8 Ways to Make Extra Money Captioning Video

Videos are everywhere these days. TV’s, the internet, and even your smart phone stream content for people to enjoy, but not everyone has an easy time understanding the audio. That’s where captioning comes in. Providing the speech-to-text words that appear on the bottom of any video is a big business. Here’s how you can make extra money by providing this valuable service to video and content companies around the world.

There are many ways to find and apply for captioning jobs. In reality, most people take some time to get acquainted with the process for each new company they work for. Once established, however, captioning is a job that is extremely flexible. Many people enjoy working jobs just a few hours a week as a way to make extra money.

make extra money video captions

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Make Extra Money with Captioning

1. Rev.com

One of the top brands in captioning, transcribing, and translation, Rev is always seeking qualified candidates. Captioners provide the text for all the audio happening on educational videos, current movies, classic television episodes, and more. Captioners need a good command of the English language. Additionally, you need to provide your own headset, computer, and broadband internet service. Rev requires typing speeds of up to 70 WPM.

Once accepted, you can usually start working within 48 hours and work anywhere in the world! Turnaround for jobs is very quick (usually less than 24 hours) and bilingual workers are highly encouraged to apply.

Captioners earn between $.40 and $.75 per video minute. Apply for captioner jobs with Rev.com by clicking here.

2. UpWork

This marketplace for freelancers (formerly named Elance and oDesk) offers many more types of opportunities than just captioning. Workers compete for jobs by submitting bids. Sometimes, the lowers bidder gets the job – but not always. By doing work regularly on the UpWork platform, you can build a resume and a history of satisfied customers that helps you in competing for future work.

Video captioner jobs may not always be titled as such. Look for jobs that also mention Transcriber, transcription, or translator in the title. Many companies (especially those not based in the United States) may use different words to describe what is essential a captioning job.

Rates will vary for this highly competitive job search tool. Set up your Upwork account and start browsing jobs by clicking here.

3. Fiverr

Many captioners like this freelance marketplace. Fiverr happens to be set up more like a shop than bidding platform. If you provide captioning services, you can set up a store offering several types and sizes of projects that customers can purchase for captioning minutes. Since your tasks must all start at $5, you’ll likely sell no more than 5 minutes of captioning. Then clients can choose to add-on additional services, such as more captioning time or even digital files. Fiverr freelancers who can handle the technical task of putting the captions on the videos or translation from another language can make extra money with each task!

You can earn up to $50 an hour or more for selling your captions. Start your Fiverr seller’s account and being offering captioning jobs by clicking here.

4. Aberdeen Captioning

This company is usually always taking applications for captioning jobs. They hire for real-time captioning, which is when live TV is captioned as it is happening. To get one of these jobs you will have to have an extremely high level of accuracy and a speedy typing skill. They also have very strict technically qualifications, such as requiring 3 phone lines, 2 computers, and real-time closed captioning software. This company hires for Christian content, so a knowledge of the Bible is preferred.

This company pays up to $75 an hour for select captioning jobs. Submit your application here for captioning jobs at Aberdeen.

5. Caption Colorado

This highly-respected provider of captioning services works with many television and cable providers. They are always looking for competent workers to fill their captioning positions. In this case, candidates must have graduated from a court reporting school with 225 WPM and 98.5% accuracy. In addition, workers must own all of their own equipment, including stenography tools and software (although they will be reimbursed for costs.) This company only hires work-from-home employees who are able to travel to the Denver office for training.

Editors can make up to $50 an hour at this company. Start your application for Caption Colorado by clicking here.

make extra money as a video captioner
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6. CaptionMax

This company occasionally hires remote captioners for TV and educational materials. CaptionMax prefers previous RealTime experience. You’ll also need to provide all of your own equipment to get started. Training from a court reporting school is also required to make extra money with this company. (Note: CaptionMax captioners for pre-recorded video work in-house. They only offer remote work for real-time captioners.)

Caption editors can make $12-15 an hour. Browse CaptionMax jobs by clicking here.

7. ASC Services

Captioning and transcribing for top news groups is what this company does best. Apply for the position of captioner, and you could be providing the captioning for CNN, Fox, and MSNBC! ASC (also known as Morningside) requires some of their captioners to have up to 3 years’ experience and a degree in English or journalism.
Wage information isn’t currently available for this company. Get directions for submitting your resume to ASC Services by clicking here.

8. Vitac

Finally, both real-time and pre-recorded captioning workers can find opportunities here. Their job lists can seem a little empty at times, but regularly checking back is the best way to stay on top of new openings. Explore the Vitac captioning job list by clicking here.

There is a lot of work that goes into creating captions for TV and film. Whether the captions are typed out, or created using voice-recognition software, there will always be a need for captioners. Why not learn this skill to make extra money?