9 Best Alternatives to Walmart Savings Catcher

Walmart’s innovative app made getting the best price on groceries very easy. Purchases made at the retailer were automatically matched to competing sale ads in the area. If Walmart didn’t have the lowest price, money was given back automatically in the form of a gift card. But as more and more people have found Savings Catcher not working, they are looking for other ideas. Here are the best alternatives to Walmart Savings Catcher that we have found.

Alternate Price Matching Apps

Some people really just love the features and ease of the price matching that’s done automatically in the Savings Catcher app. But if you just want to get the best price, any number of other price matching apps and websites will do.

alternatives to Walmart savings catcher

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1. Grocery Pal

This app makes creating a shopping list and checking it against local sale ads very easy. At the moment, it only covers the major shopping chains, such as Walmart, Target, Food Lion, Dollar General, and others. Once you add items to you list, you can check a number of area sale ads to see who has the lowest price. Arm yourself with that info to make price match requests at the cash register of the store of your choosing!

Install this iOS app for free here.

2. ShopSavvy

This app works as a barcode scanner and SKU finder, but it does so much more than that! Use it to alert you when items you want go on sale at dozens of retailers. Compare prices across major stores to get the very best deal!

Snag this app for iOS, Android, and Windows phone.

3. Shop for Kids

This price comparison tool focuses on all the things you would buy a child, from toys to entertainment to electronics. The app is made unique by its number of video reviews that helps you navigate the complicated world of “what’s hot” for kids this holiday season. Just scan the toy you are hoping to save on, and get prices from all over the web and instore to compare!

Get the app for iOS and Android.

find better alternatives to Walmart Savings Catcher

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Rebate Alternatives to Walmart Savings Catcher

Another great way to make price matching easier is to skip it altogether. By getting cash rebates and refunds for select grocery and store purchases, you are ensuring that you save, without all of the comparison nonsense. These alternatives to Walmart Savings Catcher are the highest rated for getting money back when you shop in-store.

4. Checkout 51

This app is great, because you simply shop as usual, then upload your scanned receipt to see what you can save. There are a number of offers on a variety of brand name items at any one time. So many of the products are very popular and common items that many people would naturally buy. Who need price matching when you can shop like this?

Get the Checkout 51 app free here.

5. iBotta

Another up-and-coming cashback app, Ibotta works at retailers like Target to give you between $.25 and $5 back on brand name items that traditionally used to offer paper coupons. Check the offers ahead of time to see if purchasing a special size or variety will net you more.

Snag the iBotta app here and start to save!

6. SavingsStar

This is another replacement for Sunday circular coupons. Buy your items and redeem cash-back offers to fatten your wallet faster and more easily than ad matching. SavingsStar can work with your store loyalty cards to help you save with preloaded offers, too!

Download SavingsStar here for free.

best alternatives to Walmart Savings Catcher

7. BerryCart

One very common complaint about Walmart’s Savings Catcher is that you won’t save much if you eat mostly whole, fresh, non-GMO, or organic foods. Since they don’t match fresh product at all, BerryCart is an appealing alternative. Save money when you shop the healthiest foods with one of the most health-consious alternatives to Walmart Savings Catcher. The app gives you cash back on a number of big name items, as well as general category purchases.

Get the BerryCart app to save when you eat healthy here.

Store-Specific Price Matching Apps

8. Amazon

Use the Amazon app to scan items in store. Then compare to what Amazon is selling it for. While you can only compare prices on Amazon, it does give you access to the full marketplace of third-party sellers, and Prime Pantry, as well as Subscribe and Save deals.

Get it for iOS and Android here.

9. Walmart

Yes, we were moving away from Walmart’s own price matching tool, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the Walmart app to compare prices between the brick and mortar location of your choice and online. Walmart will match its own online prices, provided the item is identical and it is being sold and shipped by Walmart.com itself – and not a third-party seller.

Get the Walmart app (you already have it if you have Savings Catcher) for iOS and Android here.