Conor McGregor Earnings and Net Worth

The Conor McGregor net worth sum of $8.3 million comes partly from his $1.5 million win against Nate Diaz in UFC 202, though taxes took almost half of that. McGregor’s top Ireland tax rate of 40% leaves him a lot better off than most Americans, but even so his total career earnings of $18.2 million  loses nearly $10 million to taxes and expenses. McGregor has fought in the MMA world since 2007 and the UFC since 2013. Even so, it wasn’t until 2015’s UFC 189 that the fighter finally saw his first huge payday with $550,000 in prize money and $1.5 million in Pay Per View (PPV) earnings. In the 13 months since then, McGregor has enjoyed three more fat payouts of over $1.5 million each. Those four fights in UFC 189, 194, 196 and 202 account for 95% of McGregor’s total wealth.

Conor McGregor Prize Money and Earnings

Prizes and Bonuses
PPV Money
2/17/2007Conor McGregor vs Ciaran CampbellROT - Ring of Truth 6Win$2,000$0$0
3/8/2008Conor McGregor vs Gary MorrisCOT 2 - Cage of TruthWin$2,000$0$0
5/3/2008Conor McGregor vs Mo TaylorCage Rage - Contenders: Ireland vs. BelgiumWin$3,000$0$0
6/28/2008Conor McGregor vs Artemij SitenkovCOT 3 - Cage of TruthLoss$2,000$0$0
12/12/2008Conor McGregor vs Stephen BaileyK.O. - The Fight Before Christmas 1Win$3,000$0$0
10/9/2010Conor McGregor vs Connor DillonCFC - Chaos Fighting Championships 7Win$4,000$0$0
11/27/2010Conor McGregor vs Joseph DuffyCWFC 39 - The UprisingLoss$2,000$0$0
2/12/2011Conor McGregor vs Hugh BradyCFC - Chaos Fighting Championships 8Win$3,000$0$0
3/12/2011Conor McGregor vs Mike WoodCC 8 - Fields vs. RedmondWin$5,000$0$0
4/16/2011Conor McGregor vs Paddy DohertyIFC - Immortal Fighting Championship 4Win$5,000$0$0
6/11/2011Conor McGregor vs Artur SowinskiCG 2 - Clash of the GiantsWin$10,000$0$0
9/8/2011Conor McGregor vs Aaron JahnsenCWFC - Fight Night 2Win$10,000$0$0
2/18/2012Conor McGregor vs Steve O'KeefeCWFC 45 - Cage Warriors Fighting Championship 45Win$20,000$0$0
6/2/2012Conor McGregor vs Dave HillCWFC 47 - Cage Warriors Fighting Championship 47Win$20,000$0$0
12/31/2012Conor McGregor vs Ivan BuchingerCWFC 51 - Cage Warriors Fighting Championship 51Win$20,000$0$0
4/6/2013Conor McGregor vs Marcus BrimageUFC on Fuel TV 9 - Mousasi vs. LatifiWin$76,000$0$0
8/17/2013Conor McGregor vs Max HollowayUFC Fight Night 26 - Shogun vs. SonnenWin$24,000$0$0
7/19/2014Conor McGregor vs Diego BrandaoUFC Fight Night 46 - McGregor vs. BrandaoWin$82,000$0$0
9/27/2014Conor McGregor vs Dustin PoirierUFC 178 - Johnson vs. CariasoWin$200,000$307,500$0
1/18/2015Conor McGregor vs Dennis SiverUFC Fight Night 59 - McGregor vs. SiverWin$220,000$0$0
7/11/2015Conor McGregor vs Chad MendesUFC 189 - Mendes vs. McGregorWin$550,000$1,500,000$30,000
12/12/2015Conor McGregor vs Jose AldoUFC 194 - Aldo vs. McGregorWin$550,000$1,800,000$40,000
3/5/2016Conor McGregor vs Nate DiazUFC 196 - Diaz vs. McGregorLoss$1,050,000$2,250,000$40,000
8/20/2016Conor McGregor vs Nate DiazUFC 202 - Diaz vs. McGregor 2Win$3,050,000$2,250,000$40,000

The table above shows how prize money and bonuses affect the Conor McGregor net worth figures. It’s true that McGregor entered the MMA world back in 2007 and has fought professionally since 2008, but surprisingly the fighter made very little money from that pursuit until 2014. In the seven years from 2007 through 2013, McGregor made as little as $2,000 to $20,000 per fight in prize money and bonuses. While not exactly iguana feed, at one to five fights per year it simply wasn’t enough to live on. McGregor’s finances began to improve in 2012 with three fights at $20,000 each. In 2013 the fighter had total earned income of $100,000 from his first two fights in the UFC. That was his best year yet, but it was nothing compared to the income explosion he was about to unleash. In 2014 McGregor beat down a bruising $700,000 from UFC Fight Night 46 and UFC 178. While impressive, Those performances were beaten into submission by three UFC appearances in 2015 that added up to over $4.4 million in earnings. That breakout year was made possible by a percentage of PPV buys reported at 3% of the total PPV take for each fight. McGregor has earned $5.9 million in prizes and bonuses plus $8.1 million in PPV money for a career total income of over $14 million from fighting.

