Black Friday Apple Deals 2015

First and foremost, Apple Black Friday deals are biggest at retailers like Best Buy, Staples, Walmart and Target, so don’t shop the Apple store on Black Friday. While the Apple store does have some Black Friday deals, they’re generally small potatoes (10% to 13% less) than the deals offered by resellers.

Check out our full list of Black Friday Apple deals below. We’ve included deals by store as well as store hours and timeline info. We’ve also got a list of Black Friday caveats to keep your wallet safe this shopping season.

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PRE Black Friday Apple Deals

Black Friday Apple DealsFor the Apple deals below, there’s no need to wait until Black Friday hits. These deals started on 11/15/2015 and they’ll run until 11/21 or, in some cases, straight through Christmas.

The coolest deals below are $150 off an Apple MacBook or iMac for students, a $200 Best Buy gift card with an iPhone trade in, and 20% off all Belkin WeMo accessories. Tech site GottaBeMobile calls WeMo the easiest home automation tool on the planet. Why not control your home’s lights and security from your Apple device? With 20% at Best Buy, now’s the time.

Deal StartDeal EndStoreApple ProductWhat's the Catch?Apple Black Friday Deal
11/15/201511/21/2015Best BuyApple MacBook/iMacSelect Models$100 discount. (Students get $150 discount)
11/15/201511/21/2015Best BuyiPhone 6s or 6s PlusBuy/Lease iPhone 6s/6s Plus & activate with AT&&/Sprint/Verizon AND trade in iPhone 5 or newer.Get a $200 Best Buy Gift Card
11/15/201511/21/2015Best BuyApple WatchAll Apple Watch models carried by Best Buy.$50 discount.
11/17/201512/31/2015WalmartApple iPad Mini 2, 16GB Wi-Fi OnlyOnly the specified model of Apple iPad$199 ($68 off, 25% off)
11/21/201511/25/2015Sam's Club$60 iTunes Gift CardIn stores only.$49.88
11/15/201511/21/2015Best BuyBelkin WeMo (Apple peripheral)Selected Apple accessories. WeMo turns your home into a smart home, ruled by your Apple device.20% off
11/15/201511/21/2015Best BuyLogitech Harmony Smart ControlNo catch. This gadget lets you turn your apple device into a home theater remote.$30 off.

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In the table above, “selected models” of MacBook and iMac available for $100 off at Best Buy ($150 for students) are as follows:

  • MacBook 1.1GHz, 12 inch, 2015 model, 8GB/256GB for $1,199.99
  • MacBook 1.2GHz, 12 inch, 2015 model, 8GB/512GB for $1,499.99
  • iMac 1.6GHz, 21.5 inch, 2015 model, 8GB/1TB for $1,199.99
  • iMac 3.3GHz, 27inch, Mid-2015 model, 8GB/1TB for $1,759.99
  • MacBook Pro Retina 2.9GHz, 13 inch, 2015 model, 8GB/512GB for $1,699.99


Black Friday Apple Deals by Store

Now for the real deals: Black Friday Deals on Apple products, listed by store. We’ve got in-store deals and online deals (at MacMall and on eBay) listed below. In store deals include deals at Best Buy, Staples, Walmart, Sam’s Club and Target.

Best Buy

Black Friday Deals Apple Best BuyBest Buy has some of the best Apple Black Friday deals for price and selection. Their Apple sale starts at 5pm on Thanksgiving Thursday and goes until 10pm on Black Friday. Best Buy will be offering $50 off many Apple Watch models, $100 to $125 off various iPads and a $200 Best Buy gift card deal with iPhone. They’ve also got some good deals on Apple MacBooks, MacBook Airs, MacBook Pros, iMacs, iPods and accessories.

One thing to watch out for with Best Buy on Black Friday is that they’ve been caught advertising great deals, then running out – but wait! They just happen to have the same deal in store optimized by Geek Squad for only another $100. They’ve been called out on this bait-and-switch enough online that they’ve largely stopped it (yay blogging!) but keep your eyes open just in case.

