The Most Expensive Water Costs This Much

You may have never realized that people would pay so much for something we all take for granted. Selling bottled water is an 11 billion gallon industry driven by the desire for purity, nutrition, flavor, and even prestige. So what is the most expensive water? Acqua di Cristallo and Bling H20 top the list.

Water makes up around 50-65% of our body mass, 71% of the Earth’s surface, and falls freely from the sky as rain, sleet, and snow. Yet, water can command an incredible price tag, provided it is the exactly the right kind of water. There is a lot of money to be made in bottled water; here are many of the priciest H20 products you can buy:

Most expensive water bottle pouring

The Most Expensive Water Bottles

Acqua di Cristallo ($3,000+ per ounce)

Contrary to what you may realize, much of the cost of the most expensive water products is actually caused by the packaging. The very-limited-edition Acqua di Cristallo “Tributo a Modigliani” made headlines with rumors of selling at auction for up to $60,000 a bottle. With something encased in gold, however, this can be expected. It also proves that water content alone isn’t enough to make the list of most expensive water.

Bling H20 ($1.56 per ounce)

Do you like your water dripping with diamonds – or at least crystals? The water inside these “blinged-out” bottles is sourced somewhere in Tennessee, not some far away destination. A 9-step process is behind the reason for the clear taste of the Bling H20 water. Most fans, however, find that the Swarovski crystals and overall bottle design (in several styles, of course) are what drive them to spend up to $70 a bottle. Look for seasonal designs, as well as those supportive causes such as breast cancer awareness, to sport an even higher price tag.

The Most Expensive Water for the Average Consumer

VOSS ($.17 per ounce)

At a price of $2.00 for the 11.5 oz. plastic bottles, VOSS is not the priciest of its kind. The water itself comes from Norwegian aquifers, and is the preferred brand of bottled water for many restaurants and hoteliers around the world. VOSS may, however, be one of the most expensive water options at mass-retailers such as Walmart and Amazon. For this reason, it’s considered one of the most widely-available high-end waters.

90H20 ($.09 per ounce)

This pricey drink is designed to give drinkers the “Beverly Hills experience.” It claims to be chock full of electrolytes and minerals to give a healthy boost to your water rituals. The sellers of this water appear to be mostly cafes, restaurants, and hotels. It is possible, however, to special order in bulk. This 90H20 is most definitely not the world’s most expensive water, and the makers openly admit that, actually bragging that they are more modestly-priced than VOSS or Evian. Who knew that living the LA lifestyle could mean saving money, too?

San Pellegrino ($.07 per ounce)

A bit more on the budget side of waters, this Italian sparkling mineral water is another served at fine dining establishments around the world. Not exactly pricey, S. Pellegrino is a preferred water for many who do enjoy the finer things in life. The water, sourced from the natural springs in Val near the foothills of the Italian Alps, is recognized worldwide.


Tau Water ($.07 per ounce)

Available mostly through hospitality providers and overseas, this water is named after the Welsh word for “quiet.” It’s also highly desirable in some parts of the world. It comes in both the bubbly and “still” versions. Sold by the case, it’s modestly-priced for high-end waters (if you can find it.)

Perrier ($.04 per ounce)

Known for its green bottle, this barely makes the list. The world-favorite beverage is commonly sold at most every grocer that carries carbonated drinks. In fact, you can pick up a 6-pack of this Nestle product for under $4, making it about the same price as most brand name cola drinks. If you like the look of carrying around a glass bottle, and fancy your water with bubbles, you won’t have to pay all that much to appear distinguished in your water consumption.

What is the most expensive water?

The Most Expensive Water for Specialty Drinkers

Molly Water ($.09 per ounce)

Don’t confuse this with with the slang term for a drug-induced drink. The health-focused Molly Water aims to bring your Ph into balance with their proprietary bottled water containing 100% all natural electrolytes and purified magnesium. Designed to help your body run better, this $3-a-liter water isn’t pricey at all compared to the sugar-laden sports drinks that inspired its development. It’s recommended to consume 4-5 daily bottles daily. The cost of $11 a day can really add up.

Hint ($.09 per ounce)

For those who need some flavor in life, the maker of Hint offers around 10 varieties of “infused” water. No sweeteners or sugars here, just the essence of watermelon, mint, or lime (among others). Hint has a strong following among those who can’t bring themselves to drink plain water but refuse to consume sweeteners or sugar. Be prepared to pay a bit more for the privilege; it’s pricier than plain and even most flavored “bubbly” waters.

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When it comes to finding the most expensive water, where you buy is important. (It may be more important than who makes it!) See that bottle of Evian from your mass-market retailer? It is a third of the price compared to taking it out of a mini-fridge at a hotel. You can still get a high-end experience every time you hydrate (without the hefty price tag). Look for waters that can be purchased in bulk, in BPA-free plastic packaging, and at places you shop most often.