How to Save Money With Walmart Savings Catcher

The Walmart Savings Catcher tool is an easy way to get reimbursed anywhere from 1% to 13% for Walmart purchases, depending on how you shop.

Walmart Savings Catcher works by comparing the prices on a receipt to deals and specials at other local stores. Savings Catcher then reimburses Walmart shoppers for the difference.

Shoppers can really save money at Walmart with Savings Catcher, and it’s simple to do. In fact, anyone who shops at Walmart and doesn’t take advantage of Savings Catcher is basically throwing away money.

Below, we’ll show how to save money with Walmart Savings Catcher in two easy ways. We’ll also show how to redeem Walmart Savings Catcher money, how Walmart Savings Catcher works and how it works best. Plus we’ll show a couple use cases so you can see how much different people have saved.

walmart savings catcher save money

How to save money with Walmart Savings Catcher

Savings Catcher saves money for Walmart customers with relatively little effort. All a shopper has to do is submit any Walmart receipt to the program in one of two ways.

Walmart Savings Catcher Method #1: Website

walmart savings catcher website

To use Walmart Savings Catcher to save money at Walmart, just go to their website and enter a receipt number.

The first way to save money with Walmart Savings Catcher is to submit a receipt to their website. After shopping at Walmart, just visit the Savings Catcher website at, or by clicking here.

At the Walmart Savings Catcher website, enter the TC number from your Walmart receipt. The TC number is at the bottom of the receipt, just above the bar code.

Walmart will also ask for the date on the receipt. The date must be within the last seven days. The date is printed just under the bar code.

Walmart Savings Catcher Method #2: Walmart iPhone or Android App

walmart savings catcher android iphone appThe second way to save money at Walmart with Savings Catcher is by using the Walmart App to scan the QRC code at the bottom of the receipt. The QRC code is the square box of little black specks in the receipt’s lower left hand corner.

To scan a receipt, you’ll need the Walmart iPhone or Android app. To get the Walmart iPhone app, click here. To get the Walmart app for Android, click here.

Once you have the Walmart app installed, just open it and click the “Savings Catcher” button. Then aim your phone at the square QRC code on the bottom of the receipt. Your aim doesn’t even have to be very good. You’ll hear a beep, and then the app will tell you that it’s recorded your receipt. It’ll also ask you to enter the date. Savings Catcher can only be used for purchases made at Walmart in the last seven days.

walmart savings catcher qrc code

The receipt number is circled in pen. The QRC code is the blotchy box in the lower left.

How Long Does it Take to Get Walmart Savings Catcher Money?

It takes about 72 hours to get money back from Walmart Savings Catcher.

During that 72 hours, Walmart will search prices in ads and circulars from nearby stores. If it finds any special offers that are lower than Walmart’s prices, it’ll send you the difference on a Walmart eGift card.

The Walmart eGift card will be sent to the email address you used to set up your Walmart account. As you scan in more and more receipts, the savings from all of them will be added to your single Walmart eGift card. That way you don’t have to keep track of lots and lots of little eGift cards. There’s only one.

How Much Money Will I Save With Walmart Savings Catcher?

It really depends on what you buy. People who buy only fresh produce and meat are likely to get refunded only about 1% of the value on their receipts and sometimes less. People who buy lots of frozen or processed foods, paper goods and cleaning products can get refunds of up to 10% on every Walmart receipt.

A little further down in this article, we’ve added a couple use cases that show how much different people save with Walmart Savings Catcher.

How Do I Use My Walmart Savings Catcher Money?

walmart savings catcher receipt save moneyJust print out the email with the eGift card barcode. The next time you’re at Walmart, just hand the printed email to the cashier in the checkout lane. You can also use the eGift card to buy items on by entering the card number there.

Walmart Savings Catcher Money With Bluebird

American Express Bluebird members can get their Walmart Savings Catcher money sent straight to their American Express card in the form of Walmart Buck$. Walmart Buck$ are credits on an American Express card that can only be used at Walmart stores or at

How Does Walmart Savings Catcher Work?

What Walmart Savings Catcher does not do is find lower prices anywhere and give shoppers a refund for the difference.

What Walmart Savings Catcher does do is search deals and specials at nearby, local stores and give shoppers a refund for the difference.

When a Walmart shopper submits a receipt to Walmart Savings Catcher, either through the Walmart website or the Walmart app, a third party company compares the receipt’s prices to deals at local stores. When cheaper prices are found, Savings Catcher sends the difference to an eGift card. The shopper can use the money any time they like at Walmart. The money can be used either in a Walmart store or for online shopping at

The video below is Walmart’s explanation of how Walmart Savings Catcher works.

Does Walmart Savings Catcher Really Save Money?

Walmart Savings Catcher does save money for certain purchases and for certain kinds of people.

Walmart Savings Catcher works by paying customers back the difference for local, advertised sales.

walmart savings catcher really save money

For example, let’s say you bought a bottle of laundry detergent for $8.99 at Walmart, but a local grocery store had the same bottle on sale for $7.99. Walmart will find the sale in the other store’s advertising circular and credit you $1.

For people who buy a lot of things that are processed and/or prepackaged, Walmart Savings Catcher works very well. Things that result in money back from Walmart Savings Catcher include soda, fruit juice, cracker, cookies, ice cream, cleaning products, paper products, cereal, yogurt, milk, snack foods, frozen foods, trash bags and health & beauty items.

Walmart Savings Catcher does NOT work for produce, meat, bakery and deli items, general merchandise like DVDs or sporting goods, tobacco, automotive items or prescription medications.

Who Does Walmart Savings Catcher Save Money For?

walmart savings catcher reward dollarsWalmart Savings Catcher seems to work best for people who buy a lot of processed foods and household cleaning supplies, paper products, frozen foods and other prepackaged consumables.

My wife and I are health nuts. We live in a rural area where Walmart is just about our only choice for food shopping. Since we buy very little processed foods and mostly buy vegetables and meat at Walmart, we don’t get back a lot of money with Walmart Savings Catcher – about 1% of all our purchases. However, the effort is so minimal that it’s worth it. It’s like seeing a dollar on the street. Easy to pick up and then you have $1.

People who shop differently can do very well with Walmart Savings Catcher, getting 10% to 13% refunded with every shopping trip.

Walmart Savings Catcher Use Case #1: Couple Saves 10%

In the video below, a couple documents a Walmart trip where they spent $89.99 at Walmart and got $10 back with Savings Catcher. That’s more than a 10% savings.

Walmart Savings Catcher Use Case #2: News Station Saves 13%

walmart savings catcher website receiptWFMY News in Greensboro, North Carolina tested Walmart Savings Catcher and saved 13%.

They bought $36.24 of merchandise and got back $4.83. The items they saved on were all processed or prepackaged. Here’s a list of items the Savings Catcher reimbursed them for:

  • Nutella
  • Hamburger Helper
  • Suddenly Salad

Where Does Walmart Savings Catcher Work?

So far, Walmart Savings Catcher works in all Walmart stores in the United States. It doesn’t work for items bought in Walmart stores in Canada or South or Central America.

All in all, it seems like Walmart Savings Catcher may work better in urban areas with lots of nearby competition and less well in rural areas where the competition is light.

Is There a Limit on Walmart Savings Catcher Rewards?

Walmart Savings Catcher dollars are limited to $599.99 per calendar year. Once someone reaches the limit, Walmart Savings Catcher will stop accepting receipts from that person until January 1st of the following year. On January 1st, Walmart Savings Catcher will start accepting receipts from the shopper again.

Here’s a video from shopper Colleen Padilla demonstrating Walmart Savings Catcher.