Here are the Most Expensive Ice Cream Treats

Ice cream is a staple dessert for millions, both as a standalone dish, and as a topping for other delicious sweets, such as cakes and pies. While prices fluctuate as the cost of milk changes, it is generally expected that you can purchase a half gallon for under $4 nationwide. These ice creams break the rules, however, and made our list of most expensive ice cream treats. The most expensive ice cream is the $1,000 Golden Opulence Sundae. But there’s also Bagatelle’s $1000 sundae, $30 Milkmade pints, and $22 custom e-creamery pints. We list the most expensive ice cream you can buy in our list below.

1. Golden Opulence Sundae ($1,000)

Available as a special-order menu item from New York’s Serendipity 3 eatery, this must be ordered 48 hours in advance to help the restaurant order and prepare the top-shelf ingredients required to make it. It is made of a custom Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream infused with Madagascar vanilla and covered in 23k edible gold leaf. Toppings include expensive chocolate varieties not available locally, exotic candied fruits, and sweetened Grand Passion Caviar. Additional sprinkles of edible gold make up the finishing touches. This would for sure be the most expensive ice cream, as it holds a Guinness World Record for its price tag!

the most expensive ice cream

Want something richer? While technically not ice cream, the same restaurant has offered a $24,000 frozen hot chocolate dish, complete with golden spoon. This is not a regular menu item, however, and some argue that the serving dish and spoon shouldn’t count as part of the price competition.

2. Bagatelle’s Sundae ($1,000)

While not on their official menu, New York hot-spot Bagatelle has been offering a spendy sundae for some time now, complete with jewelry, gold flecks, and super syrups. What makes this ice cream so special, however, may be the inclusion of Dom Perignon Rose to the recipe. The alchohol-infused sorbet has upped the ante for decadent desserts and help make this a contender for the most expensive ice cream.

3. Scoopi Café Black Diamond Scoop ($816)

You’ll need to travel to Dubai, India to get a taste of the Black Diamond treat from Scoopi. Known worldwide for its nitrogen-frozen iced treats, this café services one of the most decadent single-scoop dishes available! This treat is reported to be made up of “Madagascar vanilla ice cream, Iranian saffron and slices of black Italian truffle.” And don’t forget the solid gold leaf sprinkles on top!

the most expensive ice cream treat

4. MilkMade Ice Cream ($30 per pint)

While their website is currently undergoing construction, MilkMade is still in business. (They close for the fall and winter seasons and will resume their yummy hours in the spring!) They offer custom pints of unique and delicious flavors to those in the New York City area. Past varieties have included notes of candy corn, a mixup of the sweeter Thanksgiving leftovers, pine needle essence, and pumpkin spice blends. This truly one-of-a-kind ice cream in Brooklyn charges $30 for a pint!

5. eCreamery ($22 per pint)

eCreamery is an online venue that offers a variety of bundles in fantastic flavors and themes, such as holiday, birthday party, and candy treats. I addition to their unique flavor selection, fun additions (such as personalized pint containers, spoons, and toppings) can be added. Their most expensive ice cream is available through their custom order option. You can choose your ingredients to make your own flavor combinations or ice cream, gelato, or sorbet. The regular cost for this option is $89.99 for 4 pints, not including delivery. (Be sure to allow 3 days for them to create your ice cream masterpiece!) It may not be the most expensive ice cream, but it is an investment!

6. Capanerri’s Ice Cream ($13 per pint)

Ordered as part of a 6-pack, Capanerri’s delicious pints come in a variety of options for the daring foodie with a sweet tooth! They offer several traditional flavors, such as chocolate, mint, cherry chunk, and vanilla. Their seasonal pack has earned the respect of many with pumpkin, coconut chip, and Madagascar Vanilla! While not the most expensive ice cream, it certainly is high-end!

most expensive ice cream you can buy

7. Dippin Dots ($12 – $24 per pint)

Remember these? The orbital ice delights known as “Dippin’ Dots” are rather expensive when you consider what you are paying for. If you buy the package from the grocer, a single, ½ cup serving can run you around $3 (or $12 a pint). When purchased at a theme park, you will pay even more. Expect to fork over $6-7 for one serving. At $24 a pint, it’s truly worth considering for most expensive ice cream.

8. Capogiro Gellato ($10 per pint)

Is gelato really ice cream? We’ll count it for the purpose of this list. With ingredients like basil, local goat’s milk, honey, and golden pineapple, the price for their creations will be a bit higher than your typical grocery-store ice cream. Copogiro only sells their pints in a pack of 6, and they’ll ship to your door with a minimum order of $60. Order from a variety of flavors at their website here.

Aside from these truly decadent desserts, most of us won’t be shipping in our ice cream or dining at 5-star Michelin-rated restaurants anytime soon. Some of the most expensive ice cream products offered at retail include a line of familiar brands that cost, on average, $4-5 per pint. These include Halo, Hagen-Dazs, Dove, and Ben and Jerry’s. When purchased in pint form, it is definitely more expensive than buying by the half gallon or gallon.