Rick Ross Net Worth: Music Gave Him Wings

The Rick Ross net worth story is one of musical talent played up into a chicken wing empire. The net worth figure of $30.2 million comes from $22 million in pre-tax music earnings and $15 million from business ventures like his ten Wingstop restaurants. Ross has released eight studio albums since  2006 plus 33 singles. His YouTube channels have 550 million views and he has toured mid-sized concert venues consistently since 2008, averaging 38 shows a year. The rapper has cut endorsement deals with Nike, Reebok and 1800 Tequila. He also founded record label Maybach Music Group. Ross has a relatively low net worth compared to stars like Drake, Rihanna and Beyonce. Though he began his career in 2006, lower album sales and a smaller concert presence keep his wealth well shy of $50 million.

Rick Ross Net Worth Facts

Rick Ross Net Worth Facts
Rick Ross net worth$30,229,843
Rick Ross net worth vs Beyonce net worth14 times smaller
Rick Ross net worth vs Rihanna net worth11 times smaller
Rick Ross net worth vs Drake net worth4 times smaller
Rick Ross net worth vs Bill Gates net worth2647 times smaller
Rick Ross net worth vs Chris Brown net worthHalf the size
Rick Ross net worth vs Justin Bieber net worth9 times smaller
Rick Ross net worth vs Donald Trump net worth172 times smaller
Rick Ross net worth vs Lil Wayne net worth3 times smaller
Rick Ross net worth vs typical American family net worth445 times bigger

The Rick Ross net worth total of $30.2 million is huge for an American citizen but lower than many big celebrities. Pop diva Beyonce’s net worth of $419 million is 13 times bigger than Ross’ net worth. Barbados beauty Rihanna has ten times more money with $307 million and rapper Drake has three times more with $98 million. Just for fun we matched Rick Ross up against the world’s richest living person. Bill Gates is 2,412 times wealthier than Rick Ross with $80 billion. Narrowing the scope again, Chris Brown has nearly twice the wealth of Ross with $53 million. Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has 157 times more money with $5.18 billion. Even Lil Wayne outshines Rick Ross with $62 million. Ross shouldn’t feel too badly though. He outdoes the typical American family by 488 times. The median U.S. household has just $68,000 saved.


Rick Ross Net Worth Timeline

Rick Ross Net Worth by Year
Rick Ross net worth 2006$810,161
Rick Ross net worth 2007$1,213,585
Rick Ross net worth 2008$2,417,785
Rick Ross net worth 2009$4,088,709
Rick Ross net worth 2010$7,785,916
Rick Ross net worth 2011$11,103,114
Rick Ross net worth 2012$15,927,498
Rick Ross net worth 2013$19,249,187
Rick Ross net worth 2014$23,096,154
Rick Ross net worth 2015$26,733,182
Rick Ross net worth 2016$30,229,843

The Rick Ross net worth story started back in 2006 with the release of his first studio album Port of Miami. That album sold an impressive 1.14 million copies for total revenue of $12.5 million, though Ross only kept about $1.1 million of that. The album went RIAA Platinum, marking the first and last time Ross would see that kind of sales figure. The single Hustlin’ hit stores the same year, selling over a million copies in its own right. A steady stream of hit albums and singles through 2015 ensured strong earnings for the star, but his main income sources lay elsewhere. Ross has earned nearly $14 million from concerts since 2008 and almost $4 million from YouTube ad revenue. He opened his first Wingstop restaurant franchise in 2011 and now earns an estimated $2.5 million a year from those ventures.

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Rick Ross Net Worth Sources: Music Gave Him Wings

The Rick Ross net worth sources are albums, singles, concerts, YouTube, business ventures, endorsements and acting and appearances. The biggest slice of Ross’ income to date comes from business ventures like his restaurant business and his Belaire Rose Champagne line. The money Ross earned from music let him buy into the Wingstop restaurant chain, racking up ten franchises by 2016. Ross’ total lifetime earnings come to $57.6 million. That gives him an average salary of $5.2 million, which is about what he made in 2016. Taxes hustle out $22 million of that money and expenses claim another $8.6 million of the Teflon Don’s loot. Investments add back an estimated $4 million.

Rick Ross Net Worth Sources
Total Rick Ross Earnings$57,611,345
Rick Ross Salary (average)$5,237,395
Rick Ross Salary 2016$5,567,953
Rick Ross Net Worth$30,229,843

Rick Ross Net Worth from Albums: $13.4 Million

rick-ross-net-worthAlbums are the starting point of the Rick Ross net worth fortune. The rapper has earned over $13.4 million from sales of albums in the past decade. Ross’ first album Port of Miami hit the music scene in 2006 and earned the rapper $1.1 million. That’s thanks to his roughly 9% cut of the proceeds. Apparently 9% wasn’t quite enough for the star, who launched his own record label in 2009. That was a smart move for the rapper, who saw his per-album earnings share rise from that 9% figure to nearly 50% for every album he sold. That’s why his 2010 album Teflon Don earned him an estimated $3.1 million, despite doing only about half the sales volume of his debut album. Ross’ most recent albums have sold even less. 2014’s Hood Billionaire and 2015’s Black Market sold an estimated 100,000 copies each. That’s only about a tenth the volume of Port of Miami. Even so, Ross’ music producer status let him keep about half the revenue. That comes out to half a million each for both of those albums.

