5 Big Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy an iPhone 6s

There’s a ton of excitement over the recent release of the iPhone 6s and here are four big reasons your wallet will thank you for avoiding Apple’s newest phone.

The iPhone 6s is a gorgeous piece of tech and the biggest reason not to buy it is timing. Even staunch Apple fans will save big by waiting for the next iPhone or sticking with an old one. Waiting boosts the budget because the iPhone 6s will probably see a 30% to 50% price drop when the iPhone 7 comes out in 2016. If you want to buy an iPhone 7, don’t buy an iPhone 6s.

dont buy iphone 6s save money

Want the best deal on an Apple phone? Then don’t buy iPhone 6s. The smart money’s on an older version.

Another reason you shouldn’t buy an iPhone 6s is, not enough has changed. Don’t buy iPhone 6s if you were hoping for a different screen size, resolution, screen type, internal storage size or WiFi speed because they’re all the same. If other changes like a better camera or A9 chip aren’t enough for you, don’t buy iPhone 6s.

Non Apple fans may have even more money incentive to shun the iPhone 6s, since other manufacturers have scooped Apple on the lion’s share of innovations and enhancements. Phones from other makers are cheaper, have higher res screens, more ram, more powerful batteries and expandable storage. In other words, if you want the best price or the latest tech, don’t buy iPhone 6s.

dont buy iphone 6s

On 12/1/15, the iPhone 6s is in the news because Apple has reportedly released a new red leather case for the popular smartphone. Don’t be lured. Shiny new red leather case or not, there are still a ton of reasons why you shouldn’t buy an iPhone 6s.

1. Wait For an Upgrade Cycle to Pass and Get the iPhone 6s for a Lot Cheaper

dont buy iphone 6s changed

Don’t buy iPhone 6s until you’ve had a chance to compare its improvements over the iPhone 6.

Traditionally, Apple has released new phones almost every September. Apple fans who can make it through the upgrade cycle shouldn’t buy an iPhone 6s right away. When the iPhone 7 comes out, the price of the iPhone 6s will most likely drop by anywhere from 30% to 50%. If the objective is to get the best Apple phone you can for the least amount of money, don’t buy iPhone 6s right away.

Need proof waiting saves money? When the 16GB version of the iPhone 4S was first released in October of 2011, it cost $199 under a two year contract. One year later the iPhone 5 hit the market. When it did, the iPhone 4 price dropped by half to $99. While we can’t be absolutely sure the iPhone 6s will see a similar price cut, the odds are ever in our favor. Don’t buy iPhone 6s until after the iPhone 7 comes out if you want that 50% savings.

2. Get an Earlier Version Instead of the iPhone 6s and Save $100

iphone 6s dont buy get earlier

Don’t buy an iPhone 6s if you can settle for an iPhone 6 for $100 cheaper. It’s not all that crazy different.

Don’t want to wait until 2016 to buy the iPhone 6s, but you really want a new iPhone? People with iPhone 4 or 5 versions who want to save money shouldn’t buy an iPhone 6s. Don’t buy an iPhone 6s if you don’t need the very latest and greatest Apple phone and you’d like to save $100. The iPhone 6’s price just dropped by $100 when the iPhone 6s came out. Consumers who can deal with a slightly less awesome camera, no 3D touch and slightly slower fingerprint recognition shouldn’t buy the iPhone 6s.

3. The Improvements in the iPhone 6s May Not Support the Extra Cost

Another dollars and sense reason you shouldn’t buy an iPhone 6s is innovation. Looking back, the iPhone 6 just didn’t improve enough on older Apple phones to make it worth the extra cost. You shouldn’t buy an iPhone 6s until you get a chance to go over all the specs of the new phone. Apple fans who shelled out big bucks for a brand new iPhone 6 in 2014 got:

  • The same 8 megapixel camera as the previous iPhone, with 1.5µ pixels.
  • The same battery life as older versions. At 4G LTE speeds, the battery in the iPhone 6  lasted about the same time as the iPhone 5S’s battery.
  • iphone 6s dont buy hide camera

    What protruding camera? The iPhone 6 omitted inconvenient truths from its marketing materials. Don’t buy an iPhone 6s sight unseen.

    Tired design. A chief complaint about the iPhone 6 design was the protruding camera that made it snag on pockets and prevented the phone from laying flat. While some critics called this over-critical, others noticed Apple’s marketing materials omitted the protruding camera, which means Apple was aware it was a blemish. If seamless design is a key factor for you, don’t buy an iPhone 6s until you’ve had a chance to get your hands on one and look it over.

Non Apple users considering making the switch to Apple can use the same logic. Most of the “new” features introduced in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus were new to Apple but not new at all to phones from other manufacturers. Features other phones had before Apple unveiled them in the iPhone 6 included:

  • A 4.7 inch screen
  • 750p resolution
  • NFC payments
  • Battery statistics
  • 3rd party keyboards

Here’s What Hasn’t Changed

The table below shows the features of the iPhone 6s that haven’t changed from the iPhone 6. Don’t buy an iPhone 6s if you were hoping for improvements to any of the following:

Don't buy an iPhone 6s if you were hoping these things had improved:  
iPhone 6siPhone 6
Screen Size4.7in4.7in
Pixel Density326 per inch326 per inch
Storage Options16/64/128GB16/64/128GB
Connectivity2G,3G,4G LTE,Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.02G,3G,4G LTE,Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0
Expandable MemoryNoNo

Here’s What Has Changed

We won’t say you shouldn’t buy an iPhone 6s if you want a better camera, more RAM, a different CPU and newer operating system. All those things have changed, as the table below shows:

Things that HAVE changed:  
iPhone 6siPhone 6
Main Camera12MP8MP
Second Camera5MP1.2MP
CPUDual Core 2.2GHz A9 64 bit chipsetDual-core 1.4GHz A8 64 bit chipset
OSiOS 9iOS 8

If the above changes aren’t enough for you, don’t buy iPhone 6s. Even those who like the changes listed above but don’t want to pay an extra $100 for them shouldn’t buy an iPhone 6s.

