Kesha Net Worth

Kesha’s net worth should be $185 million. The actual Kesha net worth sum of $18 million was slashed by the freeze on her albums and concerts. The lawsuit battle between the pop superstar and her producer has bloodied the waters around what should have been a skyrocket career.

Kesha’s lawsuit against Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald alleges that he raped her and forced her into unfavorable contracts. Kesha’s lawsuit says the agreements prevented her from making meaningful profit from her music. If true, her deals with Gottwald may have cut the Kesha net worth total by as much as 90%.

Kesha Net Worth Facts

Kesha Net Worth Facts
Kesha net worth$18,573,244
Kesha net worth vs Miley Cyrus net worth1/10th as big
Kesha net worth vs Taylor Swift net worth1/16th as big
Kesha net worth vs Rihanna net worth1/15th as big
Kesha net worth vs Adele net worthHalf as big
Kesha net worth vs Nicki Minaj net worth1/4 as big
Kesha net worth vs Beyonce net worth1/18th as big
Kesha net worth vs Hillary Clinton net worthHalf as big
Kesha net worth vs Justin Bieber net worth1/11th as big
Kesha net worth vs median American family net worth271 times bigger

The Kesha net worth sum of $18 million is 1/10th as big as Miley Cyrus’ net worth of $197 million. Kesha’s net worth is 1/16th as big as Taylor Swift’s $302 million and 1/15th as big as Rihanna’s net worth of $281 million. Adele’s net worth of $43 million is twice as big as the Kesha net worth total, and Kesha’s wealth is 1/4 the size of Nicki Minaj’s $77 million.

Beyonce’s net worth is 18 times bigger than Kesha’s net worth. Generally speaking, if Kesha were still producing albums, singles and concerts and if she had entered into more favorable deals, her net worth would likely be about 10 times bigger than it is.

Kesha Net Worth Through Time

Kesha Net Worth Through Time
Kesha net worth 2009$154,303
Kesha net worth 2010$760,385
Kesha net worth 2011$5,616,979
Kesha net worth 2012$6,650,493
Kesha net worth 2013$16,059,165
Kesha net worth 2014$17,140,528
Kesha net worth 2015$18,006,107
Kesha net worth 2016$18,573,244

The Kesha net worth figures have grown slowly since 2009. The slow growth is based on two things. The first is Kesha’s reportedly poor contracts with her producer Dr. Luke. If Kesha’s allegations are true, her percentages for album sales, singles sales and concert revenue may be a lot lower than the rates enjoyed by her peers.

Kesha Net Worth Over Time

The second factor in the low Kesha net worth number is her work stoppage. Kesha went from earning an average of $13 million per year in 2011 through 2013 to making barely $1 million per year in the following three years. Without new albums and concerts, there’s no way for the star to make money at her previous levels.

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Kesha Net Worth Sources

The sources of Kesha’s net worth have slowed down considerably. Those sources are studio albums, compilations and EPs, singles sales, concerts, YouTube ad revenue, merchandising and endorsements. All together, Kesha has earned an estimated $45 million from those sources since 2009. Taxes and expenses take 63% and investment income adds 6% to the Kesha net worth total per year.

An average Kesha salary of $6.4 million since 2009 gives today’s Kesha net worth number of $18.4 million.

Kesha Net Worth Sources
Kesha studio albums$423,115
Kesha other albums$120,890
Kesha singles as lead artist$369,941
Kesha singles as featured artist$466,257
Kesha concerts$35,200,000
YouTube earnings$3,921,856
Total Kesha Earnings since 2009$45,158,059
Kesha salary (avg since 2009)$6,451,151
Taxes (52.9%)$23,888,613
Expenses (10%)$4,515,806
Investment income (6% of net worth/yr)$1,819,604
Total Kesha net worth$18,573,244

Music and Kesha Net Worth

The tables below show the breakdown for Kesha’s earnings from music sales. The totals would be a lot bigger if not for the unfavorable deals Kesha alleges in her lawsuit. According to insider reports, an artist who writes her own music can earn as much as 11.1% of the total revenue from an album or song. Estimates put Kesha’s percentage a lot lower because her lawsuit claims lopsided contracts that kept her from earning any meaningful profit from music sales.

Kesha Net Worth from Music Sales
Kesha studio albums$423,115
Kesha other albums$120,890
Kesha singles as lead artist$369,941
Kesha singles as featured artist$466,257
Total Kesha Net Worth from Music Sales$1,380,203

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Album Sales and Kesha Net Worth

Kesha Net WorthKesha hit the music scene with a bang in 2009 and it looked like the start of a career in the stratosphere. Her first album Animal sold 2.5 million copies right out of the gate. At industry standard rates, the singer should have earned $3 million in personal money from the record. That’s assuming an album cost of $10.99 and an 11.1% artist cut of the money.

Instead, estimates place Kesha’s real percentage at more like 1%. That adds $300,000 to the Kesha net worth sum instead of $3 million. All in all, Kesha should have earned $5.5 million from album sales so far. Instead she has earned $550,000. The performer most probably would have released at least another two or three albums by now if not for her contract with Sony. That contract doesn’t let her release music with any producer other than Dr. Luke. If she hadn’t been stopped from releasing new albums, her total album money could be up around $10 million by now.

Album Sales Adding to Kesha Net Worth
Kesha Studio AlbumsYearUnits SoldAlbum CostKesha %Kesha Earnings
Other Albums/18 Mixtapes2010-20131,000,000$10.991.10%$120,890
Total Kesha Net Worth from Album Sales$544,005

Singles Sales and Kesha Net Worth

Singles Kesha Net Worth2009’s Tik Tok put Kesha on the music map. The song sold nine million copies worldwide and should have put $2 million in Kesha’s pocket. Kesha should have made a total of $3.7 million from existing singles by now. Singles she hasn’t been allowed to produce since 2013 would likely amount to another $2 million. That’s a total of $5.7 million from singles that don’t make it into the Kesha net worth calculations.Instead, Kesha has earned an estimated $370,000 from singles sales.

