What is the Most Expensive App?

Most of us download apps for our smart phones and tablets quite often, usually never thinking about the cost to do so. In fact, the majority of our app-related dollars come from product upgrades, in-app purchases, game features, and add-ons. So what is the most expensive app? Apple, Android, and Amazon all have their own versions of vanity apps that don’t do anything, but are titled simply “The Most Expensive App”. These range in price from $499 to $999. More functional apps include the Taxi Q & A training module from the UK and an education administration dashboard Kuntech Schools, both priced at a whopping $999.

The Most Expensive Android App

hello world most expensive app

To answer this question, it’s important to know that Android (via the Google Play store) has placed a limit on the cost of their apps. It is currently $400 for one app, but that doesn’t prevent people from creating completely worthless apps with names like “most expensive app.” In fact, most of the highest-priced apps to absolutely nothing but sit on your home screen and look garish. Some of them include:

And for fun, there’s even a most expensive Hello world app. This does as it says, which is simply “Hello, World.” It will cost you $20.48.

These developers are obviously capitalizing on the popularity of people searching for the term “most expensive app” in the Google Play store. But what about those wanting a useful tool in their digital lives? These aren’t exactly the most expensive, but they are still a good chunk of money.

5 Minute Sports Medicine ($99)

This app (which looks quite useful) offers diagnoses, terminology, and medical billing info for a variety of sports injuries and afflictions. Clearly designed for those in the medical practice and administrative fields, it is a user-friendly tool. There is just one review at the time of this writing.

Mobility Access ($99)

Designed for use by blind and visually-impaired users, it’s priced at just under $100. It’s gotten almost 30 reviews, and seems to have real user feedback. Not surprisingly, the same company had made similarly-priced apps for the visually-impaired market, as well.

The Most Expensive Amazon App

the most expensive app

Amazon allows its apps to be sold at a much higher price. The cap for app pricing is currently $999. That means that many app developers are trying to take advantage, offering their own versions of the most expensive app ($999). But there are also some apps that aren’t quite as pricey but that may qualify. They include the following:

Kuntech Schools ($999.99)

This app appears to be an administrative tool for schools. According to the app description, it provides admission processing, student information systems, fee processing, examinations, and student results. It currently doesn’t have any ratings.

Taxi Q & A ($999.99)

Claiming to help you pass your taxi exams in the UK, this app is a study guide of sorts. Offering questions, answers, practice tests, and guides, it is one of the most expensive apps on the Amazon app store. However, there is just one rating at the time of this writing.

eyeMacular Degeneration Vision Assistance Tool ($495)

Designed to be an assistive device for people with vision problems from macular degeneration, it is priced at half of the max allowed by Amazon. It can be used to read things that may be difficult in day-to-day life. Common uses would be seeing the keypad on ATM machines or viewing phone screens. There are no reviews for this item on Amazon.

Personalized Call from Santa ($399)

Want a message from the Big Guy himself? As you may have guessed, it will cost you! This personalized video call app runs almost $400 and hasn’t been reviewed yet. Prefer to save money and see just a hologram of Santa, this app ($199) have you covered.

The Most Expensive Apple App

most expensive app for apple

You didn’t think we would leave out the big guys, did you? Yes, you can overpay for mediocre apps on both the iPad and iPhone, too! These apps, however, aren’t priced to shock, as most are digital versions of very specialized tools that professionals need in their everyday lives.

TouchChat ($299)

Those with disabilities and who can’t communicate verbally have been using communication boards for years. This is the digital version, allowing the voiceless a chance to speak by touch! Used by professionals in the caregiving industry and those worldwide who have previously relied on a companion to speak for them, this tool hasn’t received many reviews yet.

MobileCam Viewer ($349.99)

The price seems high for a security app that can monitor and control several security cams in a setting. With almost no reviews, it’s not priced to sell. With the ability to see six cameras at once, however, the ROI can only be determined by someone with that particular need.

DDS GP Yes! ($499)

At almost $500, this may be the most expensive Apple app we’ve seen that has actually been reviewed. It includes planning, information, and technical specs for a variety of dental procedures and treatments most commonly used in the dental field. Consequently, over 30 users give it a pretty high rating.

As with anything, you don’t always get what you pay for in the digital world. In many cases someone has created a high-priced app just to get coverage from the press. Many developers also try to keep live apps from being purchased by setting a high price to discourage downloads until the bugs are worked out. If you have money to burn, you may want to try spending it on the most expensive coffee instead.