Beyonce Net Worth: Formation of $1 Billion

As of 12/13/16 the Beyonce net worth of $419 million got a huge boost from the $202 million box office gross from her Formation World Tour. Jay Z and Beyonce have a combined net worth of nearly $1 billion. Contributing to Beyonce’s net worth are twelve albums and 65 singles, five platinum albums with sales in the hundreds of millions of units, 7 concert tours and several movie appearances and endorsement deals. Because of the star’s sky-high success, it’s more likely Beyonce’s net worth is on the high end than the low. To date, Beyonce’s new hit album Lemonade has sold an estimated 1.6 million copies worldwide. That puts another $1.5 million in the star’s pocket.

Beyonce Net Worth 1

Beyonce Net Worth Facts

Beyonce Net Worth Facts
Beyonce net worth$420,553,342
Beyonce net worth + Jay Z net worth$974,553,342
Beyonce net worth vs Jay Z net worthHalf as big
Beyonce net worth vs Taylor Swift net worthAbout the same
Beyonce net worth vs Miley Cyrus net worthTwice as big
Beyonce net worth vs Rihanna net worthAbout the same
Beyonce net worth vs Selena Gomez net worth7 times bigger
Beyonce net worth vs Lady Gaga net worth50% bigger
Beyonce net worth vs Justin Bieber net worth70% bigger
Beyonce net worth vs Hillary Clinton net worth11 times bigger
Beyonce net worth vs typical American family net worth4,926 times bigger

beyonce net worth factsGoing from our 2016 Beyonce net worth figure of $419 million, Beyonce’s net worth is 4,926 times larger than the median U.S. household’s net worth of $68,000. Compared to Hillary Clinton’s net worth of $31.2 million, Beyonce’s net worth is 11 times larger. Beyonce’s net worth is still less than her husband Jay Z’s net worth. However, combining the couple’s wealth gives a total Jay Z and Beyonce worth of $973 million. Taylor Swift’s net worth of $310 million is slightly less than the Beyonce net worth sum. Beyonce’s wealth is about 50% bigger than Lady Gaga’s and seven times bigger than Selena Gomez’s net worth of $45 million.

Beyonce Net Worth Over Time

Beyonce Net Worth Timeline
Beyonce net worth 2008$97,304,713
Beyonce net worth 2009$145,641,725
Beyonce net worth 2010$157,795,749
Beyonce net worth 2011$171,521,455
Beyonce net worth 2012$184,383,156
Beyonce net worth 2013$199,930,049
Beyonce net worth 2014$319,371,861
Beyonce net worth 2015$336,759,548
Beyonce net worth 2016$420,553,342

beyonce net worth vs income over time

beyonce net worth through timeBeyonce’s net worth has grown steadily over time, since the release of her first top selling album, Dangerously in Love. That album sold over 11 million copies, propelling Beyonce’s net worth into the millions virtually overnight. Since then, the singer has earned big money for numerous other albums, films, endorsements and concert tours, each one adding millions to Beyonce’s net worth. We estimated Beyonce’s net worth since 2003 by figuring her payouts through the years, adjusting for stock market dips and back-checking from our total 2015 Beyonce net worth estimate. Based on our estimates, an average income of about $55 million every year since 2003 has been a massive contributor to Beyonce’s net worth. Her lowest income since then is $17 million in 2005 and her highest is $306 million in 2014. That huge addition to Beyonce’s net worth comes from her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, plus film appearances, endorsements and other deals.

Where Does Beyonce’s Net Worth Come From?

Beyonce’s net worth comes mostly from her music and music stardom, which has spun off acting roles, endorsements and other sources of revenue.

By far the biggest source of the Beyonce net worth sum is concert tours. This may seem shocking but it’s fairly common in the music world. Back in the 80’s and 90’s before internet piracy ran rampant, music sales accounted for a much higher portion of a star’s net worth. Today, it’s not uncommon for that equation to flip. Beyonce has earned over $600 million from concerts and another $37 million from music sales. The singer’s earnings from her YouTube channels almost match how much she’s made off selling albums and singles.

