Justin Bieber Net Worth

As of 12/13/16, the Justin Bieber net worth sum of $244 million is based on music sales, concert tours, endorsements and YouTube income. We also added tax and investment calculations. Most of Bieber’s net worth comes from concert tours. The star has earned an estimated $297 million from concert revenue. Surprisingly, the smallest Justin Bieber net worth contribution comes from music sales at $18 million. The total is set to skyrocket in 2016. The Purpose world tour has already taken in an estimated $88 million to date with over 100 shows yet to go.

Justin Bieber Net Worth

Justin Bieber Net Worth Facts

Justin Bieber Net Worth Facts 
Justin Bieber net worth:$245,969,345
Justin Bieber net worth vs Taylor Swift net worth:27% smaller
Justin Bieber net worth vs Miley Cyrus net worth:About the same
Justin Bieber net worth vs Selena Gomez net worth4 times bigger
Justin Bieber net worth vs Beyonce net worth:Half as big
Justin Bieber net worth vs LeBron James net worth:About the same
Justin Bieber net worth vs Kobe Bryant net worth60% smaller
Justin Bieber net worth vs Bernie Sanders net worth:373 times bigger
Justin Bieber net worth vs Tom Brady net worth:25% bigger
Justin Bieber net worth vs Barack Obama net worth:62 times bigger
Justin Bieber net worth vs Hillary Clinton net worth:6 times bigger
Justin Bieber net worth vs typical net worth2,898 times bigger


Next to other mega pop stars, Justin Bieber net worth is catching up fast. Justin Bieber’s net worth of $241 million is 5% smaller than Taylor Swift’s net worth of $251 million. Justin Bieber’s net worth is 5 times bigger than Selena Gomez’s $45 million net worth. Beyonce’s net worth of $372 million is 1.8 times bigger than Justin Bieber’s net worth. Bieber has about the same net worth as LeBron James and 1.5 times less net worth than Kobe Bryant. The Justin Bieber net worth total is 370 times larger than Bernie Sanders’ net worth of $528,014. It’s 1.5 times larger than Tom Brady’s net worth of $138 million and 65 times larger than Barack Obama’s net worth of $3.2 million. Finally, to equal Justin Bieber’s net worth, the typical American household would have to multiply its wealth by 3,077.

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Justin Bieber Net Worth Timeline

Justin Bieber Net Worth Over Time

Justin Bieber net worth 2009$10,866,138
Justin Bieber net worth 2016$245,969,345
Justin Bieber net worth 2010$41,129,281
Justin Bieber net worth 2011$53,772,809
Justin Bieber net worth 2012$138,338,895
Justin Bieber net worth 2013$153,363,862
Justin Bieber net worth 2014$168,888,259
Justin Bieber net worth 2015$186,247,356


Justin Bieber’s net worth has grown steadily since 2009. The one exception comes from 2012’s Believe tour, which poured an insane $178 million pre tax dollars into the Justin Bieber net worth figure. The 2016 Purpose tour is set to make Justin Bieber’s net worth climb sharply once again.

Bieber’s wealth is set to overtake the competition. His popularity is huge and growing and he recently kicked off one of the biggest concert tours in history.

To figure Justin Bieber’s net worth, we worked in album sales, concert tours, YouTube earnings, merchandise, endorsements, taxes and expenses.

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Justin Bieber Net Worth Sources

Justin Bieber Net Worth SourcesTo figure Justin Bieber’s net worth, we took a deep dive into all his income streams. The star has earned $297 million from concerts so far. He’s earned an estimated $80 million from endorsements and $80.6 million from his 12 billion YouTube views.

We calculated sales of every album and single. We also figured earnings from sales of Justin Bieber merchandise like hats, t-shirts, toothbrushes and charm bracelets. We figured a conservative 6% investment income pads out Justin Bieber’s net worth.

Subtractions from the Justin Bieber net worth equation include taxes at Canada’s highest 44.6% rate and expenses for agent fees, concert production and cost of living.

Sources of Justin Bieber Net Worth
Justin Bieber Concert Tours$297,925,000
Justin Bieber Net Worth Total$245,824,871
Justin Bieber YouTube Views$91,079,872
Album Sales$10,626,231
Singles Sales$7,552,050
Justin Bieber Merchandise$59,585,000
Investment Income (Estimated at 6%)$25,016,643
Total Justin Bieber Earnings$571,784,796
Justin Bieber Salary$81,683,542
Taxes (44.6% Canada tax rate)$243,923,031
Expenses (Est. 15% of earnings)$82,036,894


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Justin Bieber’s Purpose world tour started on 3/9/16. The tour will almost certainly be the music phenom’s biggest yet. Bieber’s popularity is at an all time high. His first tour, My World in 2010 brought in $53 million. His second, Believe in 2013 earned four times that amount. If that trend continues, Purpose could add $700 million to the Justin Bieber net worth total.

Music Sales and Justin Bieber Net Worth

Shockingly, the smallest chunk of our Justin Bieber net worth total comes from music sales. Bieber has sold nearly 14 million albums and roughly 55 million singles. That accounts for about $270 million in revenue. However, even top singers only get to keep a small percentage of their music sales. Industry estimates suggest Bieber probably only gets about 6.6%. That adds just $10 million to Justin Bieber’s net worth from album sales. It adds another $7 million from sales of singles.

