Drake Net Worth: If You’re Reading This He’s Too Rich

The Drake net worth sum of $130 million comes from $245 million in earnings before taxes and other adjustments. Drake has earned $159 million from his four concert tours, including $71.6 million from the Summer 16 Tour. He has earned $14 million from sales of albums, $12.6 million from singles sales and $24 million from YouTube. The singers has also earned an estimated $36 million from endorsement deals with big name companies like Jordan, Sprite and Kodak.

Taxes eat up $106 million of Drake’s lifetime earnings, with expenses taking another $23 million. Investments add back an estimated $14.7 million as of 1/10/17.

Drake Net Worth Facts

Drake net worth$130,656,770
Drake net worth vs Rihanna net worthHalf as big
Drake net worth vs Selena Gomez net worthTwice as big
Drake net worth vs Taylor Swift net worthHalf as big
Drake net worth vs Beyonce net worth1/3 as big
Drake net worth vs Justin Bieber net worth15% smaller
Drake net worth vs Miley Cyrus net worthHalf as big
Drake net worth vs Kobe Bryant net worthHalf as big
Drake net worth vs Hillary Clinton net worth4x bigger
Drake net worth vs Bernie Sanders net worth240x bigger
Drake net worth vs Barack Obama net worth40x bigger
Drake net worth vs typical net worth1,858x bigger


As the table above shows, the Drake net worth total is $130 million. That’s half as big as Rihanna’s net worth of $282 million. It’s twice as big as Selena Gomez’s net worth of $45 million and half as big as Taylor Swift’s net worth of $251 million. Beyonce’s net worth is 3 times bigger than Drake’s. Drake’s net worth is half as big as Miley Cyrus’ net worth and half as big as Kobe Bryant’s net worth. Should the president of the United States get paid less than a rapper? He does. Barack Obama’s net worth is $3.2 million. That’s a mere 1/40th the size of the Drake fortune. Drake has four times more money than Hillary Clinton’s net worth and 240 times more than Bernie Sanders. Finally, the typical American has a wealth of just $68,000. That’s 1,858 times less money than Drake.


Drake Net Worth Over Time

Drake Net Worth 2009$1,448,410
Drake Net Worth 2010$15,604,585
Drake Net Worth 2011$22,598,075
Drake Net Worth 2012$47,112,708
Drake Net Worth 2013$73,398,927
Drake Net Worth 2014$80,834,062
Drake Net Worth 2015$88,509,381
Drake Net Worth 2016$126,568,114
Drake Net Worth 2017$130,656,770

Drake’s net worth has grown sharply from just over $1 million in 2009 to $130 million in 2017. In some years like 2014 and 2015 the singer earned as little as $10 million, while in others like 2013 and 2016 he made between $40 million and $90 million. Why the big difference? Drake put on concerts in some years but not others. Concerts pump the most money into Drake’s income. Therefore, the star’s net worth grows in fits and starts, as the chart above shows.Drake Net Worth Breakdown

Drake Net Worth Sources

Drake Net Worth BreakdownSo where does the Drake net worth figure shown in this article come from? Concert tours, endorsements, investments, music sales and YouTube. The table below shows the full breakdown. Figures like concert tour earnings, music sales and YouTube income are fairly solid. Other figures like endorsements, investments, taxes and expenses are estimates. Overall, the data below present a pretty decent Drake net worth estimate.

The Drake Net Worth Breakdown
Drake Concert Tours$159,074,100
Music Sales$27,121,310
Total Drake Earnings261,127,910
Salary (avg since 2010)$43,521,318
Drake Net Worth$391,599,050

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The chart below shows how the Drake net worth story breaks down visually.
Drake Net Worth Sources

Music Sales and Drake Net Worth: $14 Million

drake net worth music salesIt’s surprising that a pop star’s smallest income source is often their music sales. Drake has earned an estimated $14 million from album sales and $12 million from sales of singles. Exact Drake earnings from music sales aren’t released to the public. However, Drake has sold 12 million albums and 74 million singles. Each album costs about $10.99. That’s $130 million in total album sales.

