A Teacher Would Need 2000 Years to Match Hillary Clinton’s Wealth

It would take a teacher about 2,187 years to match the net worth of Hillary Clinton. That’s not including Bill Clinton’s money, which swells the time to 7,800 years.

Hillary Clinton’s net worth is $31.3 million. The typical high school teacher earns about $56,000 per year. If a teacher could save every penny and live on $0 with no taxes, she could match Hillary’s net worth in just 556 years. However, taxes take a chunk of about $7,000 per year. Assuming a cost of living of about $35,000 per year lets the teacher in our example save just $14,310 per year. At that rate, it would take over 2,000 years to build a net worth of $31.3 million.

Hillary Clinton Teacher 2000 Years

But Think of the Vacation Time

Hillary Clinton vs Teacher PayThe table below shows how long it would take a teacher to save as much as Hillary Clinton’s net worth. Hillary Clinton’s accumulated wealth is $31.3 million. Saving $14,310 per year, a typical teacher would have to work for 2,187 years to get level with Hillary Clinton. Adding Bill Clinton’s net worth to Hillary’s gives a combined Clinton total wealth amount of $111 million. That same teacher would have to work nearly 7,800 years to build that much savings. With the teacher’s spouse earning the same pay, their timeline would shrink to 3900 years.

Hillary Clinton Net Worth
Typical teacher salary$56,310
Approximate annual teacher tax bill$7,000
Approximate annual teacher cost of living$35,000
Annual potential teacher savings$14,310
Number of years to reach Hillary Clinton's net worth2187
Bill and Hillary Clinton combined wealth$111,000,000
Number of years to reach combined Clinton net worth7757

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Income Inequality: Hillary Clinton’s Plan

Hillary Clinton isn’t deaf to the issue of income inequality in America. In the video below, Clinton outlines her plans for fighting the problem. Mrs. Clinton says we have to raise the minimum wage and create more good paying jobs. She also calls for the creation of more clean energy jobs. She also advocates profit sharing, which would let lower level employees share in company profits.

Clinton says in the video that democratic presidents have had to deal with economic problems created by republican administrations. Mrs. Clinton says she knows what to do to fix the economy because she’s seen it up close.

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One Year as Hillary Clinton = 266 Years as a Math Teacher

Hillary Clinton Teacher EarningsHillary Clinton earns about $15 million per year. It would take 266 teachers working full time to earn that much money. Where does the money come from? Mostly speaking fees.

Hillary Clinton’s salary as U.S. Secretary of State was $186,600. She made an additional $3,000 to $6 million per year from book deals, depending on the year. By far the biggest chunk of Hillary Clinton’s annual earnings comes from “honoraria” or speaking fees. Clinton made over $10 million from 45 speeches in 2014 alone. Her pay per speech was often in the $200,000 to $300,000 range. That means it would take a typical high school math teacher four years to earn as much as Hillary Clinton has in one night.

For one speech to DMC Communications, Clinton earned between $500,000 and $1 million. Mrs. Clinton donated the proceeds of that speech to charity. Even so, it would take a teacher nine years of work to match that.