Make Extra Money with these 6 Video Game Jobs

Video games are a fun way to pass the time, but did you know they were also a way to generate cash? Gaming is such an important part of our society, that it offers lots of opportunities to make extra money. Jobs in the video game industry can range from minimum wage to $80K a year. Here are the top ways to earn while you play!

1. Video Game Phone Support Rep

make extra money with video games

Many gaming companies hire customer service reps to work from the company office or in the rep’s home to help gamers. Job duties can include the following:

  • Helping customers with billing and subscriptions
  • Technical support with product errors, glitches, and software updates
  • Gaming walk-throughs and play tips

What experience do you need? This is an entry level position, so it usually requires some previous customer service experience. For at-home reps, you will need to provide your own computer, equipment, and internet service.
What does it pay? These customer service positions pay between $8 and $9 an hour. In additional, they often provide the potential to work full-time with benefits!

Where do you apply? There are many customer service from home companies that occasionally offer gaming positions. Cloudsource is one such company. Check their listings weekly to see when this position is offered. You can also follow them on Twitter.

2. Video Game Social Media Rep

make extra money video game support rep

Gamers live online, connected to their social media accounts and discussing game play. As a video game social media manager, you’ll work for some of the top video game companies, monitoring social media for customer complaints, security threats, and opportunities to give back to the gamer community. You can make extra money with a social media job interacting online via Interact on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.
What experience do you need? For the higher-level social media management positions, you’ll need extensive online marketing experience. A degree may be needed.

What does it pay? Social media mangers and reps usually get a salary starting at $25,000 a year or more. It is not uncommon for even the work-from-home social media professionals to earn well over $50,000 plus benefits.

Where do you apply? Social media manager jobs are everywhere, but MediaBistro has some of the best listings. You might also want to try searching Facebook for groups of Social Media Managers who share job leads.

3. Video Game Chat and Forum Moderator

make extra money social media manager

Anywhere gamers hang out, there will need to be someone helpful around. Chat and forum moderators provide customer service for the company they represent on variety of platforms. This job often requires you to work overnight or weekend hours. Gamers never take a break!

What experience do you need? The chat moderation reps are more entry-level. Therefore, they require a good command of the English language, the ability to type quickly, and knowledge of the games being discussed.

What does it pay? Most companies pay their chat reps between $9 and $12 an hour. Overnight and bilingual work gets more money.

Where do you apply? Two of the largest moderation companies are ModSquad and eModeration. Both have represented gaming clients in the past.

4. Video Game Tester

make extra money video games

Unfortunately, this highly-coveted job doesn’t come around very often. Most video games are beta tested for free by the gamers themselves. If you have skills with programming or writing documentation, you may have the chance to be hired as a video game quality assurance tester. This, however, is a legitimate career that includes a lot of hard work. Tester jobs are never done at-home, and you must be able to master the art of writing a bug report.

What experience do you need?  Companies prefer gamers with hundreds of hours of video game play. You must be articulate and detail-oriented. Some companies require their testers to have a degree in video game technology or engineering, as well.

What does it pay? Generally, testers get a salary similar to other jobs in the tech field.

Where do you apply? These types of jobs are not usually advertised to the public, but staffing firms have been known to offer them to the public. Volt currently lists several “QA” jobs in the gaming and mobile app industry on their website.

5. Video Game Merchandising Jobs

make extra money with video games

Not surprisingly, the world of retail couldn’t run without merchandisers. They set up displays, make sure shelves are updated and stocked, and often do in-store events surrounding new game releases. If you’ve never worked in merchandising, it’s easy to get into. You’ll want to try a few of the less-popular types of jobs before applying for merchandising positions specific to video games.

What experience do you need? Fortunately, previous merchandising or retails sales jobs will help your chances. For the most part, however, this is an entry-level position.

What does it pay? Merchandisers, in general, make between $9-12 an hour. You are an independent contractor. Reimbursed for fuel or travel mileage is also provided.

Where do you apply? Each individual merchandising company will have their own site for job listings, but most major hiring firms advertise on Just put “video game” or “gaming” in the keyword search field, or sort by your local area to see which jobs you can apply for.

6. Video Game Brand Ambassador

make extra moneyThis might be one of the most enjoyable of all the video game jobs. Ambassadors, also known as street team members, perform various assignments related to building buzz around video game releases and promotions. This is a very popular choice for college kids wanting to make extra money. You’ll do a variety of jobs, depending on your location. You will hand out marketing materials, share news online, or even attend events. Ambassadors bring excitement and community to those around them. They are true marketers!

What experience do you need? In reality, you won’t need much. You usually need to show your enthusiasm in a creative way to join. Be comfortable meeting new people, doing bold things, and having fun! This is the best way to make extra money for the inexperienced.

What does it pay? Unfortunately, as much fun as this opportunity is, it pays very little. Some of the ambassadors work for event admission, merchandise, or games. Those that do make wages make a minimum amount per hour.

Where do you apply? Many marketing firms handle street team marketing for gaming companies. One way to see many available jobs is to set up a profile with resume on LinkedIn and search for all available street team jobs. also has a number of listings at any one time.

Find Video Game Jobs and Make Extra Money

Find many of the jobs advertised on popular job sites. Using sites like or, you can usually search for job titles with the word “game”, “gamer”, or “video game” to narrow down all of the offerings. At home-jobs will have their location set to “remote” or “virtual”.

Finally, most companies tend to hire people they know. If you really want to make extra money in the video game field, it’s necessary to network with other gamers, game developers, marketers, and those who make the hiring decisions at these companies. Are you a gaming authority? Try starting a video game blog, for example, or attending events where game professionals will be. Get to know more people so that you can get that unadvertised job before it’s filled!