Andy Murray Net Worth

The Andy Murray net worth total of $47.79 million could jump by $2.58 million minus taxes if he wins his bid for his second Wimbledon coup. Murray has earned $97.7 million since 2005. $46.74 million of that comes from tennis prize money and he has earned another estimated $51 million from endorsement deals with heavy hitters like Under Armour and Adidas. Taxes and expenses penalize him to the tune of $58.6 million while investments give him a nice bounce of $8.7 million. The player is set to win his second Wimbledon Men’s Singles title on 7/10/16. That win will give him another $2.58 million.

Andy Murray Net Worth Facts

Andy Murray Net Worth Facts
Andy Murray net worth$47,786,104
Andy Murray net worth vs Milos Raonic net worth8 times bigger
Andy Murray net worth vs Roger Federer net worth1/3rd as big
Andy Murray net worth vs John McEnroe net worth4% bigger
Andy Murray net worth 2005$440,000
Andy Murray net worth 2006$1,702,440
Andy Murray net worth 2011$16,004,185
Andy Murray net worth 2014$32,650,878
Andy Murray net worth 2016$47,786,104
Andy Murray Net Worth Sources
Tennis Prize Money$46,740,897
Andy Murray Salary (average)$9,804,544
Investments (at 6% per year)$8,689,745

How does the Andy Murray net worth sum stack up against other tennis players? Opponent Miles Raonic has just 1/8th the wealth of Andy Murray with $5.8 million, but Raonic hasn’t been in the game as long and certainly hasn’t yet won a Wimbledon tournament. Roger Federer has three times more money than Andy Murray with $140 million, but he’s been playing a lot longer, has won a lot more titles and has sealed many more endorsement deals. Murray has 4% more net worth than John McEnroe with $50 million. The Andy Murray net worth number is only about a third the size of the Serena Williams net worth fortune of $135 million. It is twice as big as Stephen Curry’s net worth of $27 million and 8% bigger than Michael Phelps’ net worth of $44.3 million. Finally, Murray’s net worth is 50% bigger than Hillary Clinton’s net worth of $32 million.

Andy Murray Net Worth Timeline


Andy Murray Net Worth Timeline

The Andy Murray net worth story comes from one part tennis prize money and one part endorsement payouts. Murray turned pro in 2005 and has left a trail of fallen titles behind him ever since. He has been runner-up at the Australian Open in five different years, won Wimbledon in 2013 and 2016 and the US Open in 2012. He has also won Olympic Gold and Silver medals, as well as numerous other national and regional tournaments. His tennis prize money has topped $3 million a year since 2007 and his endorsement pay outshines even that, reaching a level of $10 million a year in 2015 with a major deal he inked with Under Armour.

Andy Murray Tennis Prize Money Since 2005

The table below shows how tennis prize money chips in to the Andy Murray net worth numbers. The total of $46,740,897 has been officially published by the ATP, which is the governing body of professional tennis. The 2016 number is also exact. Numbers from other years are estimated based on Murray’s performance at various tournaments in those years, but it all adds up to the official total. Murray won the US Open in 2012 and Wimbledon in 2013. He also took the Australian Open in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016. In that final year he also won the French Open and has made it into the Men’s Singles Finals at Wimbledon against Canadian player Milos Raonic. He’s already guaranteed $1.29 million in Wimbledon prize money in 2016 even if he loses Finals. If he wins he’ll get $2.58 million.

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Andy Murray Endorsement Earnings

Endorsement pay adds $51 million to the Andy Murray net worth figures. Endorsement earnings aren’t typically shared with the public except in rare cases. Most endorsement deal numbers that can be found online are estimates based on knowledge of existing deals. With Murray, we know the player has deals with Under Armour, Scottish insurance company Standard Life, sports equipment company Head, Adidas, Jaguar and watchmaker RADO. The most lucrative of these is almost certainly the Under Armour deal. Several known deals between that company and major sports stars figure in the neighborhood of $10 million a year or more. While Murray’s deal with the clothing giant isn’t likely quite that high, it does probably push his total 2015 and 2016 endorsement earnings up around $10 million a year. The table below shows estimates for Murray’s sponsor money since he first became famous in 2005.

Andy Murray Net Worth Calculations

Subtracting from the Andy Murray net worth numbers are taxes of $43.98 million since 2005 and expenses of $14.7 million. Murray pays the top UK tax rate of 45%. He also has expenses for sports agents, staffing, operating costs and cost of living estimated at 15% per year. Investments are calculated at 6% per year. The table below shows total earnings by year, plus adjustments. In the adjustments column, investments are positive but are overshadowed by the larger negative sum of taxes and expenses.

If you liked reading about Andy Murray’ net worth, try this post about Milos Raonic’s net worth or this one about Serena Williams’ net worth. All Andy Murray net worth data in this article are based on our analysis of income streams, tax, expense and investment calculations, estimates and media reports and are provided here for entertainment purposes only.


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