Income Sources Adding to Beyonce Net Worth
Income Source:Years
Beyonce Studio Albums2003-2016$35,597,709
Other Albums2004-2016$1,197,000
Singles (Beyonce as lead artist)2002-2016$6,340,140
Singles (Beyonce as featured artist)2000-2016$442,944
Beyonce Concert Tours2003-2016$668,038,766
Beyonce YouTube Earnings2005-2016$44,540,240
Beyonce Total Earnings2000-2016$996,187,053
Average Beyonce Salary2003-2016$71,156,218
Taxes (Beyonce is in a 48.42% tax bracket)2003-2016$482,338,609
Expenses (15% of income)2003-2016$149,423,361
Investment income (6% of Beyonce net worth/yr)2003-2016$56,159,573
Total Beyonce Net Worth$420,553,342

Beyonce Net Worth and Music Sales

A major factor in any Beyonce net worth calculation is music sales. The singer has released 12 albums, including five studio albums, 3 compilation albums and 4 live albums. Each one added millions to the ever growing Beyonce net worth total. As a solo artist, Beyonce has sold more than 118 million records, selling another 60 million with the group Destiny’s Child. Beyonce writes some of her own songs. Industry estimates therefore put her cut of sales at 8.85%.

Beyonce Net Worth from Music Sales
Music Sale TypeUnits SoldAddition to Beyonce Net Worth
Beyonce Studio Albums35,000,000$35,597,709
Other Albums2,697,000$1,197,000
Singles (Beyonce as lead artist)36,000,000$6,340,140
Singles (Beyonce featured)6,745,000$442,944
Total Music Sales and Beyonce Net Worth$43,577,793

Aside from her 12 albums, 5 EPs and 65 singles contribute to Beyonce’s net worth, including 14 platinum singles and 22 gold. The sales figures in the table above are correct as of 2013, but by 2015 they have likely grown by millions, which will add a hefty chunk to future Beyonce net worth calculations.

Beyonce Studio Albums

Beyonce Net Worth from Studio Albums
Studio AlbumsUnit SalesRevenue at $10.99 EachBeyonce Earnings (8.85%)
Dangerously In Love (2003)11,000,000$120,890,000$10,698,765
B’Day (2006)8,000,000$87,920,000$7,780,920
I Am… Sasha Fierce (2008)8,000,000$87,920,000$7,780,920
4 (2011)3,000,000$32,970,000$2,917,845
Beyonce (2013)5,000,000$54,950,000$4,863,075
Lemonade (2016)1,600,000$1,556,184

Singles Sales: Beyonce as Lead Artist

Beyonce has released an impressive 42 singles as lead artist since 2002. The list of her biggest hits includes 2006’s Irreplaceable with sales of 2.8 million and 2009’s Halo with 3 million copies sold. Beyonce’s biggest hit single is the 2008 song Single Ladies. That song sold 5 million copies.

Singles Adding to Beyonce Net Worth (Lead Artist)
Single TitleUnit SalesRevenue at $1.99 eachBeyonce Earnings (8.85%)
Irreplaceable (2006)2,750,000$5,472,500$484,316
If I Were a Boy (2008)2,750,000$5,472,500$484,316
Single Ladies (2008, #1 Beyonce single) 5,000,000$9,950,000$880,575
Halo (2009)3,000,000$5,970,000$528,345
Drunk in Love (2013, Beyonce with Jay Z)3,750,000$7,462,500$660,431
Other Beyonce Singles as Lead (2002-2016)$3,302,156
Total Beyonce Net Worth from Singles$6,340,140

Singles: Beyonce as Featured Artist

Singles where Beyonce is a “featured” artist account for a much smaller portion of the Beyonce net worth sum. Featured artist singles add about 3.3% of sales to the star’s wealth. Beyonce featured singles include 2008’s Love in This Club Part II with Usher and 2010’s Telephone with Lady Gaga.

