16 Best Ways to Make Extra Money Right Now

Everyone could use a bit more cash. If you’re in a position to upgrade your job or work more hours, it’s probably the first thing you’ll try. But for those who are limited on time or earning potential, there are other ways you should look to for coming up with some fast cash. This list of ideas is full of tasks that most people can do to make extra money, and some pay within 24 hours or less!

Best Ways to Make Extra Money – Today

1. Make Extra Money Mystery Shopping

make extra money mystery shopping

Yes, mystery shopping is a legitimate way to make money. In fact, most scheduling companies are always on the look for reliable shoppers with their own transportation to shop, dine, and even vacation for free! This method to make extra money is perfect for those with just a few hours a week to spare. Pay ranges from $8 to $150 a shop. You’ll be reimbursed for any purchases, plus get cash fees and possible even bonuses! With mystery shopping companies desperate to find punctual, professional shoppers in every state, there is probably an opening near you right now.

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2. Smart Phone Apps that Make You Extra Money

make extra money with smart phone apps

Instead of just spending cash each month on a data plan for your smart phone, why not turn it into a money-making machine? There are dozens of ways to use your mobile device to make extra money. You just need to know which apps are the best! Before you go installing an app to your phone, be sure you check out our list of the top apps that can create earnings.

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3. Make Extra Money with TaskRabbit

make extra money on the TaskRabbit platform

If you’re handy around the house, love running errands, or can simply gift wrap like a pro, there may be a way to make extra money with TaskRabbit! This smart phone app connects those willing to do odd jobs with those who need them done. Create a profile, get approved, and start providing essential services to those in your local community. You can earn up to $150 an hour for some jobs!

Sign up to make extra money with TaskRabbit here.

4. Sell Used Books to Make Extra Money

make extra money selling used books

Even the biggest book lovers may find the need to rehome their best titles. That’s why selling used books online has gotten so popular! With so many markets available to make extra money by offering your used books for sale, it’s an easy way to make a cash and help declutter your closet! Not all marketplaces are the same, and some are more suitable for specific book niches. Learn if your unwanted textbooks, romance novels, or even graphic fan fiction can help you cash in before you sell.

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5. Sell Photos Online for Extra Money

make extra money selling stock photos

If you’re a budding photographer who is great with a camera, you may be missing out on the perfect way to make extra money! Get $.25 to $25 for each photograph you sell in several online marketplaces. You can even sell the same photo across multiple platforms for maximum revenue! Is this the perfect use of your shutter skills?

Sign up to make extra money selling your stock photos here.

6. Make Extra Money by Teaching English

make extra money ESL

You don’t have to have a teaching degree to help others with their ESL skills and make extra money at the same time! There are many reputable companies that hire freelancers to offer tutoring and real-time English language courses. Some will even pay up to $18-38 an hour! If you are good with words, patient, and able to market your English language services effectively, this job may be a good one for you.

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7. Amazon Work from Home Jobs

make extra money with Amazon customer rep jobs

Amazon is a big business! It is also a great opportunity to make extra money without ever leaving the house! Whether you choose to open an Amazon seller’s account, or wish to provide customer service from home, there are endless opportunities to use Amazon’s success to help you with yours. Many have raved about both the atmosphere and the benefits of working from home for one of the world’s largest online retailers. Which job is right for you?

Sign up to make extra money with legitimate Amazon work from home jobs here.

8. Make Extra Money with Video Captioning

make extra money video captions

Any time you watch a video on TV or online, there may be a chance for someone to make extra money in video captioning! This essential service ensures that those with hearing impairments of a limited understanding of English can fully enjoy the movies and TV that everyone loves the most! Working in video captioning will require a variety of experience and skills, with options for most all levels. Many companies are hiring for this field right now.

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9. Make Extra Money Watching TV

make extra money watching TV

What if I told you that you could make extra money by watching TV? Not, it’s not crazy! There are a few legitimate ways to use your passion for entertainment as a means of collecting a little extra cash. These companies can help you save a little for a rainy day, all while enjoying new forms of groundbreaking entertainment.

Sign up with these companies and start to make extra money when you watch TV!

10. Video Game Jobs for Extra Money

make extra money with video games

What’s even better than watching TV for money? How about games that involve video games? Whether you’re a tester or a tech support rep for a big gaming network, there is a need for workers to make extra money in this growing field. Experience needed will vary, but there are entry-level positions open today. Where will your new career in gaming take you?

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11. Make Extra Money Driving for Lyft or Uber

what Lyft drivers make

Ride sharing services are so hot right now! See what Lyft drivers make, including how it compares to taxi service wages in your local region. We compare how much you can make with just a few hours a week with how much you’ll earn as a full-time driver. Is Lyft for you?

Find out how to make extra money with Lyft here.

Another popular ride sharing service is Uber. This platform allows you to use your own car to provide safe rides for people in your community. Do you have everything needed to get started? You might! Learn what Uber drivers make, including how your city fares compare nationwide!

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12. Make Extra Money Losing Weight

lose weight and make extra money

If you have a smart phone and the will to shed a few pounds, there are a number of ways you can make extra money while you get in shape! A few apps sync effortlessly with your activity tracker (such as a Fitbit) giving you points and goodies as you work out. Another method requires you to place wages on whether or not you’ll meet your workout or weight loss goal, rewarding you up to $10,000 if you do! Whatever option you choose, there’s nothing to lose (but the weight) when you sign up to get fit and line your much-smaller pockets.

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13. Join a Focus Group to Make Extra Money

make extra money with focus groups

Companies want your opinion and feedback to make every day marketing decisions, and they are willing to pay you for it! Just one to two hours of your time could earn you $50 or more, and the tasks range from sampling cereal to interacting with live media. Unique opportunities to make extra money with focus groups are spread out all over the country and cover every possible consumer demographic.

See if there is an opportunity to make extra money with focus groups in an area near you!

14. Participate in Mock Jury Duty to Make Extra Money

make extra money with mock jury duty

What if you could help the legal system, see justice done, an earn some cold, hard cash? It’s possible. The act of standing in as a fake juror for lawyers to practice their craft before a hearing or trial is called “mock jury duty”, and it’s a legitimate way to make extra money. Being a stand-in usually pays pretty well, too! Are you ready to do your part for Lady Justice and earn a fair wage? There are companies hiring for mock jury duty right now. The key is to know where to find them.

Learn how to participate in mock jury duty to make extra money here.

15. Make Extra Money with Upwork

make extra money on Upwork

There used to be moonlighting. Now there’s Upwork. This freelance platform allows you to bid on all kinds of jobs, from copy writing, to video production, to bookkeeping! Before you wonder if there’s anyone hiring your expertise, take a look around at what other professionals are offering. You can use your unique job skills to make extra money from home. Work as little — or as much — as you’d like! See the differences in memberships, and see how this free platform has been changing the lives of professionals everywhere!

Sign up to make extra money with Upwork here.

16. Use Fiverr to Make Extra Money

use Fiverr to make extra money

If you’re not in a hurry to make extra money, you might be a good candidate for a seller’s profile on Fiverr. Users can sell just about anything that can be done online, from video pranks, to customized jingles, to Photoshop filters. Once you have a specialty in mind, get rolling right away, and make extra money — $5 at a time! You can make much more than a 5-spot with our sage advice. In fact, many of the Fiverr professionals delivering great work have turned it into a full-time career from home!

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