Participate in Mock Jury Duty to Make Extra Money

Everyone knows that it’s a requirement for U.S. citizens to be available for jury duty. The practice doesn’t happen often (if ever) for most people, and the pay is nominal. But have you ever heard of “fake jury duty?” This lesser-known way to earn cash (also known as “mock jury duty”) is legit! There are many companies out there that can help you make extra money with this side gig.

What is Mock Jury Duty?

Mock juries are set up by law firms and attorneys who want to do a trial run of their real-life trials, before they bring them to court. By working with companies specifically designed to hire fake jurors, they can fill a juror’s stand prior to the real court date to see how things may play out. The results of the fake trial can help them better prepare for the actual trial. They can adjust their strategies or choose to settle out of court and not even go to trial – all based on the findings from these fake (or “surrogate”) jurors.

What Does Mock Jury Duty Pay?

make extra money with mock jury duty

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Now that we know how important the role of a surrogate juror is in today’s legal proceedings, it would stand to reason that these mock jurors get paid at least a much as a real juror. You’re right! In fact, they get paid more than an actual member of the jury. Local, district, and state trials usually only pay their jurors $15-40 dollars a day, plus expenses. Federal jurors might get more (around $40-50.) No one can dispute that this pay is much lower than what you would make if you were at your job. So how does the mock jury pay compare?

Depending on the company, a surrogate juror can make $150 a day or more. They also usually get some pretty nice perks, such as transportation, meals, and snacks.

6 Places to Make Extra Money with Mock Jury Duty

There are a handful of companies that offer this specialized service to legal professionals. Pay ranges between them, and some only operate online. Here are the most notable companies accepting applications for surrogate jurors.


This site is online only. Cases take approximately 35 minutes to an hour and pay just $5-10 each. They claim you can do up to one case per week, at most. While you won’t get rich doing this, it’s a nice way to make extra money from home for little commitment.

Sign up for here to start making extra money as a mock juror.

make extra money with fake jury duty

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2. Harvey Moore and Associates

This legal team has candidates sign up through their “Sign Up Direct” website, where you will be asked some basic demographic and contact information that would be used to help determine if you are a good candidate for a future mock trial. They claim you can make $100 a day doing their trials. These are in-person events, and do not take place online.

Get your application in for Harvey Moore and Associates here.

3. National Research Staffing

This company also offers focus groups and market research. Their sign up is one page, and they don’t currently share their pay for mock jurors at this time.

Get started with National Research Staffing via this link.

4. Wilmington Institute Network

They have been providing mock trials and legal research opportunities for over 40 years. There is very little info on their sign-up page, but the application is relatively simple.

Sign up to do mock jury duty with Wilmington Institute Network here.


This completely online mock jury service currently pays jurors $20-60 per event, which can take between a half hour and an hour. They pay by check sent in the mail only (no Paypal.)

Register to do mock jury duty with from your home via this link.

6. Resolution Research

This marketing firm offers mock jury trials in addition to other research opportunities. Sign up as a participant, and you could also be asked to do focus groups, surveys, and more!

Sign up with Resolution Research here.