Eminem Net Worth: $242 Million

Eminem’s net worth is $243 million as of 12/2/16. The Eminem net worth total comes from a wide mix of sources including album sales, concerts, acting, producing, endorsements, business deals and merchandise. Eminem is a hugely popular performer who has earned a total of $451 million since 1996, paying out $265 million of that money in taxes and expenses and making back $57 million from investments.

The biggest source of the star’s wealth is concerts, adding an eye-popping total of $210 million to the Eminem net worth figure. Jostling for second place are album sales of $69 million, endorsement deals worth an estimated $58 million and business deals like merchandise at $50 million. YouTube ad revenue from 6.6 billion views chips in a respectable $44 million. Other sources like acting, talk show appearances and producing add another few million total.

Eminem has had a long and legendary career. Still adding a salary of about $20 million a year, his net worth is destined to keep climbing for decades to come.

Eminem Net Worth Facts

Eminem Net Worth Facts
Eminem Net Worth$245,715,320
Eminem net worth vs Justin Timberlake net worth28% bigger
Eminem net worth vs Kanye West net worth4 times bigger
Eminem net worth vs 50 Cent net worth20% smaller
Eminem net worth vs Lil Wayne net worth4 times bigger
Eminem net worth vs Rihanna net worth16% smaller
Eminem net worth vs Justin Bieber net worth10% bigger
Eminem net worth vs Chris Rock net worth3 times bigger
Eminem net worth vs Barack Obama net worth71 times bigger
Eminem net worth vs typical American family net worth3,565 times bigger

Eminem Net WorthThe Eminem net worth number of $242 million is 28% bigger than Justin Timberlake’s net worth of $175 million. It’s four times bigger than Kanye West’s net worth of $66 million and 20% smaller than 50 Cent’s stockpile of $291 million. Lil Wayne has an estimated net worth of $62 million. that’s 1/4th the size of Eminem’s net worth. Eminem has done some songs and tours with megastar Rihanna. How do their respective net worths compare? Rihanna has $281 million to Eminem’s $242 million. That puts her at 16% richer than Eminem. Justin Bieber has $219 million. That means Eminem has 10% more wealth than the Belieber-in-Chief. Chris Rock’s net worth of $70 million is 1/3rd the size of Eminem’s, and the real Shady has 71 times more net worth than the President of the United States, Barack Obama. Finally, the typical American family has $68,000 saved. That makes Eminem 3,565 more wealthy.

Eminem Net Worth in the News

Eminem BrickHow about an authentic brick from Eminem’s childhood home? Would you like to buy one? Well, you can’t. They sold out by 5/26/16 at $313 each, with MMLP cassette included. At 700 bricks, the house must have been quite small, but also the offer netted Eminem $219,000. Minus the cost of the plexiglass case and the portion donated to charity, the sales gimmick probably didn’t make the rapper that much richer. In fact the biggest purpose of the offering was probably publicity. Blog posts and news stories get fans thinking about an artist, and thinking gets them buying.

Eminem net worth timeline

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Eminem Net Worth Timeline

Eminem Net Worth by Year
Eminem net worth 1998$138,302
Eminem net worth 1999$3,063,584
Eminem net worth 2000$22,927,270
Eminem net worth 2001$27,315,330
Eminem net worth 2002$38,364,822
Eminem net worth 2003$44,805,087
Eminem net worth 2004$55,057,792
Eminem net worth 2005$63,006,893
Eminem net worth 2006$70,955,579
Eminem net worth 2007$79,245,205
Eminem net worth 2008$87,814,108
Eminem net worth 2009$100,944,260
Eminem net worth 2010$131,541,684
Eminem net worth 2011$154,324,316
Eminem net worth 2012$177,298,022
Eminem net worth 2013$193,629,406
Eminem net worth 2014$216,336,167
Eminem net worth 2015$232,112,869
Eminem net worth 2016$245,715,320

Eminem net worth through timeIn the years from ’96 through ’98, the Eminem net worth rocket struggled to take off. In ’96 the rapper released his first album, Infinite. The record sold only about 1,000 copies, barely bringing in $11,000. It wasn’t until ’99 that The Slim Shady LP put the rapper on the map for good with sales of 4.5 million units and total revenue of $50 million. Eminem’s estimated 11% of that worked out to $5.5 million. Sales of singles from the album put nearly another $2 million in the young star’s pocket, but the real riches came a year later in the form of $27 million in Eminem earnings from the Up in Smoke tour headlined by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. That tour took in $160 million all together, of which Eminem kept an estimated 17%. Many stars who meet with an initial success like that rest on their laurels, but not Marshall Mathers. The 27 year old went on to release two diamond albums and four albums that went multiple platinum, along with 21 hit singles, six more concert tours, a TV and movie production business and brand endorsement deals worth tens of millions.

