15 Mobile Apps That Help You Make Extra Money

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1. Swagbucks

make extra money with apps

Probably the top way to make money with an app, Swagbucks is a platform that rewards you with points (or “SB’s”) for every activity that you do. Search, take quizzes, watch commercials and more. When you get to a certain number of SB’s, you can cash out for gift cards or prizes, but most people choose cash. (Swagbucks is also available for your desktop or laptop. Create an account and access it anytime you use the internet – on any device – for additional earning!)

How much can you make?

Currently, you can earn between 4 and 80 points for most surveys. Rewards of $25 in PayPal or Virtual Visa Cash cost 2500 SBs. (Although they do often offer sales on rewards. You can also redeem for Walmart or Amazon gift cards, which are almost as good as cash!)

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