Finally, a $2.7 Million Dollar iPhone

A $2.7 million dollar iPhone 6 is now available, coated in 18 carat gold and encrusted with over 6,000 diamonds. British designer Alexander Amosu will customize almost any tech gadget with gold, platinum and/or diamonds for a price. The designer’s clients include 50 Cent and Queen Latifah. His phones even come with an “I can get you anything” worldwide concierge service.

World’s Most Expensive iPhone

Designer Alexander Amosu can give your iPhone 6 that special something that will set you apart at dinner parties (at least until the iPhone 7 comes out): a $2.7 million dollar upgrade.

most expensive iphone

World’s most expensive iPhone 6? Image Source:

For about $2.7 million, Amosu will coat an iPhone with 18 carat solid gold, then encrust it with over 6,000 diamonds. In case you’re worried about the carat, cut and clarity of the diamonds, they’re VSS1 IF cut.

Looking to renew your contract and think this might be a good move for you? Don’t bother. The pricey iPhone isn’t even available on the designer’s website, since it was made for an anonymous client. Also, you might need to borrow your mom’s phone while you wait for Amosu to finish the customization, since it takes about two months to complete the process.

Other Custom Gear by Amosu

For those who don’t go in for Apple, Amosu also offers the world’s “first and most expensive” diamond Blackberry, a relative steal at just $180,000. It boasts 4,459 diamonds of VS1 clarity. It’s fairly unique since Amosu promises only three will ever be made, and you can even have the battery cover personalized with your name in case you ever misplace it in a Denny’s.

world's most expensive iphone headset

Anyone seen my headset?

Don’t like holding your phone to your ear? Look into the Motorola Motopure H1, customized by Amosu with white gold and 246 diamonds.

Shoppers on a budget can take heart. Amosu also customizes phones in gold without the diamonds. An iPhone 6 Plus customized by the designer in solid 18 carat gold can be had for a rock-bottom $3,708.61. They’ll even toss in a free leather case. An even bigger bargain is a gold Kindle that goes for about $1,500.

Who Wants a Gold iPhone?

Amosu’s clients include 50 Cent, Adele, Alicia Keys, Chris Brown, Danica Patrick, Queen Latifah, Richard Branson, Rihanna, Soulja Boy, James Caan, Eva Longoria, Jermaine Jackson and the Princess of Brunei.

most expensive iphone adele

“Oh shoot, did I leave my $2.7 million dollar iPhone at that Carl’s Junior?”

Adele can certainly afford it. With an estimated net worth of $75 million dollars, she’s one of the world’s highest paid musicians. 50 Cent likely won’t have trouble making payments on the phone either. The rapper’s net worth is estimated at $140 million. Then again, he might be watching his budget lately. The 40 year old star was ordered to pay over $17 million to an earphone manufacturer for a failed business deal. When he refused, a Florida court froze his bank account.

About the Designer

Alexander Amosu is a young entrepreneur who turned an interest in mobile phones into a business success story. Before going into luxury phone customization, Amosu started one of the first ringtone companies in the UK.

most expensive iphone latifah

The designer and Queen Latiifah.

“To have an exclusive phone that costs more than anyone else’s is like owning a Bentley as opposed to a Ford. The type of phone you own speaks volumes about your lifestyle and ambition. That’s why celebrities, footballers, actors and millionaires come to me for their phones,” says Amosu.

The customized phones also come with one year of free international concierge service for “accessing the inaccessible.” This could mean anything from yachts chartered on the spur of the moment to front row seats at fashion shows to “impossible to get” dinner reservations or theatre tickets.

Amosu claims the concierge service offers access to exclusive privileges at the best restaurants, gyms, spas and nightclubs worldwide, as well as villas, top rated hotels and even private islands.

Just be sure you really want the gold and/or diamond encrusted gadget before you click “buy,” because Amosu does not offer refunds.

The iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 was released in September of 2014. Its larger screen, thinner profile and more powerful specs have led it to record sales. The iPhone 5 was released about a year earlier. The iPhone 4 came out three years before that. What we’re saying is, before you drop $2.7 million on a diamond encrusted iPhone, realize you may have to pay that again when a new iPhone comes out.