Eminem Net Worth Sources: Music, Acting, Business

Eminem net worth sourcesWhere does the Eminem net worth fortune come from? Primarily from raw talent and hard work that translated into massive success in the music world. $69 million from albums and $15 million from singles served as a springboard to an impressive series of concert tours that earned the rapper $210 million from 2000 through 2014. Naturally with great fame comes great paychecks from companies hoping stars will sell their goods. Based on that idea, Eminem landed product endorsement deals to the tune of $58 million between 2001 and 2016. The star capitalized on his fame some, dabbling in acting, movie production and business deals. For example, he starred in the 2002 movie 8 Mile and started the Fat Eminem Burger chain of restaurants. He launched his own vodka and even his own fashion line. All in all, Shady has made $112 million from pursuits that aren’t directly related to his music.

Eminem Net Worth Sources
Eminem Albums$69,437,603
Eminem Acting Roles$1,057,188
Total Eminem Earnings$458,026,033
Eminem Salary (average)$21,810,763
Eminem Salary 2016$14,052,414
Investments (6% of Eminem net worth per year)$57,237,607
Eminem Net Worth$245,715,320

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Eminem Net Worth from Albums

Eminem Net Worth AlbumsVery few stars sell as many albums as Eminem. Album sales have added $69 million to the Eminem net worth figures. Though his first album in 1996 was an unqualified flop, 1999’s The Slim Shady LP went four times platinum and brought in $50 million from fans. Since Eminem writes his own music, he kept an estimated 11.1% of that money, adding up to $5.56 million as the table below shows. Not content to bask in that success, Mathers went on to release The Marshall Mathers LP one year later. That album went RIAA Diamond, which means it sold over ten million copies in the U.S. alone. Basically, the star had managed to catch lightning in a bottle. As amazing as that was, he repeated the performance with 2002’s The Eminem Show, taking that album Diamond also. It’s true his sales began to dwindle after that, but the vast majority of performers would give their vocal cords for a failure like Eminem’s 2013 The Marshall Mathers LP 2, which went double platinum, selling 2.28 million copies.

Eminem Net Worth from Albums
Eminem AlbumsUnit Sales (U.S.)Revenue at $10.99 EachEminem Earnings at 11.1%
Infinite (1996)1,000$10,990$1,220
The Slim Shady LP (1999)4,560,000$50,114,400$5,562,698
The Marshall Mathers LP (2000)11,400,000$125,286,000$13,906,746
The Eminem Show (2002)11,400,000$125,286,000$13,906,746
Encore (2004)5,700,000$62,643,000$6,953,373
Relapse (2009)2,280,000$25,057,200$2,781,349
Recovery (2010)3,420,000$37,585,800$4,172,024
The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (2013)2,280,000$25,057,200$2,781,349
Other Albums (extended plays, compilation albums, box sets)15,880,200$174,523,398$19,372,097
Total Eminem Net Worth from Albums$69,437,603

Eminem Net Worth from Singles

Eminem has sold 58 million singles as lead artist. That’s more than the number of albums he has sold. That said, singles add a smaller $15 million to the Eminem net worth total because they sell for only about 10% of the price of a full album. Eminem’s top selling single was 2010’s Love the Way You Lie featuring Rihanna. That song went Diamond, selling over 12 million units and putting $2.8 million in Eminem’s bank account. Other notables are Not Afraid with over 11 million copies sold and Lose Yourself, which brought in $11.3 million in total sales.

Eminem Earnings from Singles
Eminem Single TitleUnits SoldRevenue at $1.99 eachEminem Earnings (11.1%)
My Name Is3,420,000$6,805,800$755,444
Guilty Conscience2,280,000$4,537,200$503,629
The Real Slim Shady684,000$1,361,160$151,089
The Way I Am228,000$453,720$50,363
Without Me570,000$1,134,300$125,907
Lose Yourself5,700,000$11,343,000$1,259,073
Sing for the Moment1,140,000$2,268,600$251,815
Just Lose It570,000$1,134,300$125,907
Like Toy Soldiers570,000$1,134,300$125,907
Crack a Bottle2,280,000$4,537,200$503,629
We Made You3,420,000$6,805,800$755,444
Not Afraid11,400,000$22,686,000$2,518,146
Love the Way You Lie12,540,000$24,954,600$2,769,961
No Love1,140,000$2,268,600$251,815
Space Bound570,000$1,134,300$125,907
Rap God3,420,000$6,805,800$755,444
The Monster3,420,000$6,805,800$755,444
Other Singles (24 non certified)2,400,000$4,776,000$530,136
Singles Featuring Eminem (3 with certificates, 15 without, 3.3% cut)11,760,000$23,402,400$2,597,666
Total Eminem Earnings from Singles$15,466,718

Eminem Net Worth from Concerts

Concerts are always a big draw for top performers. The Eminem net worth haul from concerts comes to a gargantuan $210 million. The Anger Management tour from 2000 through 2005 took in nearly half a billion at the worldwide box office. Even though Eminem only kept an estimated 17% of that money, he still cleared over $81 million. The table below shows the total take from every Eminem tour. Eminem’s percentages are figured based on whether he was headlining and how many other performers he had to split the money with. The Recovery Tour from 2010 to 2012 earned $80 million in ticket sales. Since Eminem headlined that tour, he kept 85%, amounting to a very healthy $68 million payday for the rapper.