Featured Singles
Unit Sales
Revenue at $1.99 Each
Beyonce Earnings (3.3%)
03 Bonnie & Clyde (2002, Jay Z/Beyonce)600,000$1,194,000$39,402
Until the End of Time (2007)550,000$1,094,500$36,119
Love in This Club II (2008, Usher/Beyonce)500,000$995,000$32,835
Telephone (2010)4,000,000$7,960,000$262,680
Part II (2014, Jay Z with Beyonce)500,000$995,000$32,835
Other Beyonce Singles as Featured (2000-2015)$39,074
Total Beyonce Net Worth from Ft. Singles$442,944

Beyonce Net Worth and Concert Tours

Beyonce’s net worth has benefited from six concert tours as a solo artist, each of which injected tens of millions into her net worth. Her tours include Dangerously in Love, The Verizon Ladies First Tour, The Beyonce Experience, I Am… World Tour, The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, and the On the Run Tour. The megastar’s latest tour is the Formation World Tour, which has grossed over $200 million so far in 2016.

Beyonce Net Worth from Concert Tours
Concert ToursYearRevenueBeyonce Earnings (85%)
Dangerously in Love2003$5,000,000$4,250,000
The Verizon Ladies First Tour2004$22,000,000$18,700,000
The Beyonce Experience2007$90,000,000$76,500,000
I Am… World Tour2009$119,500,000$101,575,000
The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour2014$229,727,960$195,268,766
On the Run Tour2014$109,700,000$93,245,000
The Formation World Tour2016$210,000,000$178,500,000
Total Beyonce Net Worth from Concert Tours$668,038,766

Endorsements and Beyonce Net Worth

beyonce net worth moviesBeyonce’s net worth owes no small amount to endorsement deals. The highest profile endorsement to date that added to Beyonce’s net worth is her now famous deal with Pepsi in 2012, for which the star was paid a whopping $50 million. Numbers aren’t available for every endorsement that notched up Beyonce’s net worth, but some include H&M, Tommy Hilfiger and Armani.

The star also released her own line of perfumes, Heat, which includes six editions of the fragrance. Heat has earned over $400 million in sales worldwide, at least some of which contributes to Beyonce’s net worth. Estimates place Beyonce’s average annual endorsement earnings at $7.3 million a year since 2003.

Movies and Beyonce Net Worth

beyonce net worth movies 2Also a factor in Beyonce’s net worth are her ten movie appearances, including her supporting role in the hit film, Austin Powers in Goldmember and her Oscar nominated role in DreamgirlsGoldmember earned $297 million worldwide, while Dreamgirls earned $155 million. Though the lion’s share of the singer’s earnings comes from music and endorsements, these and other movies certainly chipped in to Beyonce’s net worth.

Acting and Beyonce Net Worth
Beyonce MovieYearEstimated Beyonce Earnings
Carmen: A Hip Hopera2001$30,000
Austin Powers in Goldmember (Beyonce breakout role)2002$810,000
The Fighting Temptations2003$137,500
The Pink Panther2006$200,000
Dreamgirls (Beyonce's highest earning role)2006$1,600,000
Cadillac Records2008$1,000,000
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: Bubb Idol2009$20,000
Epic (Beyonce voice role)2013$500,000
Total Acting Pay Adding to Beyonce Net Worth$4,922,500

YouTube and Beyonce Net Worth

YouTube kicks in a respectable $44.5 million to the Beyonce net worth total as of 12/13/16. Estimates put YouTube ad earnings at $7.60 per 1,000 views. Beyonce has two YouTube channels, one she started herself and one through Vevo. The Vevo channel has 6.22 billion views.

