How to Let eBay Sell Your Items FOR You

Here’s how to let eBay sell things for you. eBay has made it very easy to sell used or unwanted items. Letting eBay sell for you is as simple as getting a free shipping label from eBay, shipping the items to eBay and waiting to get paid.

eBay’s new Sell For Me program lets anyone sell things on eBay with almost zero effort. Sellers just ship items to eBay and collect 60% to 80% of the sale price. eBay accepts only new or “like new” items for the program. eBay sets the sale price based on prices of similar items that have sold on eBay in the last 90 days. eBay reimburses sellers for items lost or damaged by them or during shipping. Any items that don’t sell in four weeks are shipped back to the seller, free of charge.

How to Let eBay Sell Your Items For You

Letting eBay sell your items with eBay Sell For Me is fast, easy and you still get to keep 60%-80% of the money from the sale.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Send in your stuff. You can ship used or unwanted items to eBay or bring them to an eBay drop off center in person. eBay pays the shipping.
  2. Relax. eBay “valets” list and sell your items on eBay.
  3. Get paid. When the items sell, eBay will pay you between 60% and 80% of the sale price, depending on how much the item sells for.

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Letting eBay sell your items for you is a revolutionary and exciting way to turn unwanted things around the house to cash. It’s the perfect choice for those who don’t want to fool around with managing listings and would rather get rid of the item and forget about it until the check arrives.

How Much Money You Make When eBay Sells Your Items For You

When eBay Sell for Me sells your stuff for you, they pay the shipping. They do all the selling work, and in return they pay you a percentage, based on the item’s sale price:

If Your Item Sells For: Then eBay Pays You:
Less than $50 60%
$50-$200 70%
More than $200 80%

How to Let eBay Sell For You

It’s really easy to sell on eBay by letting eBay sell your items for you. Just follow the steps below:

1. Go to eBay’s “Sell for Me” page by clicking here.

2. Type in your Zip Code.

3. Hit Enter.

how to sell on ebay let ebay sell for you

4. Confirm your personal information. When you signed up for an eBay account, eBay stored your address and other information. Just scroll through to make sure eBay has your correct email address, mailing address and phone number. eBay needs that info to send your money or to return your items if they don’t sell. At the bottom of the page, click the button that says, “Order Label.”

5. Print the shipping label. eBay will display a shipping label. Print it.

6. Make sure your items are eligible for the program. eBay will sell lots of different kinds of items for you as long as they’re in good condition and can sell for at least $40. Items that sell best include:how to let ebay sell for you

  • Electronics
  • New clothes, shoes and bags
  • Antiques and collectibles
  • High-end kitchen appliances
  • Sporting goods
  • Musical instruments

In addition to the list above, eBay will only sell items for you if they’re new or like new and if they’re sellable for at least $40. See below for a complete guide to what ebay will and won’t sell for you. To find out how much your items will sell for on eBay, do a search on eBay for similar products in the same condition. If you don’t see an item in the green list or the red list below, it will probably still sell. However, you may want to check with eBay first by calling customer service at 1-855-USE-EBAY.

how to sell on ebay ebay sells for you list accepted items

sell on ebay let ebay sell for you map fedex7. Describe your items. The shipping label includes a form with blanks to describe the items you are sending in. Fill out the form and place it in the package with your items. Then close the package, put the label on and drop it off at a FedEx shipping facility. A handy map on eBay’s website shows nearby locations where you can drop off what you’re selling.

After You Send Your Stuff to eBay

When eBay sells for you, they’ll receive your items about five days after you ship them. Valets will list your items two days later.

Next, eBay will email you a link to the listings for your items. You can use the link to track your items and see if they’re generating any interest.

eBay will try to sell your items for four weeks. If your items sell, eBay will notify you immediately and pay you within four weeks of the sale.

How Does eBay Price Your Items?

When you let eBay sell for you via Sell for Me, eBay sets the selling price. eBay valets will research similar items that sold in the last 90 days. They’ll set your item’s price based on their research. For example if you’re selling an iPhone 5, a quick search on eBay might show a lot of other iPhone 5’s selling for $200. Chances are good that’s the price eBay will set for yours if you ship it to them.

What if Your Item Doesn’t Sell on eBay?

When you let eBay do the selling for you, eBay lists the items for four weeks. If your stuff doesn’t sell in that time, eBay returns the items and pays for the return shipping. In that case, you won’t get any money, but you got your item back and you haven’t spent a dime.

What if Your Item Gets Lost or Damaged on the Way to eBay?

let ebay sell for you damagedeBay reimburses sellers up to $300 for lost or damaged merchandise as long as the seller keeps a copy of their shipping label. To be reimbursed for lost or damaged goods, file a claim with eBay customer service at 1-855-USE-EBAY.

What if Your Item Gets Lost or Damaged After it Reaches eBay?

Items that get damaged or lost after eBay receives them are reimbursed based on the sale price of similar items that have sold on eBay in the previous 90 days.

Help eBay Sell For You With the Valet App

To zero in on how much eBay will sell your item for before you ship it, use the eBay valet app from iTunes. The app lets you take a few pictures of your item to find out its worth and order free prepaid boxes.