What is the Most Expensive Thing on Amazon?

The most expensive thing on Amazon changes by the day, the hour, and even the minute. Currently, the most expensive thing on Amazon is a Salvatore Ferragamo watch that costs $37,830, making it a contender for the top buy. Other high-price items include an $8,469 case of canned survival meat, a $40,000 antique officer’s sword, and $4,178 water melon seeds!

With the third-party marketplace sellers offering much more than the Amazon warehouses can expect to sell alone, there is always the potential for price gouging. More often than not, however, the reason for a high price is simply that people will pay that much. Whether you are looking to buy something for yourself, need to gift a friend, or are just curious, here is a breakdown of what might be the most expensive things on Amazon.

Most Expensive Food on Amazon

Caviar, Wagyu beef, and some of the most expensive spice blends top the list of items that can easily break your Amazon shopping budget. Specialty foods have found a home on the Amazon marketplace, and some of the more unique and hard-to-come by food items can be pretty pricey. In order to seriously ask so much for edibles, most retailers are hoping to cash in on quality and hard-to-find, high-end items or ridiculously large bulk lots. Palettes and pallets of chicken salad on crackers, for example, can command a high price.

most expensive thing on Amazon

Quantity deals aside, these are some of the most expensive things in the Amazon grocery category right now:

672 Cans of Canned Meat Survival Food ($8459)

If you survive the zombie apocalypse, you’ll be needing your protein. Share this giant lot of potted meat with friends, family, and possibly the whole village. Shipping is free on select orders.

Osetra Golden Imperial Caviar Malossol ($7321)

Caviar was no surprise when making this list. The most expensive thing on Amazon per ounce may very well be these tiny eggs that pop in your mouth. Pricing varies by day, however, so be sure you shop by flavor profile, species, and origin for that perfect caviar experience at a price that most people can’t afford.

100-Year-Old Balsamic Vinegar ($2970)

If you’ve been waiting your whole life (and the life of your ancestors) for the most amazing vinegar experience, this may be it. Aged for a century, and sold in a case of 4, this Balsamic is definitely a contender for the most expensive thing on Amazon (in the condiments category, anyway.)

30 pounds of Himalania Natural Goji Berries ($327.20)

Goji berries have all kinds or reported health benefits, and people are willing to pay quite a bit to try it out. Buying 30 pounds of these berries is expensive. (Thankfully, you can save a bit by getting this item via Subscribe and Save. Now to figure out if it should ship every month or less often.)

Most Expensive Clothing and Accessories on Amazon

With Amazon carrying more and more brand names from high-end designers, it’s no surprise that a larger portion of its sales involve clothing and accessories each year. Amazon does offer deals from time to time, including percentages off of top names in handbags, shoes, and more. But these clothing items are far from what we expected. Could one of them possibly be the most expensive thing on Amazon?

most expensive thing on Amazon clothing

Salvatore Ferragamo Watch ($37,830)

What time is it? Time to spend some serious cash. This watch is just one of many offered by Salvatore Ferregamo, and it may be the most expensive thing on Amazon in the men’s fashion category. At the time of this writing, it was even on sale! Save 30% on the regular price of almost $50,000!

Lamb of God Vestments ($3655)

As it turns out, religious garb is expensive! These Lamb of God garments are likely made specifically for professionals of faith, so it’s probably on par with other uniforms that people need for work. At over $3,000, however, it’s safe to say that Lamb of God Vestments are the most expensive things from Amazon’s clothing department that are not a designer label.

Versace Men’s Dinner Jacket ($2775)

Look your best at the next evening event with this dinner jacket from Versace! It comes in a red velvet finish and with a big price tag. Dry clean only, please!

Other Miscellaneous Expensive Items on Amazon

These items don’t fit neatly into common shopping categories, but they are sure expensive! What kind of budget can afford these unique and luxurious products?

what is the most expensive thing on Amazon

Astroturf (FakeLawn) 15’ x 25’ ($2,736.00)

No time to water, feed, or cut your lawn? That’s OK! With fake lawn, you can roll it and forget it. At a price of just over $2500, you can have the lawn you’ve always wanted, at a price that’s probably less than buying a really nice zero-turn mower.

1824 Officer’s Sword ($39,995)

Would you like to own a piece of early American history? This presentation sword is inscribed with “Lafayette” and is the only one of its kind. It comes with the original scabbard, too!

Dixie Queen Watermelon Seeds ($4,178.00)

These heirloom watermelon seeds are not easy to find. That probably explains the very high price of procuring just a ¼ pound of them. Once the leading shipping melon of the U.S., you can help bring back the breed with this significant financial investment.

Find the Most Expensive Thing on Amazon

Want to find even more crazy and bizarre products on Amazon with a very high asking price? It’s easy to do. Just go to any Amazon shopping category and sort by price: highest to lowest. Remember that third party sellers will likely have the lion’s share of the expensive finds, as they tend to be specialty retailers that are selling one category of product. (It’s also very fun to read the comments on some of the ridiculously-priced merchandise. It goes to show that people spend a lot of time finding and calling out sketchy sellers who are listing their wares for prices beyond reason.)

Ready to buy something on our “most expensive thing on Amazon” list? Remember that sellers have a tendency to raise prices once they gauge interest. So, if you are looking to buy, don’t put the item in your cart until you are sure. You want to get the best price when you’re ready to check out.