Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

As of 12/23/16, he Floyd Mayweather net worth total of $403 million comes primarily from boxing. The star’s history of domestic violence has kept endorsement earnings low. Mayweather was convicted of spousal abuse in 2011 and has pled guilty twice before to domestic violence charges. Were it not for that criminal record, he would probably be worth close to a billion. That estimate is based on comparisons to MoneyNation analyses of dozens of other celebrities.

Even without the fat endorsement contracts, Mayweather is the richest boxer in the history of the world. He has earned an earth-shaking $729 million from boxing in his lifetime per our data, plus close to another $100 million from merchandise royalties and other income streams. Even though he lives in tax free Las Vegas, U.S. income taxes have still taken a $328 million sized bite out of the Floyd Mayweather net worth pie. The star’s lavish spending habits have eaten up another $149 million or an annual average of $5 million, reaching as high as $50 million in some years.

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth Facts

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth Facts
Floyd Mayweather Net Worth$403,346,956
Floyd Mayweather net worth vs Muhammad Ali net worth5 times bigger
Floyd Mayweather net worth vs Mike Tyson net worth134 times bigger
Floyd Mayweather net worth vs George Foreman net worth40% bigger
Floyd Mayweather net worth vs Evander Holyfield net worth403 times bigger
Floyd Mayweather net worth vs Sugar Ray Leonard net worth3 times bigger
Floyd Mayweather net worth vs Ronda Rousey net worth112 times bigger
Floyd Mayweather net worth vs Hillary Clinton net worth13 times bigger
Floyd Mayweather net worth vs Donald Trump net worth1/13th as big
Floyd Mayweather net worth vs typical American family net worth5,931 times bigger

Extreme spending habits aside, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is still the richest boxer on the planet. Pick any other boxer and it’s a safe bet he won’t beat the Floyd Mayweather net worth record. Muhammad Ali may be the greatest fighter of all time, but his $80 million net worth is only about a fifth the size of Mayweather’s. Mike Tyson may have gone undefeated for 37 straight fights and amassed a fortune of over $300 million, but reports indicate that he has squandered that money and now only has $1 million of it left. George Foreman’s electric grill business was a thunderous success, but even his $250 million savings is still 40% less than the Floyd Mayweather net worth sum. Most online reports say Evander Holyfield has only $1 million to his name. Though this seems unlikely given his longtime world champ status, it’s nearly certain he doesn’t have as much net worth as Mayweather. Mayweather’s net worth is three times bigger than Sugar Ray’s $120 million and 112 times bigger than Ronda Rousey’s $3.6 million. Mayweather has 13 times more net worth than Hillary Clinton and 13 times less than Donald Trump. Finally, he’s nearly 6,000 times richer than the typical American family.

As of 12/13/16, there will be no fight between Mayweather and Conor McGregor. That’s according to UFC boss Dana White. No worries for Floyd, as he tweeted on June 13th that he made $94,000 in 24 minutes by betting on the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals.

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth Timeline

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth through Time

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth by Year
Floyd Mayweather net worth 1996$42,400
Floyd Mayweather net worth 1997$86,337
Floyd Mayweather net worth 1998$131,865
Floyd Mayweather net worth 1999$179,044
Floyd Mayweather net worth 2000$673,133
Floyd Mayweather net worth 2001$3,038,007
Floyd Mayweather net worth 2002$5,391,064
Floyd Mayweather net worth 2003$8,444,802
Floyd Mayweather net worth 2004$10,243,928
Floyd Mayweather net worth 2005$15,765,253
Floyd Mayweather net worth 2006$23,437,072
Floyd Mayweather net worth 2007$48,739,117
Floyd Mayweather net worth 2008$52,019,708
Floyd Mayweather net worth 2009$66,337,188
Floyd Mayweather net worth 2010$88,275,534
Floyd Mayweather net worth 2011$111,008,925
Floyd Mayweather net worth 2012$137,004,174
Floyd Mayweather net worth 2013$204,412,291
Floyd Mayweather net worth 2014$263,048,478
Floyd Mayweather net worth 2015$389,211,641
Floyd Mayweather net worth 2016$403,346,956

The table and chart above offer an exhaustive look at the growth of the Floyd Mayweather net worth fortune over time. The boxer earned over $100 million a year from boxing in 2013 and 2014, then earned a record-breaking $252 million in 2015 for just two fights. Those stats account for the steepness of the net worth line in the chart during those years. Mayweather isn’t just a fighter, but also handled the promotion and TV production of his fights. His merchandise earnings continue to skyrocket in more recent years through his The Money Team clothing business. Perhaps the most astounding fact about his high net worth is that it could be nearly double what it is today if big brands like Nike, Coke and Under Armour found him more warm and cuddly. Mayweather’s criminal record has ensured those cash-fat companies shun him, cutting him off from a big source of earnings many celebs take for granted. The chart below shows how the fighter’s net worth breaks down by category.

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth Sources

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth Sources: BOXING

Floyd Mayweather Net WorthAs the chart above shows, by far the biggest source of the Floyd Mayweather net worth figure is boxing. That’s not to say that boxing is Mayweather’s only talent. A big part of his boxing earnings came from his promotion and production of his fights. Also, he has shown a sharp business acumen by launching his own clothing line that’s earning him millions in merchandise sales every year. That said, none of those earnings avenues would have opened up if not for Mayweather’s status as world champion and an undefeated fighter for nearly 20 years. Fully 88% of all Mayweather’s money comes from fighting, from promoting fights and from executive producing TV coverage of his fights. That’s $729.6 million earned from all aspects of boxing since 1996. Another $91 million comes from sales of merchandise. That would be a massive fortune in anyone else’s life, but to Mayweather it’s just 11% of his total earnings, contributing about $40 million after tax to the Floyd Mayweather net worth amount. Appearances add another $4.6 million or 1%, while endorsement deals chip in less than a percent at $3.6 million. The table below shows how all those earnings sources add up to $829 million total, then how taxes and expenses chop that back down to a net worth figure of $403 million.