Conor McGregor Net Worth Timeline

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Conor McGregor Net Worth by Year

Conor McGregor Net Worth by Year
Conor McGregor net worth 2012$51,540
Conor McGregor net worth 2013$98,396
Conor McGregor net worth 2014$367,213
Conor McGregor net worth 2015$3,390,933
Conor McGregor net worth 2016$8,319,006

The table above shows the Conor McGregor net worth numbers by year. We didn’t list the figures for 2007-2011 because there was no significant wealth accumulation from fighting in that time period. That’s because McGregor hadn’t yet entered the UFC. Once he made the switch from Cage Warriors to the UFC, things changed. McGregor was then open to much higher prize money of anywhere from $76,000 to $3 million per bout, as opposed to the $2,000 to $20,000 per bout he’d earned previously. He was also able to snag a meaty 3% of the PPV take, which gave him $1.5 million to $2.25 million per fight in additional income in 2015 and 2016. Those increased prize money purses and fat PPV shares made the sharp climb possible in the graph above. That climb will most likely continue as McGregor keeps fighting and keeps earning. Maybe the biggest factor in his future net worth growth though is endorsements. A Google Trends search of McGregor shows interest in the fighter spiking among the general population. When that happens, start looking for lucrative endorsement deals on the horizon. We talk a little more about McGregor’s current and future endorsements further down.

Conor McGregor Net Worth Facts

Conor McGregor Net Worth Facts
Conor McGregor net worth$8,319,006
Conor McGregor net worth vs Miesha Tate net worth4 times bigger
Conor McGregor net worth vs Holly Holm net worth3 times bigger
Conor McGregor net worth vs Dana White net worth37 times smaller
Conor McGregor net worth vs Floyd Mayweather net worth49 times smaller
Conor McGregor net worth vs Stephen Curry net worth4 times smaller
Conor McGregor net worth vs Kim Kardashian net worth18 times smaller
Conor McGregor net worth vs Jay Z net worth67 times smaller
Conor McGregor net worth vs Bill Gates net worth9617 times smaller
Conor McGregor net worth vs typical American family net worth123 times bigger

The Conor McGregor net worth sum of $8.3 million puts him above most other UFC fighters but a lot lower than many other celebrities. McGregor has four times more money than Miesha Tate at $2.3 million and three times more than Holly Holm at $3.5 million. He has only about 1/37th as much money as UFC frontman and former owner Dana White at $300.8 million and 1/49th as much as Floyd Mayweather’s $403 million. Looking outside the world of boxing, NBA star Stephen Curry has four times more wealth than McGregor with $27 million. Selfie star Kim Kardashian has 18 times more net worth with $149 million and musician and businessman Jay Z has 67 times more with $552 million. How does McGregor stack up against the richest man in the world? Bill Gates has 9,617 times more money than the fighter with $80 billion. Don’t feel too bad for McGregor though. If you’re like the typical American, Conor McGregor has 123 times more money than you.

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Endorsements and Conor McGregor Net Worth

Conor McGregor Net WorthMcGregor has made $4 million so far from endorsement deals. Endorsements are typically the biggest earner for most celebrities. Golf stars like Tiger Woods frequently make far more from endorsements than from prize money and bonuses. Even NBA stars like LeBron James can make more money from brand endorsements than from salary. In the Conor McGregor net worth story, endorsement deals play a somewhat smaller role so far. This is to be expected for two reasons. The first is that the MMA world, while growing, still doesn’t stack up to other sports like basketball or football in terms of popularity. A typical NFL game for example will draw between 10 million and 20 million viewers, while a huge UFC event will score about 1 million PPV buys. While it’s true that a buy is a lot different than a casual view on commercial TV, even free UFC events get around three million viewers. What this means for endorsements is that the MMA doesn’t draw the big endorsement deals that other sports do. That said, Conor McGregor is showing signs of being a breakout celebrity. He’s somewhat bigger than the sport and he’s starting to draw bigger deals than one might expect. The second reason the fighter doesn’t see gigantic endorsement deals is his relative newness. McGregor has only been famous since 2015. It usually takes about a year for a celebrity to start seeing big money from endorsement contracts. McGregor should start seeing that money flowing in any time now, but it hasn’t quite hit yet. Below is a list of companies the star has inked contracts with:

  • Fanatics
  • Monster Energy
  • Reebok
  • Bud Light
  • Rolls Royce
  • Electronic Arts

Conor McGregor Net Worth Adjustments

Taxes, expenses and investments all have their say before the Conor McGregor net worth math is complete. The table below shows all McGregor’s earnings from prizes, bonuses, PPV money and endorsements in one column. Another column adds up taxes, expenses and investments. Taxes are figured at Ireland’s top rate of 40%. Agent fees, training fees, staff, cost of living and other expenses are figured at 15% of income. Investments are calculated at a conservative rate of 6% of net worth per year. Since McGregor hasn’t been rich for very long, he has only about $287,000 in investment earnings. That’s not enough to overwhelm the millions in tax and expense deductions.

Conor McGregor Net Worth Calculations
YearConor McGregor Total EarningsAdjustments (Tax, Expense, Investment)Conor McGregor Net Worth
Conor McGregor Net Worth Totals$18,119,500-$9,824,181$8,319,006

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