Eminem Net Worth from Concerts
Eminem Concert Tour NameRevenues @ $50 per ticketEminem %Eminem Earnings
Up in Smoke Tour (2000)$160,000,00017%$27,200,000
Anger Management Tour (2000 - 2005)$480,000,00017%$81,600,000
The Recovery Tour (2010 - 2012)$80,000,00085%$68,000,000
The Home & Home Tour (2010) (w/ Jay-Z)$31,000,00043%$13,175,000
Lose Yourself Tour (2011)$1,500,00085%$1,275,000
The Monster Tour (2014) (w/ Rihanna)$36,000,00043%$15,300,000
Rapture Tour (2014)$4,000,00085%$3,400,000
Total Eminem Net Worth from Concerts$209,950,000

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Eminem Net Worth from YouTube

YouTube is increasingly a big source of earnings for a music star like Eminem. The venue brings in solid earnings even after a star stops recording new music and stops giving tours. Eminem has 7.66 billion YouTube views as of 12/2/16. To put that in perspective, that’s about half of the most popular channel on YouTube, owned by millionaire YouTuber PewDiePie. Marketing experts estimate YouTube pays about $7.60 in ad revenue for every 1,000 views. At that rate, ad revenue of $51.3 million pumps up the Eminem net worth total, as the table below shows.

Eminem Net Worth from Youtube
Eminem ChannelViewsEarnings at $7.60 per 1,000Eminem Earnings
Eminem Vevo (85% cut)7,668,248,875$58,278,691$49,536,888
Eminem Own Channel233,899,572$1,777,637$1,777,637
Total Eminem Net Worth from YouTube$51,314,524

Eminem Net Worth from Business

Most celebrities who make millions at least dabble in the business world. Eminem is no exception. To date, Mathers owns the Shady Records music production label and several other businesses. These include the Fat Eminem Burger chain and a brand of vodka called Pure Wondereminem. There’s also a perfume called With Love from Eminem and a fashion line called Eminem Seduction. The star has several other businesses, with estimates of business income adding up to $50 million in the years from 2001 through 2016.

Other Eminem Net Worth Sources: Producing, Acting, Appearances

Eminem Net Worth otherIt could be said that Eminem dabbles in other lines of business, though his dabbling would be success to any average human. Since 2000, he’s earned roughly $2 million just for appearing as himself hundreds of times on talk shows, news shows and other TV venues. He has also taken in $800,000 from his own TV and movie production business. That business has produced the documentaries 50 Cent: The New Breed and Eminem: Live from New York City as well as other documentaries, TV movies and a TV series. Eminem has even taken a turn at acting, appearing in four films, two TV shows and a video game. His most lucrative role was in 2002’s 8 Mile, as the table below shows. The Eminem net worth story owes just over a million to acting.

Eminem Net Worth From Acting
YearActing RoleRole TypeEminem Earnigns
2001The WashMovie$100,000
20028 MileMovie$637,188
2004Crank Yankers TV Series$10,000
200550 Cent: Bulletproof Video Game$100,000
2009Funny PeopleMovie$100,000
2010Entourage TV Series$10,000
2014The InterviewMovie$100,000
Total Eminem Net Worth From Acting$1,057,188

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Eminem Net Worth Calculations

Eminem’s earnings by year are listed in the table below. Since he lives in Michigan, he pays the state’s top tax rate of 4.25%. That low, considering most wealthy Californians pay up to 13.3% per year. However, added to the top U.S. tax bracket of 39.6%, it gives Mathers a steep total tax of 43.85%. Over the years, that adds up to $198 million in taxes. Expenses take their toll as well. Costs like concert production, staff, agent fees and other money takes an estimated 15% slice out of the Eminem net worth pie. That stacks up to $68 million since 1996. Luckily for Eminem, investments figured at a conservative 6% of net worth every year add back a total of $57 million.

Eminem Net Worth Calculations
YearTotal Eminem EarningsTaxesExpenses (15%)InvestmentsEminem Net Worth
Eminem Net Worth Totals$458,026,033$200,844,415$68,703,905$57,237,607

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All Eminem net worth data in this article are based on a deep analysis of income streams, sales figures, media reports and other sources and are provided here for entertainment purposes only.