Since Drake writes all his own music, he likely earns 11.1% of every album sale. That means he’s earned $14.4 million for albums. 50 million singles as lead artist at $1.99 each gives another $99.5 million in revenue. Drake keeps $11 million of that.

Drake sold another 24.5 million singles as a featured artist. A smaller 3.3% of that money chips in $1.6 million to the Drake net worth pile. Wondering why Drake’s mixtapes don’t contribute to his net worth? Mixtapes are given away for free as promotional tools.

Drake Net Worth from Music Sales
Drake AlbumYearUnits SoldRevenueDrake's Cut
Thank Me Later20101,800,000$19,782,000$2,195,802
Take Care20112,260,000$24,837,400$2,756,951
Nothing Was the Same20131,800,000$19,782,000$2,195,802
We Are Young Money2009500,000$5,495,000$609,945
So Far Gone EP2009500,000$5,495,000$609,945
If You're Reading This...20151,100,000$0$0
What a Time to Be Alive2015500,000$0$0
Total Drake Album Sales13,460,000$130,341,400$14,467,895
Singles as Lead (41)50,000,000$99,500,000$11,044,500
Singles as Featured (66)24,500,000$48,755,000$1,608,915
Total Drake Music Sales$27,121,310

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Concert Tours and Drake Net Worth

Drake Net Worth Concert ToursBy far the biggest contributor to the Drake net worth stack is concert tours. Concerts typically add the most into any pop star’s net worth total. According to industry estimates, stars keep the lion’s share of their concert tour revenue.

Drake has had four concert tours: Away From Home, Club Paradise, the cleverly named Would You Like A tour and Summer 16. The first in 2010 brought in an estimated $18 million. Drake kept about 85% of that. The next two tours in 2012 and 2013 brought in about $42 million each. That chipped in another $72 million to Drake’s net worth. Drake’s fourth tour, the Summer Sixteen tour, added an estimated $71 million to the star’s earnings.

Concert Tours and Drake Net Worth
Drake TourYearRevenueDrake's Cut
Away From Home2010$18,000,000$15,300,000
Club Paradise2012$42,600,000$36,210,000
Would You Like A2013$42,246,000$35,909,100
Summer Sixteen Tour2016$84,300,000$71,655,000

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YouTube and Drake Net Worth

drake net worth youtubeIt’s fairly easy to see how YouTube has boosted Drake’s net worth. A trip to the star’s YouTube page shows he has 168 million views. Drake’s YouTube Vevo channel has another 2.78 billion views as of 1/25/17. But how much do those views add to the Drake net worth picture?

Marketing firms claim 1,000 YouTube views pay about $7.60. Assuming Drake keeps all the money from his own YouTube channel and 85% of his Vevo revenue, he’s earned $19.28 million from YouTube so far.

Drake Net Worth from YouTube
Drake Channel Views168,492,254
Drake Vevo Channel Views2,786,357,342
Total YouTube Views2,954,849,596
Earnings Per View$0.0076
Total YouTube Earnings$19,280,410

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Endorsement Deals and Drake Net Worth

The second largest factor in the Drake net worth equation is endorsement deals. Endorsement deal figures aren’t made public, but we do know the rapper has made deals with Jordan shoes, Sprite and Kodak to name a few. We estimate endorsement deals have added an average of $5 million a year to Drake’s net worth since 2010. That’s a total of $36 million dumped into the Drake net worth total by 2017.

Drake Net Worth Calculations

The Drake net worth calculations include adjustments for taxes, expenses and investments.

The rapper is a Canadian citizen. Thanks to NAFTA, even though he earns money in the U.S., he pays income taxes only in Canada. The Canadian federal tax rate for Drake’s income level is 29%. However, Drake lives in Toronto, Ontario. He pays an additional 13% Province tax rate for Ontario. That gives a total Drake tax rate of 42%.

We have no real way of knowing how much Drake pays in expenses. We do know he certainly has some. Staff, agents, operating costs and cost of living all take a slice from the Drake net worth pie. We estimate the star spends 15% of what he makes each year on expenses. Investments are figured at 6% per year.

Drake Net Worth Calculations
YearDrake EarningsTaxesExpensesInvestmentsDrake Net Worth