How Much Are eBay Fees? A Comprehensive Guide to eBay Charges & Calculators

eBay fees are generally 10% of the item’s sale price. eBay fees are deducted from the sale price when the item sells.

After the first 20 listings an eBay seller creates, eBay also charges a fee of 30 cents per listing.

Optional listing upgrades like bigger images or special designs add additional eBay fees.

eBay Fees

One big question lots of eBay sellers ask is, “What are eBay fees?” The short answer is, “About 10% of the item’s sale price.”

For example, if we’re selling a used iPad 4th generation for $225 and we’ve never sold anything on eBay before, the only fee we’ll pay is 10% of the price when the item sells.

eBay Fee Calculator

To find out the exact eBay fees for any item you’d like to sell, just use their handy eBay fee calculator. To go to the eBay fee calculator, click here.

how to sell on ebay fee calculator

For tips on how to use the eBay fee calculator, watch eBay’s video below.

Three Types of eBay Fees

Here are the three common types of eBay fees:

  • eBay insertion fees: About 30 cents per listing per category.
  • eBay final value fees: About 10%
  • eBay listing upgrades fees: Depends on the upgrade.

Generally, eBay may charge an insertion fee and a final value fee. It may also charge fees for any listing upgrades the seller selects, such as an auction reserve price.

eBay Fees for Listing Insertions

Your first 20 eBay listings have no insertion fee. The insertion fee for each item listed after the first 20 is $0.30. Antiques and collectibles never have an insertion fee.

eBay Fees for Final Values

how to sell on ebay fee calculator ipad

The eBay fee calculator shows that the fees for our iPad 4th generation fixed price listing would be $23.18. That’s about 10%.

Whenever an item sells on eBay, eBay charges a final value fee of 10% of the sale price. The final value fee is capped at a $750 maximum.

eBay Fees for Listing Upgrades

eBay listing upgrades let sellers promote their items for a fee. Listing upgrades include:

  • Scheduling an eBay listing for a specific time.
  • Advertising a listing on international eBay sites.
  • Listing an item in more than one eBay category.
  • Adding bold type to an eBay listing.
  • Adding a larger image to an eBay listing.
  • Adding subtitles to an eBay listing.
  • Adding attractive design to an eBay listing.

We’ve listed all of eBay’s listing upgrades fees below.

Upgrade eBay Fees for Auction-style listings
(all durations)
eBay Fees for Fixed price listings
Duration: 3, 5, 7, and 10-day Duration: 30-day and Good ‘Til Cancelled

Gallery Plus 

This upgrade lets eBay sellers add bigger pictures to attract more buyers. There’s no eBay fee for this upgrade for antiques & collectibles, pottery & glass and art.




Listing Designer
This upgrade makes your listing look better by adding a theme. eBay fees for this item are low.




Add descriptive info so your listing stands out.




Value Pack
Save on eBay fees by paying for Listing Designer, Gallery Plus and Subtitle upgrades in an economy bundle.




Use a bold title to make your listing stand out. This upgrade carries the highest eBay fees.




Scheduled listings
Pick start and end dates for your listings. The eBay fees for this upgrade can be worth it since scheduling a listing can help take advantage of high-traffic times like weekends.




List in 2 categories
Listing an item in more than one category can generate more interest. This upgrade adds another 30 cent eBay insertion fee for each extra category.

Insertion and advanced listing upgrade eBay fees apply for each category.

eBay fees for scheduled listings are charged once.

Final value eBay fees are charged once per item, if an item sells.

International site visibility
This upgrade displays your listing on eBay in other countries. The eBay fees depend on the individual listing.

Auction-style listings
(all durations)
Fixed price listings 3, 5, 7, and 10-day  Fixed price listings 30-day and Good ‘Til Cancelled

Starting Price

eBay Fee



$0.01 – $9.99


$10 – $49.99


$50 or more


eBay Fees for Buy it Now and Reserve Prices

Extra eBay fees apply when you sell an item in an auction and add a “reserve” price.

A reserve price sets the lowest price the seller will accept in an auction. Sellers can avoid the extra eBay fees by simply setting a higher starting price.

A Buy it Now price is a price added to an auction that tells buyers how much they will have to pay to skip the auction and buy the item now. There are no eBay fees for adding a Buy it Now price.

Reserve price

There’s an extra aBay fee to add a minimum price that must be met for your item to sell.

Reserve price eBay Fee



$150 or more

2% of reserve price

Maximum eBay Fee of $100

Special duration

Use of 1-day or 3-day listing durations.


When are eBay Fees Paid?

After the first 20 times you sell on eBay, you’ll have to pay an insertion fee of 30 cents per listing. One exception is listings of antiques and collectibles, which are free for up to 20 listings per month.

The 30 cent insertion fee has to be paid at the time the item is listed.

eBay final value fees of 10% of the item’s sale price are charged only when the item sells.

eBay Fees for Special Items

There are different eBay fees for special items like motor vehicles and some business and industrial merchandise. See the tables below for eBay fees on these special items. In addition, special items have different fees for listing upgrades. Click the links below to see full detail for eBay fees for special items on their website.

  • For full details on eBay fees for motor vehicles, click here.
  • For full details on eBay fees for business and industrial items, click here.

eBay Fees for Motor Vehicles

Category or subcategory eBayFeeforListingInsertion Successful eBay Fee for Listing is
Based on vehicle price
$2,000 or less More than $2,000

Cars & Trucks, RVs & Campers, and Commercial Trucks




Motorcycles, Powersports, Trailers and Boats




Powersports under 50cc




All other vehicles




eBay Fees for Business and Industrial Items

Basic fees for auction-style and fixed price listings

Insertion eBay fee 
(per listing)


Final value eBay fee 
(per item)

4% of the total amount of the sale.

($250 maximum for Stores subscribers)

For more information on eBay’s fees, see their standard eBay fee info on their website by clicking here. You can also see more detailed info on eBay fees by clicking here.