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Rick Ross Net Worth from Singles: $4.8 Million

33 singles add $4.8 million to the Rick Ross net worth sum. Six of those singles are RIAA certified, meaning they sold at least 500,000 copies each. Ross’ debut single Hustlin’ sold over a million copies to win the coveted RIAA Platinum certification. He repeated his success with the single The Boss in 2008, which also went Platinum. Ross received RIAA Gold certifications for his singles Here I Am, Aston Martin Music and The Devil is a Lie. 27 other Rick Ross singles received no RIAA certification. We estimated sales of those non-certified singles at 100,000 each.

Rick Ross Net Worth from Singles
SingleUnit SalesRevenue at $1.99 eachEstimated Earnings
Hustlin' (2006)1,140,000$2,268,600$181,488
The Boss (2008)1,140,000$2,268,600$181,488
Here I Am (2008)570,000$1,134,300$90,744
Aston Martin Music (2010)570,000$1,134,300$567,150
You the Boss (2011)570,000$1,134,300$567,150
The Devil Is a Lie (2013)570,000$1,134,300$567,150
Other singles (27 non-certified)2,700,000$5,373,000$2,686,500
Total Rick Ross Net Worth from Singles$4,841,670

Rick Ross Net Worth from Concerts: $13.6 Million

Concerts add an estimated $13.68 million to the Rick Ross net worth total. Ross’ concert tours aren’t on the same level as high profile world tours from artists like Drake or Beyonce. That means big statistics firms like Pollstar don’t estimate Ross’ concert earnings. An analysis of Ross’ concert schedule history from BandsInTown reveals the number of shows and the name of each concert venue. From 2008 through 2016, Ross performed in a total of 342 shows. His average concert attendance based on venue size and rough ticket sales estimates is 1,000. At a ticket price of $50 each and a percentage cut of 80%, Ross earned $720,000 from concerts in 2008. The table below shows Ross’ estimated concert earnings by year.

Rick Ross Net Worth from Concerts
YearNumber of ShowsRevenues @ $50 per ticketEstimated Earnings
Total Rick Ross Net Worth from Concerts$13,680,000

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Rick Ross Net Worth from Business: $15 Million

Business income of $15 million is the biggest part of the Rick Ross net worth figure. Ross is not a businessman on the level of a Jay Z or a Dr. Dre. That said, neither is he down on the level of a 50 Cent. Ross is a shrewd if not brilliant businessman who socks away his money in smart ventures guaranteed to show him a solid return. Of course the highest profile business deal Ross has hammered together to date is his ownership in the Wingstop chicken wing restaurant chain. Ross bought his first Wingstop franchise back in 2011. Since then, he has continued to expand his interest in the chain, buying his tenth Wingstop in Montgomery Alabama in August of 2016. Ross makes an estimated $2.5 million per year from the restaurants and $750,000 a year from other, smaller ventures. Those include his Belaire Rose Champagne brand and his Maybach Music Group record label.

Rick Ross Net Worth from Business Ventures
YearWingstop FranchisesOther Business VenturesTotal Earnings
Total Rick Ross Net Worth from Business Ventures$15,000,000

Rick Ross Net Worth from YouTube: $3.6 Million

As of 9/27/16, YouTube adds $3.6 million to the Rick Ross net worth numbers. Ross’ Vevo channel has 518,882,882 views. His own YouTube channel has nearly 37 million views. YouTube channels with high ad engagement earn roughly $7.60 per 1,000 views. If Ross keeps 85% of that money, he has made $3.35 million from Vevo and $280,000 from his own channel.

Rick Ross Net Worth from Youtube
Rick Ross ChannelViewsEarnings at $7.60 per 1,000Earnings
Rick Ross Vevo (85%)547,836,468$3,943,510$3,351,983
Rick Ross Own Channel36,871,052$280,220$280,220
Total Rick Ross Net Worth from Youtube$3,632,203

Ross also does a few endorsement deals, most notably his 1800 Tequila deal in 2009 and deals with Nike and Reebok in 2010-2013. Those deals have shunted an additional $4.3 million to the Rick Ross net worth total. Appearances in a handful of movies, TV shows, talk shows and singles by other artists have added about $2.6 million more.

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Rick Ross Net Worth Calculations

Taxes, expenses and investment income all have their say in the Rick Ross net worth calculations. Ross lives in Florida so he pays no state income tax at all. He still pays the highest federal income tax rate in the U.S. of 39.6%. That chops out $22.8 million, with expenses estimated at 15% taking another $8.6 million. All of Ross’ income sources are added up by year in the second column below. All adjustments for taxes, expenses and investments are folded into column three. Investments are figured at 6% per year added to net worth. They’re largely overwhelmed by the negatives of tax and expense. Finally, net worth by year is shown in the last column.

Rick Ross Net Worth Calculations
YearRick Ross Total EarningsAdjustments (Tax, Expense, Investment)Rick Ross Net Worth
Rick Ross Net Worth Totals$34,457,563-$15,330,835$30,229,843

If you liked reading about Rick Ross’ net worth, try this post about Kim Kardashian’s net worth or this one about Jay Z’s net worth. All Rick Ross net worth data in this article are based on our analysis of income streams, tax, expense and investment calculations, estimates and media reports and are provided here for entertainment purposes only.


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