We also won’t say you shouldn’t buy an iPhone 6s if the following innovations make you drool:

  • 3D Touch. The phone senses the strength of a tap or press, increasing speed, efficiency and control.
  • Faster fingerprint sensor. Makes unlocking the phone easier.
  • Faster LTE and WiFi connectivity. Apple claims up to 300 Mbps on LTE Advanced and up to 866 Mbps on Wi-Fi.

It’s up to each consumer whether the changes above are worth the extra $100. If they’re not, don’t buy an iPhone 6s.

4. Other Smartphones May Have Better Features for Less Money

dont buy iphone 6s features

iPhone 6s new features like 3D Touch and a faster fingerprint scanner are great, but you shouldn’t buy an iPhone 6s if other features like the best screen or biggest battery are important too.

Don’t buy iPhone 6s if you need the latest and greatest. The iPhone 6s is missing several features other phones have, including:

  • The iPhone 6s doesn’t have a memory card slot.
  • The iPhone 6s isn’t water resistant.
  • The iPhone 6s lacks wireless charging.
  • Many other phones have better screen resolution than the iPhone 6’s 750p screen.
  • The iPhone 6s has less battery life than some other phones.

Memory Card Slot

The iPhone 6s doesn’t have a memory slot, a missing feature that a lot of critics have complained about. SanDisk’s 200GB MicroSD card let users of other phones such as the HTC One M9 and LG G4 sock away an impressive 20 hours of HD video. The iPhone 6s meanwhile maxes out its memory capacity at a respectable but not expandable 128GB. Users who absolutely need a memory slot shouldn’t buy an iPhone 6, though there are some bluetooth hard drive options out there now. Also, newer versions of phones that used to have memory slots like the Samsung Galaxy S6 now lack memory card slots. That’s a sign that missing memory card slots may not be a key reason shoppers shouldn’t buy the iPhone 6s.

dont buy iphone 6s waterproof

The Samsung Galaxy 6s Active is one of the most popular waterproof phones on the market. If you love watersports, don’t buy an iPhone 6s.

Water Resistance

Is water resistance a big factor for you? There’s some evidence that Apple has finally included water resistance in the iPhone 6s. However, while a lot of other phones had water resistance in 2014, the iPhone 6s still doesn’t advertise it. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S5 retailed for $579.99 out of contract, which was $70 less than an iPhone 6. If water resistance is key for you, don’t buy an iPhone 6s until you’re sure it’s got it.

7 Best Water Resistant Phones

iphone 6 dont buy black

If the best screen resolution on the market is a must-have feature for you, don’t buy an iPhone 6s.

Screen Resolution

The iPhone 6s’ 750p screen resolution is nice, but the Samsung Galaxy S6 boasts a 1,440p display for 10% less cash. Meanwhile, the LG G4 has a razor sharp 2,560×1,440-pixel screen for 10% less. Is less-than the best screen resolution a deal breaker for you? Then don’t buy an iPhone 6s.

iphone 6 dont buy lg g3 t-mobile

The LG G3 had wireless charging for $200 less than the iPhone 6. If you need that feature, don’t buy an iPhone 6s.

Wireless Charging

Cables are a pain, and since Nikola Tesla the dream of drawing power from the air has created goosebumps. Many other phones bring that dream closer to life, but the iPhone 6s isn’t one of them. LG, HTC, Motorola, Google, Sony and Samsung all offer smartphones that recharge wirelessly. The Nexus 6 from Google retails for $150 cheaper than the iPhone 6s. If wireless charging is important for you, don’t buy the iPhone 6s.

Battery Life

Do a google search for “longest battery life smartphones” and you’ll find plenty of tests where the iPhone 6s didn’t even get into the top ten. Phones with better battery life than iPhone 6 included the Sony Xperia M2, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Nokia Lumia 635, LG G Vista and more. The Nokia Lumia 635 could be had for $49 out of contract, $600 less than the iPhone 6.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 6s has a 1,715mAh battery. Stack that up against the Samsung Galaxy 6’s 2,550mAh battery, the LG G4’s 3,000mAh battery or the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium’s 3,430mAh battery. A bigger battery doesn’t always mean longer battery life but it helps. If owning the phone with the biggest battery is crucial to you, don’t buy an iPhone 6s.

Other Features

If cutting edge tech is your main focus, then you shouldn’t buy an iPhone 6s. Faster processors, better displays and higher RAM are just some of the enhancements phones from other makers have. Don’t buy an iPhone 6s if you need the best of everything. Do buy it if you want a seamless and well integrated device that packs a wallop, something Apple is well known for.

5. A Smaller iPhone 6s Might Be Coming

Rumors point out the possibility of a smaller, 5 inch iPhone screen, for either the iPhone 6s or the iPhone 7. Users who want an iPhone 6s without the giant screen can save some money by waiting a little longer. While big phones are a hit with many, some value compactness over flash and size. Unless the rumors prove true, don’t buy iPhone 6s if you want a smaller phone. Some critics of gigantic phones complain that anything bigger than thumb-reach ignores common sense. Apple even said so themselves in this past promo for the iPhone 5:

Still want to buy an iPhone 6s? Who could blame you? It will probably be a top selling smartphone jam-packed with great features and get rave reviews. For tips on how to be able to afford one, check out this article on seven excellent iPhone budgeting apps.