Best Buy Black Friday Apple Deals
Store Black Thursday Hours Black Friday Hours Additional Hours
Best Buy 5pm-1am 8am-10pm Nov. 26-28
Product Details Apple Black Friday Deal Notes
Apple Watch Selected models only $50 off many models
Apple iPad iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi Only (16GB/64GB/128GB) $100 to $125 off Sale prices $399-$574
Apple iPad iPad Mini 4 Wi-Fi only (64GB/128GB) $100 off Sale prices $399 to $499
Apple iPhone Buy/lease iPhone 6s or 6s Plus and activate with Verizon, AT&T or Sprint, with trade in of iPhone 5 or newer Free $200 Best Buy Gift Card
Apple MacBook 2015 Apple Retina MacBook, 1.1GHz, 8GB RAM, 256 GB HD $150 off Sale price $1,149.99
Apple Retina MacBook Pro 13 inch 2.7GHz Retina MacBook Pro, 8GB RAM 256GB HD $150 off Sale price $1,349
Apple MacBook Air MacBook Air 11 inch 1.6GHz, 4GB RAM 128GB HD $125 off Sale price $774
Apple iMac Retina iMac (2015) 21.5 inch screen, 8GB RAM 1TB HD $200 off Sale price $1,099. Limited inventory.
Apple iMac Retina iMac (2015) 27 inch screen, 8GB RAM 1TB HD $150 off Sale price $1,650
2012 Apple MacBook Pro Non-Retina $200 off Sale price $899
Apple iPods All Apple iPods Up to $50 off
Apple iTunes Gift Cards All Apple iTunes Gift Cards Buy one at full price, get one 40% off
Apple Watch Accessories Selected accessories Up to 50% off
ZAGGfolio keyboards for iPad All keyboards Up to $60 off

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Walmart Black Friday Apple DealsWalmart has some of the best Black Friday Apple deals. How about $100 off (20% off) an iPad Air 2 16GB? That’s a pretty solid deal, and it’s not a bait-and-switch. As long as shoppers hit the store between 6pm and 7pm on Thanksgiving Thursday, they’ll get this deal. There’s no “while supplies last” on this one.

There’s also a $200 off deal on iPhone, which comes as a Walmart gift card for $100 and a $100 phone bill discount for the other $100. Not to mention deals on other iPads, iPods and accessories.

Walmart’s Black Friday Apple deals start at 12:01am on Thanksgiving Thursday and roll straight through ’til Saturday at 12:01. You might want to bring elbow pads.

Apple Black Friday Deals at Walmart
Store Black Thursday Hours Black Friday Hours Additional Hours
Walmart 12:01am-6pm 6pm Thursday on None
Product Details Apple Black Friday Deal Notes
iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi Only 16GB (Gold) $100 off Sale price $399. From 6pm to 7pm Thursday, all shoppers can get this deal.
iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi Only 16GB $69 off Sale price $199
iPhone AT&T NEXT or Verizon Device Payment $200 off Discount comes as $100 in phone bill credit and $100 Walmart gift card. Deal starts 6pm Thursday.
iPod Touch 16GB $30 off
OtterBox Defender iPhone cases  This specific model $15 off
Beats Studio Headphones  This specific model $130 off
Fitbit Flex and Charge HR models $30 to $40 off

Sam’s Club

OK, Sam’s Club only has one Apple Black Friday deal, but it’s a big one. $150 off ALL MODELS of the iPad Air 2. That’s a gigantic Apple deal. The deal is available at to all Sam’s Club members, in store from 12:01am on Thanksgiving Thursday through 12:01 am on Saturday.

Store Black Thursday Hours Black Friday Hours Additional Hours
Sam’s Club 12:01am-7am Fri 7am-12:01am Sat None
Product Details Apple Black Friday Deal
iPad Air 2 ALL MODELS $150 off

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Black Friday Deals Staples Apple iPad Air 2Staples has some pretty good Black Friday deals on Apple iPads and accessories. Their selection isn’t nearly as comprehensive as Best Buy’s. Standout deals include $150 off the 64GB version of the Wi-Fi Only Apple iPad Air 2 and $100 off selected Beats by Dre headphones.

Staples doesn’t have Thanksgiving Thursday hours (which, admit it, is kind of a relief). They’re open 6am Black Friday through 12:01 am on Saturday.

Staples Apple Black Friday Deals
Store Black Thursday Hours Black Friday Hours Additional Hours
Staples None 6am-12:01am Sat None
Product Details Apple Black Friday Deal Notes
Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi Only 16GB/64GB $125 to $150 off Sale prices $374 to $449
Apple iPad Mini 4 Wi-Fi Only 16GB $100 off Sale price $299
Apple iPad Air Wi-Fi Only 16GB/32GB $80 to $90 off Sale prices $319 to $359
Apple iPad Min 2 Wi-Fi Only 16GB $60 off Sale price $239
Beats by Dre Headphones Selected models Up to $100 off
Otterbox Cases for iPhone All 25% off
M-Edge Tablet Cases Selected models Up to $30 off
Zagg Screen Shields for iPad/iPhone All 40% off


iphone 6s plus black friday deal targetThere’s something kind of cool and intuitive about Target’s Black Friday gimmick of popping a $100 or $150 gift card at shoppers who buy select Apple products. While it’s not exactly $100 off, the retailer assumes you’re probably going to shop again at Target in the future anyway.

