The Benefits of Açaí

Whether you’re conquering your morning cardio, out for an early morning stroll with your pooch, or pumping weights at the gym, there seems to to be a persistent option on your local breakfast menu: Açaí. Be it açaí bowl, açaí smoothie or açaí milkshake, health and fitness advocates unanimously agree that the unique fruit retains outstanding health and physiological benefits for athletes and everyday individuals, alike. So why all the attention for açaí? What exactly is this exotic fruit and how does it produce such extraordinary benefits?

 Açaí is a type of indigenous berry originating from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. While the raw berry itself is known for its tart bitter flavor, natural and artificial sweeteners have aided in creating a savory and serviceable fruit. Throughout this article, we will discus 7 key benefits of the açaí fruit and how you can foster each of them. 

Cholesterol balance: If you’re looking for a body fat buster, may we introduce to you açaí! Not only does the antioxidant fruit contain two essential omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids that maintain cholesterol levels, but these fatty acids actually work together to reduce them too.

Diabetic’s Delight: Açaí is a great fruit for those who are looking to maintain healthy glucose levels. It has a low glycemic index and minimal  lipid content, making it an ideal alternative to other sugary drinks like energy shots or soda that can spike blood sugar quickly. In addition to evading dangerous spikes in blood sugar, because of its high antioxidant count, açaí also helps with fighting off free radicals, which are biochemical particles known to break down cells. Not only does açaí aid in protecting these cells, it aids in their recovery as well. Açaí is one refreshing drink you don’t want to miss out on this summer season – especially if you’re watching your carbohydrate intake. With only 5 grams per serving, compared with many carbonated beverages at 36-50 grams, solely from sugars alone, açaí is the real deal. 

Improved Immunity: The extract from the açaí berry is being studied to be a possible treatment for cancer. Research has shown that polyphenolic compounds, taken from the açaí extract, can help reduce tumor growth by up to 86%. Although it’s not an alternative cure yet, further research is in progress with hopes of finding a potential solution.

Coveted Complexion: Açaí is a fruit that provides many benefits for your skin. Açaí has extremely high antioxidant levels, and is useful to use on the face, as an alternative to other chemical products. The oil extract from açaí can also be used to cleanse and moisturize and is a great substitute for harsh chemicals

Wicked Weight-loss:  Açaí is a “superfood” that has been linked to weight loss and maintenance. Açaí contains the highest amount of antioxidants in any fruit, making it perfect for those who are trying to eat healthier or lose weight; because this food can help curb cravings and be an alternative fast-food meal substitute.

Awesome Anti-Aging Benefit: With its high antioxidant content, açaí berries can help to slow the signs of aging. They’re two times as potent as blueberries and ten times more effective than grapes. Along with other phytochemicals that aid in anti-aging efforts, this is one great fruit worth snacking on for a healthy lifestyle. Flavonoids are a class of phytochemicals, involved in the pigmentation of a plant – in this case, flavonoids give açaí it’s recognized bright purple color. The flavonoids contain large amount of phenolic groups (polyphenols) which has the antioxidant activity. 

Benefits the Brain: The anti-aging properties extend beyond the skin and to the brain too. A brain that is aging slower can work faster and more efficiently. As a result, açaí has been linked to improving cognitive functioning, alertness, and the ability to think faster. The açaí berry contains a large amount of antioxidants that can help slow down the damage from free radicals and improve overall brain health. Also, the central nervous system is essential for maintaining body movement. With increased anti-aging in the central nervous system, people are more likely to have better motor skills.