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth Sources
Total Floyd Mayweather Earnings$829,280,000
Floyd Mayweather Salary (average)$39,489,524
Floyd Mayweather Salary 2015$275,071,429
Floyd Mayweather Net Worth$403,346,956

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To take a deeper look at boxing, see the table below. In it, we’ve done a full analysis of every one of Mayweather’s fights by earnings. In all, the boxer fought in 49 professional fights spread out over 19 years. We got our fight payout figures mostly from BoxRec.com. Mayweather’s earnings from promotions such as gate receipts, fight sponsorships and TV deals are folded into the amounts in the table. The discrepancy between Mayweather’s earnings and his opponents’ earnings is frankly staggering. Mayweather took the welterweight title in 2006. From then on, his earnings per year skyrocketed past the $50 million mark, stepping up over $100 million in 2013 and 2014 and then doubling even that in 2015.

Estimated Earnings
1996 - 2 fights$100,000
1997 - 10 fights$100,000
1998 - 7 fights$100,000
1999 - 3 fights$100,000
2000 - 2 fights$1,000,000
2001 - 3 fights$4,800,000
2002 - 2 fights$4,600,000
2003 - 2 fights$5,800,000
2004 - 1 fights$3,000,000
2005 - 3 fights$10,500,000
2006 - 2 fights$14,500,000
2007 - 2 fights$50,000,000
2008 - 0 fights$0
2009 - 1 fights$25,000,000
2010 - 1 fights$40,000,000
2011 - 1 fights$40,000,000
2012 - 1 fights$45,000,000
2013 - 2 fights$128,000,000
2014 - 2 fights$105,000,000
2015 - 2 fights$252,000,000
2016 - 0 fights$0
Total Floyd Mayweather Net Worth from Boxing Winnings$729,600,000

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Floyd Mayweather Net Worth from Merchandise

The Floyd Mayweather net worth tally gets an 11% kick from sales of merchandise. From 2000 through 2015, that represented a small but growing percent of the boxer’s total income. By 2015 those earnings had grown to a respectable $20 million per year. Now that the legendary fighter’s boxing career seems to be winding down, his merchandise earnings may well become a key revenue stream for him. Mayweather originally started his company The Money Team in 2012 to promote his fights. Between then and 2015, the company opened up a side business to sell men’s and women’s t-shirts, hats, hoodies and accessories. Mayweather occasionally tweets in support of the business.

Floyd Mayweather Endorsement Deals: Why so Few?

Floyd Mayweather net worth dataA grand total of $3.6 million from endorsements contributes to the Floyd Mayweather net worth total. That’s extremely low for someone as popular as Mayweather. Other athletes in his fame class can make as much as $50 million a year from endorsement deals. For example, Tiger Woods made an estimated $48.5 million from endorsements in 2015. Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo made $37.5 million from endorsements in one year. Stars like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant can earn $25 million a year from brand endorsements. Musicians like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift can and do routinely make $10 million a year or more from pushing products. That’s why it’s so shocking that Mayweather has only managed to pull down about $184,000 a year from brand endorsements. The reason in a nutshell is almost certainly very simple. Big companies want their brands endorsed by celebrities who make people feel good. They tend to run from anyone convicted of assaulting a domestic partner. Mayweather has three such convictions to his name, plus a lawsuit that was dismissed, possibly because of an out-of-court settlement. If comparisons to other athletes hold up, Mayweather could easily have earned as much out of the ring from endorsements as he did inside the ring. If that had been the case, he could have earned a total of $1.6 billion in his lifetime. After taxes and expenses, the Floyd Mayweather net worth sum could now measure over $800 million.

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth from Endorsements
Company / ProductEstimated Earnings
Burger King$1,000,000
Total Floyd Mayweather Net Worth from Endorsements$3,500,000

There aren’t many other sources for the Floyd Mayweather net worth fortune. The star has earned a total of about $4.6 million for live appearances and appearances on talk shows and news shows.

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Floyd Mayweather Net Worth Calculations

Floyd Mayweather has earned $829 million total in his lifetime. Since he lives in Vegas, there’s no state tax component taken out of that amount. There is however still the top tax bracket in the U.S. at 39.6%. Added up since 1996, that sucks $328 million from the Floyd Mayweather net worth tank. Expenses for boxing agents, trainers, staff and other fees also take their toll, but it’s the boxer’s notoriously excessive spending habits that make us up our expense estimate for him to 18%. That’s 18% of earnings every year expended. That’s an average of $5 million per year since 1996, though in some years the total jumps to spending of up to $49 million in a single year. A tax calculation adds 6% to the fighter’s net worth per year for a total of $52 million from investments.

If you enjoyed reading about Floyd Mayweather’s net worth, check out our other articles on Tiger Woods’ net worth, LeBron James’ net worth, Steph Curry’s net worth and Donald Trump’s net worth. All Floyd Mayweather net worth numbers in this post are based on media reports, published figures, estimates and a deep analysis of income streams and adjustments. The data are provided here for entertainment purposes only.


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