YouTube & Beyonce Net Worth
ChannelsViews$ per 1,000 viewsBeyonce Earnings
Beyonce (100% since 2005)570,604,413$7.60$4,336,594
Beyonce Vevo (85% since 2009)6,223,474,742$7.60$40,203,647
Total Beyonce Net Worth from YouTube$44,540,240

Beyonce Net Worth in the Future

beyonce net worth futureThere are rumors in the media that Beyonce’s marriage to musician Jay Z may be approaching a split. Since the star herself hasn’t confirmed or denied those rumors, it’s really just gossip. However, if a divorce were to happen, would it change Beyonce net worth figures? It’s hard to say for sure, but a divorce wouldn’t likely change the Beyonce net worth facts listed in this article. Although Jay Z is rumored to be worth over half a billion dollars, Beyonce’s net worth is $372 million. It’s unlikely either pop star would seek money from the other.

More important to Beyonce’s net worth in  the future is her music and talent. With 12 albums, 65 singles, six concert tours, ten movies and numerous endorsements, the 34 year old is an industry unto herself. She clearly has copious energy and artistry. If the past is any judge, Beyonce’s net worth will continue to grow in coming years. Will we be reporting a Beyonce net worth figure of $1 billion someday, independent of her husband? It wouldn’t really shock anyone.

Beyonce Net Worth According to the Media

Beyonce net worth figures vary widely depending who’s providing them. Forbes gives a Beyonce net worth figure of $250 million, which is the lowest Beyonce net worth amount on our list. The highest number we found for Beyonce’s net worth is $465 million from CelebritiesMoney. Other Beyonce net worth figures range from $300 million to $450 million.

beyonce net worth stats

Some media outlets claim that combining Beyonce’s net worth with her husband Jay Z’s net worth makes them the wealthiest pop star couple in the world. Adding up the fortunes of the two stars gives a combined Jay Z and Beyonce net worth of $1 billion or more.

To give a clearer picture of Beyonce’s net worth, we averaged out Beyonce net worth figures from the other media outlets. We arrived at a Beyonce net worth calculation of $372 million.

Beyonce Net Worth Calculations

Of course the Beyonce net worth figures don’t just include earnings. There’s also taxes to consider, along with expenses and investment income. Beyonce and Jay Z live in New York. She’s in the highest New York state tax bracket of 8.82%. The diva also pays the highest federal tax rate of 39.6% That gives Bey a queen sized total tax rate of 48.42%. Add in 15% for expenses like concert production, cost of living, agent fees and staff. Then add back 6% of the star’s net worth every year for probable investment income. Click the green plus signs in the table below to see a breakout of all Beyonce net worth data for that year.

Beyonce Net Worth Calculations
YearTotal Beyonce EarningsTax (48.42%)Expense (.15)
Beyonce Net Worth Totals$996,187,053$482,338,609$149,423,361

Beyonce Net Worth in the News

On 4/23/16, Beyonce dropped her new album, Lemonade. The album sold an estimated 600,000 copies in its first week of release. That’s an RIAA Gold Certification in just seven days. The album is rumored to be about Jay Z’s infidelity, among other things. The albums first few songs are about hurt and anger in the face of cheating, but its last few songs are about reconciliation and peace.

On 4/6/16, Beyonce filed suit against clothing company Feyonce Inc. It seems the company was selling merchandise with “Feyonce” emblazoned on it. Tee shirts, hats and even a mug with the slogan “He put a ring on it” were among the merchandise in question. The decision to sue may have been a hedge against her Ivy Park clothing line. The line has generated considerable excitement and it’s probable the singer doesn’t want fans buying knockoff clothing by mistake. The new line is sure to add to the Beyonce net worth figures.

In other Beyonce news, Chris Martin took some flak in the tweet from 3/16/16 below. It seems the folks at MTV weren’t too excited by how Martin’s dance moves stacked up next to Beyonce and Bruno Mars. The dance faux pas took place at the Super Bowl halftime show in February. The show paid Beyonce an estimated $1 million.