UEFA Euro 2016 Prize Money

The UEFA Euro 2016 prize money is $334.1 million total or €301,000,000. That gets divided up amongst all 24 teams depending on performance. The winner of 2016 finals could get as much as $30 million. That’s up from $196 million total prize money in 2012 and roughly $26 million for the winning team in that year. The tables below show the total Euro 2016 prize money in dollars and euros, broken down by performance in the regular season, the Round of 16, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals. Every one of the 24 teams gets $8.88 million just for participating. In the pre-knockout phase, the prize money for every game won is $1.11 million and for every tie game is $555,000. Each team that makes it to the Round of 16 gets an additional $1.67 million, while each team that makes it into the quarter finals gets $2.78 million. The four teams that make it to Semi Finals get $4.44 million each. Making it into the Finals on 7/10/16 guarantees each team $5.55 million more in prize money. The winner of finals then gets an additional $3.88 million. That honor goes to Portugal and France.

Euro 2016 Prize Money

The table below simplifies the Euro 2016 prize money, displaying dollars and euros for each win. If the team that wins finals has also won each of their three group matches, their total prize money will be $29.97 million. That’s up from $26.09 million in 2012.

UEFA Euro 2016 Prize Money
Total Purse€301,000,000$334,110,000
Every Team€8,000,000$8,880,000
Each Win (Pre knockout)€1,000,000$1,110,000
Each Draw (Pre knockout)€500,000$555,000
Make it to Round of 16€1,500,000$1,665,000
Make it to Quarter Finals€2,500,000$2,775,000
Make it to Semi Finals€4,000,000$4,440,000
Make it to Finals€5,000,000$5,550,000
Win Finals€3,000,000$3,330,000
Total to Team that Wins Euro 2016 Finals€27,000,000$29,970,000

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Portugal vs France

On 7/10/16, Portugal and France will vie for the most Euro 2016 prize money. Portugal has $25,530,000 so far or €23,103,027 and France has $26,640,000 or €24,107,507. So far France is in the lead for money made, but the winner of Finals will get another $3,330,000. That works out to €25,974,000 for Portugal if they win it all and €26,973,000 for France if they win it all.

Who Will Win the Most?

Euro 2016 Prize MoneyThe team that wins the most UEFA Euro 2016 prize money could be Portugal, Wales, Germany, France or Iceland. According to betting site Oddsshark, there’s no clear favorite, though Germany and France are considered top contenders, with Portugal a close third and Iceland far behind. A big surprise in the semi finals is Iceland. Portugal footballer Cristiano Ronaldo famously said the Iceland team was “not going to do anything.” Vegas odds makers didn’t even have Iceland on their radar. Already, Iceland has won $15.54 million and France has won $16.65 million. Germany has won $20.54 million, Portugal $19.43 million and Wales $19.98 million. There’s another $14.43 million up for grabs to the winner and runner up of Euro 2016 Finals. Right now that could go to any of the five teams still in the running.

Portugal vs Wales

Cristiano Ronaldo Net WorthOn 7/6/16, Portugal and Wales will compete in a Semi Finals game. Excluding regular season money, they have both already won $17.76 million in Euro 2016 prize money. They have also received $8.8 million for participation and $1.11 million for each win in the regular season, plus $555,000 for each draw. So far, Portugal has received $19.43 million in prize money and Wales has also won $19.43 million. One interesting fact is that Portugal made it into the Round of 16 without winning any of their Group games. Three ties, plus losses by their opponents in other matches, ensured them a spot in the Round of 16. Because they didn’t win their first two group games against Iceland and Hungary, they made only $555,000 per win in those first two pre-knockout round games. Even so, they’ve made the same exact amount of money as Wales, which won two of their earlier games and lost one. In the UEFA Euro 2016, three ties is worth the same amount of prize money as two wins and a loss.

Portugal/Wales Euro 2016 Prize Money so Far
Portugal MatchPortugal MoneyWales MatchWales Money
Participation Money$8,880,000$8,880,000
Group Game 1Iceland (tie)$555,000Slovakia (win)$1,110,000
Group Game 2Austria (tie)$555,000England (loss)$0
Group Game 3Hungary (tie)$2,220,000Russia (win)$2,220,000
Round of 16Croatia (win)$2,775,000Norther Ireland (win)$2,775,000
Quarter FinalsPoland (tie)$4,440,000Belgium (win)$4,440,000
Semi FinalsWales (N/A)N/APortugal (N/A)$5,550,000
Total Euro 2016 Prize Money so Far$19,425,000$24,975,000

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Germany vs France/Iceland

Germany has won $19.98 million so far in Euro 2016 prize money. That comes from $8.8 million in participation money, $1.11 million for their win against the Ukraine in the Group C Championship and $555,000 for their tie with Poland. Other prize money comes from $2.22 million for beating Northern Ireland to make it into the Round of 16 and $2.78 million for winning against Slovakia and getting into the Quarter Finals. Their tie game with Italy in Quarter Finals gave them another $4.4 million boost, since that draw was enough to get them into Semi Finals. If they win their next match on 7/7/16, the team will get an additional $5.55 million to play in the Euro 2016 finals and a further $3.33 million if they win.

Germany Euro 2016 Prize Money so Far
Germany MatchGermany Money
Participation Money$8,880,000
Group Game 1Ukraine (win)$1,110,000
Group Game 2Poland (tie)$555,000
Group Game 3Northern Ireland (win)$2,775,000
Round of 16Slovakia (win)$2,775,000
Quarter FinalsItaly (tie)$4,440,000
Semi FinalsFrance/Iceland (N/A)N/A
Total Euro 2016 Prize Money so Far$20,535,000

France vs Iceland

As of this writing, the start of the France/Iceland match on 7/3/16 is still four minutes in the future. Whoever wins that game will make it into the Semi Finals on 7/7/16 in a game against Germany. So far, France has $16.65 million in Euro 2016 prize money and Iceland has $15.54 million. France is tied with Germany for most Group Round money with two wins and a tie. That record gives both teams $2.78 million for their first three games. France is far and away the favorite in that match according to the Vegas odds makers. that said, Iceland has repeatedly beat the odds so far in 2016. The team that wins the match on 7/3 will get $4.44 million in addition to advancing to the Semi Finals.

France/Iceland Euro 2016 Prize Money so Far
France MatchFrance MoneyIceland MatchIceland Money
Participation Money$8,880,000$8,880,000
Group Game 1Romania (win)$1,110,000Portugal (tie)$555,000
Group Game 2Albania (win)$1,110,000Hungary (tie)$555,000
Group Game 3Switzerland (tie)$2,775,000Austria (win)$2,775,000
Round of 16R. of Ireland (win)$2,775,000England (win)$2,775,000
Quarter FinalsIceland (win)$4,440,000France (N/A)$4,440,000
Semi FinalsGermany (win)$5,550,000Germany (N/A)$5,550,000
Total Euro 2016 Prize Money so Far$26,640,000$25,530,000

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Do the Players Get Paid?

Lionel Messi Net WorthThere’s some evidence that Euro 2016 prize money gets distributed to players depending on country. Reports indicate that teams may distribute between $800,000 and $1 million to each player, depending on the team’s philosophy and performance. There doesn’t seem to be any law or hard and fast rule saying a football team must distribute the prize money to the players. There also isn’t any evidence that any one player is valued above any other in terms of payouts. This is in stark contrast to professional European football, American football or basketball, where two players on the same team might make as much as $25 million a year or as little as $525,093.

If the money is divided evenly and there are about 25 players on a team, Iceland players could make as little as $621,600 each. Players on the team that wins Finals could earn as much as $1.15 million each.