Target’s Black Friday Apple deals start at 6pm on Thursday and go all day Friday. They’ve got a pretty decent selection too. No MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Minis or iMacs on sale here, but they do have Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone on sale. Target also has deals on iPod and Apple accessories this Black Friday.

Probably their coolest deal is a $250 Target gift card with an Apple iPhone 6s or 6s plus, with carrier service plan.

Target Black Friday Apple Deals
Store Black Thursday Hours Black Friday Hours Additional Hours
Target 6pm on All day None
Product Details Apple Black Friday Deal Notes
Apple Watch Any Model $100 Target gift card
Apple iPad Air 2 Any Model $150 Target gift card
Apple iPad Mini 4 Any Model $100 Target gift card
Apple iPad Mini 2 Any Model $80 Target gift card
Apple iPad Air Any Model $100 Target gift card
Apple iPhone 6s or 6s Plus Requires service plan with AT&T, Sprint or Verizon $250 Target gift card Deal starts 9pm Thursday.
Apple iPhone 6s or 6s Plus With 2 year contract $50 off, no gift card
Apple iPod All models 20% off
Beats Pill 2.0 This specific model $60 off
Beats wireless headphones All 25% off
OtterBox Commuter iPhone Cases All 40% off
Fitbit Charge HR This specific model $30 off

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Online Black Friday Apple Deals

eBay Black Friday Apple DealsLooking for a Black Friday deal on an Apple product but you don’t want to have to wear a full-face helmet to get it? Try online. Yeah, Cyber Monday’s not bad, but eBay and MacMall have some sweet deals on Apple gear on Black Friday too.


EBAY is running deals on Apple gadgets starting on Thanksgiving Thursday. A lot of their deals are kind of meh, but two that stand out are:

  • MacBook Air 11 inch, 1.6GHz/4GB/128GB for $729 (19% off) Black Friday only
  • iPad Air 2, 16GB for $359.99 (28% off) Black Friday only

B&H Photo

B&H Photo offers good deals on Apple products year round and doesn’t charge sales tax for out of state orders. That can be a huge difference in states like California, where sales tax is 8.75%. But is it a Black Friday deal? Not on your life. Whether a store charges sales tax or not, customers are responsible to pay it. The IRS doesn’t take kindly to tax cheats, even on holidays.

MacMall has some choice Black Friday Apple deals too. The good thing about these is, their deals start 11/17/15 and carry on through the holidays. Their stand out deal is $159 off on a MacBook Pro Retina, 15.4 inch, Quad core 2.2GHz, 16GB RAM, 256GB HD. They’ve got lots of other though, so they’re worth a look if you want Apple discounts without braving the mob.

Black Friday Deals or Black Friday Traps? Watch Your Step

Apple Deals Black Friday TrapsWhen shopping for Black Friday Apple deals, watch your step so you don’t land in bait-and-switch quicksand.

First things first: Don’t try to get a deal on an Apple product at the Apple store. That doesn’t seem right, but it is. Traditionally, the Apple store has had Black Friday price savings, but the deals at resellers like Best Buy and Walmart have trumped them by 10% to 13%.

Second: watch for the bait-and-switch. Some stores will advertise good deals on Apple products on Black Friday, then run out suspiciously fast. The only way to avoid getting caught by this one is: 1) Get there early and 2) Steel yourself to buy only the good deal. Resolve ahead of time that if the store runs out of stock, you’ll go home empty handed but feeling good you didn’t get ripped off.

Third: Black Friday is dangerous and not very fun. If you’d like to avoid the risk and hassle, stay home and buy Apple products at other times of year.

For more armor against Black Friday mayhem, check out our articles on why you shouldn’t buy refrigerators, TVs or laptops on Black Friday.

Best Times of Year to Buy Apple Products

The best deals on Apple iPhones, MacBooks and iMacs don’t always come on Black Friday. The biggest discounts on everything Apple come right after a new version is released. To get a major price drop on the old versions, it’s all in the timing. Release dates for Apple products varies year to year and product to product. That means it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the web to see when the next release is for the product you want. The table below shows generalities only:

Apple Product Best Time to Buy…
iPhone Generally September, but keep an eye on release dates.
iPad October/November
MacBook Generally Spring or early Summer. Watch for release dates.
iMac Could be any time of year but depends on release dates. In 2014 it was October. In 2015 it was May.

Either way, notice that according to the table above, the best time to get the best deal on anything from Apple is hardly ever on Black Friday.