Best Cheap Android Phones 2016

The best cheap Android phone for 2016 is the Moto G4, featuring a solid 16GB of memory with a fast processor and full HD display for just $199.99. A crisp camera and a long-lasting battery sweeten the deal. Other entries in the cheapest Android phone market include phones from Huawei, Sony, Samsung, Asus and LG.

Most of the phones in this slideshow come in under $200 and won’t leave their owners feeling like they scraped the bottom of the smartphone barrel. The Sony Xperia M4 Aqua, for example, is a great waterproof option at just $169.99, while the Moto G4 Play boasts a fast processor and camera and for just $149.99.

Beware the Best Cheap Android Phones Trap

One thing to be wary of when hunting the cheapest Android phones is that the ones down around the $120 price point on Amazon and eBay generally run older versions of Android. What that means to the buyer is that those phones won’t dish out a good experience. The phones listed below won’t put the smart shopper into that trap. To see phone #1, click “next.”