Singles by other artists featuring Kesha add in another $466,000 to Kesha’s net worth. Kesha sung on Flo Rida’s 2009 hit Right Round which sold 10 million copies worldwide. She was also featured on the 2013 Pitbull hit Timber. With favorable deals, Kesha’s earnings from featured singles would likely be up around $10 million by now.

Singles Sales (Lead) Adding to Kesha Net Worth
Kesha SinglesYearUnits SoldUnit CostKesha %Kesha Earnings
Tik Tok20099,000,000$1.991.10%$197,010
Blah Blah Blah20101,500,000$1.991.10%$32,835
Your Love is My Drug20102,500,000$1.991.10%$54,725
Take it Off20101,500,000$1.991.10%$32,835
We R Who We R2010600,000$1.991.10%$13,134
Die Young2012700,000$1.991.10%$15,323
Crazy Kids2013300,000$1.991.10%$6,567
Total Kesha Net Worth from Singles as Lead$369,941

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Concerts and Kesha Net Worth

Kesha has put on two concert tours with 80 to 90 shows each. The first was 2011’s Get Sleazy tour. That tour had 90 shows with average box office revenues of $300,000 each. The tour’s total revenue is estimated at $27 million. Most artists are said to take home 85% of all concert revenue. In Kesha’s case the figure is most probably something more like 40%. That gives Kesha $11 million from the tour.

2013’s Warrior tour took in $56 million at the box office. Again Kesha should have kept most of that money. If her lawsuit allegations are correct, she likely only kept about 40% or $22 million. Losses from another one or two Kesha tours that haven’t been able to materialize in the last three years likely total upwards of $130 million.

Concert Tours Adding to Kesha Net Worth
Kesha ConcertsYearTotal RevenueKesha %Kesha Earnings
Get Sleazy Tour2011$27,000,00040%$10,800,000
Warrior Tour2013$56,000,00040%$22,400,000
Total Kesha Net Worth from Concerts$33,200,000

YouTube and Kesha Net Worth

Stars earn about $7.60 for every 1,000 YouTube views. Kesha’s total YouTube views top one billion across two channels. Most stars would take home 85% to 100% of those views. It’s likely Kesha got a much smaller percentage, leaving her with an estimated $3.7 million in YouTube earnings. With a more favorable contract she would have earned more like $7 million. Another $5 million in YouTube earnings has been lost thanks to the moratorium on new Kesha music.

YouTube Earnings Adding to Kesha Net Worth
YouTube ChannelsViews$ Per 1,000 ViewsKesha %Kesha Earnings
Kesha Channel (since 2009)170,023,053$7.6070%$904,523
Kesha Vevo Channel (since 2010)992,543,752$7.6040%$3,017,333
Total Kesha Net Worth from YouTube$3,921,856

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Merchandising, Endorsements and Kesha Net Worth

Merchandise Kesha Net WorthStars make big money from merchandising and endorsements. Generally speaking, a pop diva’s merchandising money is estimated at about 20% of concert revenue. Merchandise goes beyond just tee shirts and posters into hats, hoodies, perfumes, iPhone cases and other Kesha paraphernalia. Kesha has earned about $14 million in merchandise dollars since 2009.

Kesha’s endorsement clout isn’t high. Possibly thanks to her pro drug stance, she doesn’t tend to land big product endorsement deals. Kesha has had small deals with Pepsi and a few other brands but, by and large, the marketing money has shunned her. Endorsement dollars have added $2 million to the Kesha net worth figure. That’s exceptionally low for a star of her magnitude.

Acting and Kesha Net Worth

Not just a singer, Kesha has made several forays into the film and TV world. Acting earnings add $2 million to the Kesha net worth total. Kesha has appeared in Robot ChickenJimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Conan. She appeared in Jem and the Holograms and even had her own reality TV show called My Crazy Beautiful Life.

Kesha Net Worth Calculations

Taxes and expenses take over half of the Kesha net worth sum. Kesha lives in California, which gives her a 13.3% state tax rate. That’s on top of her already sky high 39.6% federal rate.

With a total tax bill of 52.9% plus 10% more for expenses like agent fees, staff and other expenses, Kesha walks home with only about 37% of what she makes. That’s $24 million in taxes and $4.4 million in expenses. Investments add about 6% to Kesha’s net worth per year or $1.8 million.

Kesha Net Worth Calculations
YearAlbum SalesSingles SalesConcertsYouTubeEndorsementsMerchandiseTotal Kesha EarningsTaxes (52.9%)Expenses (10%)Investment Income (6% of net worth)Kesha Net Worth
Kesha Net Worth Totals$544,005$369,941$33,200,000$3,921,856$2,000,000$2,656,000$45,158,059$23,888,613$4,515,806$1,819,604

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What Kesha’s Net Worth Could Have Been

We re-ran our Kesha net worth calculations with more equitable percentages to get the data in the table below. With better deals, Kesha would probably have earned about ten times more than she did. Without a work stoppage from 2013 on, she most likely would have released two or three more albums, several more singles and put on two concert tours.

Her YouTube income, endorsement pay and merchandise money all would have risen. Based on those figures, the 2016 Kesha net worth total would likely be up around $185 million.

What Kesha's Net Worth Could Have Been

All Kesha net worth numbers in this article are estimates based on sales figures and media reports.