5 Year Old Feeds Homeless Man at Waffle House, Reminds Us What’s Important

How does a video from a local news station get almost two million YouTube views? By pulling your heartstrings so hard they squeak.

The story comes from WSFA in Alabama and concerns a little boy in Prattville Alabama who convinced his mother to buy a Waffle House meal for a homeless man.

Five year old Josiah Duncan and his mother Ava Faulk were at a Waffle House in Prattville, Alabama when they saw the homeless man.

According to Faulk, the man’s downtrodden appearance so troubled little Josiah that he asked his mom question after question about the man. Faulk finally explained that the man was homeless. Josiah, still troubled and still curious, asked what “homeless” meant. Josiah’s mom explained that the man had neither friends nor food to eat.

Josiah then insisted that his mom should buy the man a meal.

Feeding the Homeless

According to Faulk, when her son Josiah first spotted the homeless man, he was standing just inside the Waffle House doors. After she agreed to Josiah’s request to buy food for the man, the man walked in and sat down at a booth. Still nobody paid him any attention, so Josiah took matters into his own hands. He went to the man and asked if he would like a menu.

Instead of ordering cheap food like an inexpensive hamburger the homeless man asked for the works.

“Can I have bacon?” the man said and Faulk told him he could have anything he wanted.

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Religious Charity?

homeless man waffle house little boyBefore the man could take his first bite, Josiah insisted the man sing grace with him. The man began to cry, along with the other eleven customers in the Waffle House. Faulk said her lesson from the event is that you never know who’s an angel on Earth and when you get a chance like that you should never walk away from it.

So do the two million YouTube views all come from religious people? Not according to the comments section. The top comment is from an atheist who says, “I do think that this boy is the cutest and has the biggest heart ever. I think the goodness that is reported here comes from him directly, and not some supernatural being. In other words, this boy should be praised for what happened, and only him.”

Other comments expressed similar views, while many of the comments were from people who said they also were moved to tears by the boy’s kindness. As one woman wrote, adults have learned to mistrust others, while to a child, everyone is a friend.