these five Android apps. An Android phone is more than just a phone, it’s a computer networked to millions of others, capable of linking in to software solutions and services across the land. Why not start using it to find the cheapest prices, track your money, find cheap gas and retail deals and even find free fruit nearby? Below, we’ve listed five apps for Android that save money for real users every day.

1. AndroMoney

Android users can save money with the popular AndroMoney App for personal finance tracking. The app’s focus is on ease of use and powerful daily money management. Clear, simple, and versatile, this Android app can track spending across multiple accounts, sync with other devices and use any currency you like. Users can create custom budgets and view trends in pie and bar charts. Pre-loaded spending categories and the ability to add new ones make tracking spending simple. Users can add recurring expenses and add alerts to ping them when they’re on the verge of blowing out their budgets. Possibly this Android app’s best money saving feature is that it’s free.

2. GasBuddy

The GasBuddy app saves money for over half a million Android users by finding them the cheapest gas nearby. Did you know gas prices can vary by 20 cents a gallon or more? Never see cheaper gas right after a fill up again with this clever Android app. The app finds the cheapest local gas by city, state or zip code. Gas prices get reported by other app users around the country. Report gas prices near you for a chance to win $100 a day in gas. The app also saves money by alerting users when gas prices are going up, so they can tank up before prices top out. Drivers can also use their Android phone’s GPS to navigate straight to the cheapest nearby gas. The app displays how long ago each station price was updated, to boost your chance to save money even higher.

3. The Coupons App

The Coupons App for Android helps users save money by taking the coupons out of couponing. For Android users who want to save money on shopping but don’t want to die the death of a thousand paper cuts, this app comes pre-loaded with a zillion real time daily deals. The Coupons app saves money for Android users by pulling up coupons and deals at nearby restaurants, retail stores and even gas stations. A handy barcode scanner lets shoppers scan in items to see if they can be had cheaper anywhere within a stone’s throw. One-tap maps help users navigate to deals nearby, and users can save deals for later in a coupon calendar that warns when a deal is about to go belly up. Tell the app what stores you’re interested in to tailor your money saving experience still further. Android users can also save money with this app by taking advantage of listed free samples. There’s even an option to share deals with friends on Facebook, Twitter and by SMS.

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4. Slice

It’s every frugal shopper’s fear: you buy something and then seven minutes later it goes on sale. Android users can save money with the Slice app by never worrying about that scenario again. Slice is technically a package tracking app, but an added feature has pushed it over the top into money saving land. Namely, this free app lets you know when the price has dropped on something you’ve just purchased. Users save money by getting price adjustments from within the app itself. Low price guarantees are nothing new and tons of stores have them. But the Slice app links them straight into your Android device. Just shop normally in participating stores like Best Buy, Walmart, NewEgg, Nordstrom and more and then scan in your receipts. The app will let you know when a price goes down post-purchase, then you’ll get a refund for the difference. It also notifies users about product recalls, and tracks spending and of course tracks packages.

5. Falling Fruit

Slightly less practical than the other Android apps that save money listed in this article but every bit as fun, the Falling Fruit app solves the problem of fruit that goes uneaten. All around you at certain times of year, there are probably fruit trees with fruit that falls off, littering the ground. At the same time, you’re probably buying fruit in stores. This app solves both problems by creating a user-generated map of fruit trees far and wide whose owners want people to come and pick from them. The Falling Fruit app boasts an “edible map” of almost a million locations so far. Save money by finding those trees and taking advantage of that low hanging fruit with this fun Android app. Since the app depends on user tips, it most likely works best in urban areas.

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