How Much Can Uber Drivers Make?

Uber has been in the news quite a bit lately as both a popular transportation option for less than a typical cab and as a profitable side hustle. When it comes to how much Uber drivers make, however, it’s true that your mileage may vary. We took a look at the earning potential for Uber drivers in six major metro areas, to determine that Uber drivers earn – on average — $15 – 30 per hour before expenses.

The 2015 data in this report, compiled by Uber, proves that the market greatly determines how much Uber drivers make. As can be expected, the regions with the highest cost of living, may also have some of the highest driver pay. But this is not always the case. Los Angeles, for example, shows drivers somewhere in the middle of earnings, even though the cost to live there may be considerably higher than Chicago.

It is also important to remember that Uber drivers pay for their own gas, insurance, and transportation costs (unlike traditional taxi drivers or chauffeurs.) The earnings below show what UberBLACK drivers make after Uber fees but before these additional expenses. Since UberBLACK drivers are the most luxurious Uber experience, the earnings are considerably higher than the average Uber driver. Taxi driver earnings may also include tips not shown in their hourly wage.

what do uber drivers make?

What Uber Drivers Make in Boston

Boston shows UberBLACK drivers making an average of $21.22 per hour for very part time drivers (less than 15 hours per week.) As drivers drive more, however, earnings tend to go up; drivers putting in 16-24 hours earn $22.55/hr., and drivers driving 35-49 hours make $24.17 per hour. Only once the driver puts in over 50 hours do we see the trend reverse. Once a driver hits 50 hours or more a week, the average earnings per hour is $23.62. The industry average across all Uber drivers at all levels in Boston is $20.29; compare this to the average hourly wage of $12.92 for taxi drivers, and they seem to get paid pretty well.

What Uber Drivers Make in Chicago

Chi-town UberBLACK drivers start small, making just $15.60 per hour for 15 hours a week or less. This increases to $17.06 for 16-34 hours, and $18.75 for 35-49 hours. They can make all the way up to $19.38 for driving 50 hours or more. Average driver earnings at all levels is just $16.20. That’s still more than the $11.87 an hour taxi drivers get.

What Uber Drivers Make in DC

The District of Columbia has its fair share of UberBLACK drivers. This market isn’t the lowest, but for such an expensive city, $21.40 starting wage for under 15 hours may not seem like a lot. Wages for 16-34 hours is around $23.82, and wages for 35-49 hours is $24.62. They can top out at $25.04 for working 50 hours a week or more. The average Uber drivers and taxi drivers don’t earn much different; Uber wages at all levels is around $17.79 compared to taxi drivers’ $13.10.
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What Uber Drivers Make in Los Angeles

UberBLACK drivers in LA start off around $19.19 an hour for very part-time driving. The then earn around $21.60 for hours 16-34, $22.82 for hours 35-49, and $22.59 for anything above 50 hours. The average Uber user gets $17.11 an hour. It is the closest of all the metro cities to what actual taxi drivers make ($13.12.)

What Uber Drivers Make in New York

The highest percentage of very part time drivers (under 15 hours a week) reside in New York. These UberBLACK partners get an average of $25.38 an hour. For anything between 16 and 34 hours, they can earn $27.48, and for 35-49 hours they get $29.54. Over 50 hours earns an average of $30.64. The wage across the board for all Uber drivers is $30.35. This is almost twice what taxi drivers make (just $15.17).

What uber drivers make

What Uber Drivers Make in San Francisco

Finally, San Francisco has its own, very inflated market for drivers. $30.63 is the starting point for very part time UberBLACK drivers (less than 15 hours). The earnings then increase to $32.99 and $34.32, with 50+ hour drivers making $33.82. The average Uber driver makes $25.77, and taxi drivers earn about $13.72.

It’s obvious that Uber drivers make wildly different amounts based on market, as well as what type of car they drive. For our examples above, the UberBLACK drivers are the cream of the crop, making much more than entry-level Uber drivers. UberX driver partners make – on average — $16.89 nationwide. This is what you should expect to make with little driving experience and working very part-time.