Justin Bieber Net Worth from Music Sales
Justin Bieber AlbumUnit SalesRevenueBieber Earnings
Total Music Sales$18,178,281
My World (2010)4,000,000$43,960,000$2,901,360
Under the Mistletoe (2011)1,700,000$18,683,000$1,233,078
Believe (2012)1,750,000$19,232,500$1,269,345
Purpose (2015)4,500,000$49,455,000$3,264,030
Never Say... (Remix 2011)1,200,000$13,188,000$870,408
My World EP (2009)1,500,000$16,485,000$1,088,010
Total Album Sales14,650,000$161,003,500$10,626,231
Singles (Bieber as Lead)55,000,000$109,450,000$7,223,700
Singles (Bieber Featured)5,000,000$9,950,000$328,350

Concert Tours and Justin Bieber Net Worth

Concerts and Justin Bieber Net WorthThough Bieber has completed only two full concert tours in his short career, concerts add a staggering $283 million to our Justin Bieber net worth amount. The singer’s My World tour in 2010 took in $53.3 million at the worldwide box office. Not bad for someone discovered on YouTube just a few years earlier.

Since big name singers keep an estimated 85% of concert revenue, Bieber’s earnings from the tour are $45.3 million. The star’s second tour pumped even more into our Justin Bieber net worth figure. The Believe tour raked in $209.2 million dollars worldwide. By our estimates, that beefed up Beiber’s wealth to the tune of $177.8 million.

Justin Bieber Net Worth from Concerts
Bieber ToursYearRevenueBieber's Cut
My World Tour2010$53,300,000$45,305,000
Believe Tour2012$209,200,000$177,820,000
Purpose Tour2016$88,000,000$74,800,000

Bieber’s earnings are set to take another huge jump upward. Bieber had fully 17 charted songs in November and three top ten hits on 1/20/16. His Purpose world tour is set to be one of the most popular concert tours in history. The tour alone could pump another $200 million or more into the Justin Bieber net worth count.

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YouTube Views and Justin Bieber Net Worth

As of 12/13/16, YouTube views pump another $87.9 million into the Justin Bieber net worth number. The star has over 13.6 billion views on his YouTube Vevo channel. 1,000 YouTube views translates to about $7. Assuming Bieber keeps 80% of that, he’s earned $87,985,398 million in YouTube income over his career.

Justin Bieber Net Worth from YouTube
Justin Bieber YouTube Views14,099,051,321
Bieber's Cut (85%)$91,079,872
Earnings Per View$0.0076
Total Earnings$107,152,790

Endorsements and Justin Bieber Net Worth

The second biggest slice of our Justin Bieber net worth total comes from endorsements. Bieber has earned an estimated total of $80 million in endorsements. That includes a reported $12 million deal with OPI nail polish. The musician has also made endorsement deals with Adidas, Calvin Klein, Best Buy, Proactiv and Macy’s. While exact endorsement numbers aren’t known, it’s a safe bet deals averaging at least $10 million a year add to Justin Bieber net worth figures.

Merchandise and Justin Bieber Net Worth

Justin Bieber net worth and merchandiseBieber earns more than just concert revenue and album sales, endorsements and YouTube ad revenue. Beliebers also shell out big time for his merchandise.

Sales of hats, t-shirts, charm bracelets and other gear add millions to the Justin Bieber net worth heap. To be more specific, the star has earned an estimated $49 million from sales of merchandise over the course of his career.

Just one example is the Justin Bieber pillowcase pictured here. The pillowcase sells for $7.49 on Amazon. There are also necklaces, winter hats, hoodies and yes, even Justin Bieber toilet paper.

Investments and Justin Bieber Net Worth

Justin Bieber of course does not release details of his investments publicly. However, with earnings in the tens of millions every year, the star likely has some investment income. Figuring on returns of 6% per year, we place Bieber’s investment income at a total of $24 million over the course of his career. That’s after taxes. If the star cashed in all those investments, he’d likely have to pay around $20 million in taxes on them. Even so, investments probably contribute around $26.5 million to Justin Bieber’s net worth.

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Taxes & Expenses and Justin Bieber Net Worth

Death and taxes are inevitable for everyone but at least death only hits each person once. Bieber likely pays 44.6% of everything he earns in taxes. With career income of $457 million, about $203 million in taxes subtracts from our Justin Bieber net worth figure. Bieber also has to pay for staff, agent fees, operating costs and cost of living. Estimating 15% of income for expenses gives a lifetime expense bill of $68 million dollars.

Justin Bieber Net Worth Adjustments

Pulling all our numbers together, the table below shows how earnings, taxes and other figures build the final Justin Bieber net worth whole. Total earnings minus taxes and expenses plus investment income of 6% per year gives our final figure of $209 million.

Justin Bieber Net Worth Calculations
YearBieber EarningsTaxesExpensesInvestmentsJustin Bieber Net Worth


Bieber will be performing live at the Billboard Music Awards show in May. The tweet below from 4/27/16 announces the event.

Justin Bieber Net Worth VS…

How much more does Justin Bieber earn than the average mortal? A lot. Figuring on a 40 hour work week, the star earns $32,000 every hour. That’s 319 times more than a doctor, 638 times more than an engineer, 1,400 times more than a teacher and 3,194 times more than a fry cook. It’s no wonder Justin Bieber’s net worth is so phenomenally high.

Justin Bieber Net Worth vs

If you can’t see the hourly rates in the chart above, don’t feel too bad. $32,000 an hour is an awful lot of money. The table below shows the figures with a bit better clarity.

Justin Bieber Net Worth vs The Rest of Us
Justin Bieber Hourly Pay VS:Hourly PayJustin Bieber Earns
Fry Cook$103,194 times more
Justin Bieber$40,842$40,842
Math Teacher$231,400 times more
Doctor$100319 times more
Engineer$50638 times more
Nurse$251,278 times more

Popularity = Cash

On 1/6/16, Bieber retweeted a tweet from Forbes that gave a peek into the reason for the star’s crazy high net worth. According to the financial mag, Bieber had 17 charted songs at the same time in November.