Wimbledon Prize Money 2016

The total of all Wimbledon prize money in 2016 is $36.25 million, split amongst the players depending on performance. Singles winners get $2.58 million each. It breaks down like this: The winner of each singles tournament (men’s or women’s) gets two million British pounds, which is $2.58 million. The winning pair of each doubles tournament (men’s or women’s) gets $451,500. Mixed doubles pairs tournament winners get $129,000 each. Wheelchair tournament winners get $32,250 each. In each Wimbledon tournament there are also prizes for the runners-up, semi-finalists, quarter-finalists and so on, ranging from $1.29 million down to $1,935. The first table below shows all the top line Wimbledon prize money info, while tables further down show all the details.

Wimbledon Prize Money: Winners Only

The table below gives the top line info on the Wimbledon prize money in 2016. The total of all prize money is $36.25 million. Singles winners get $2.58 million. Doubles pairs winners get $451,500. Mixed doubles pairs winners get $129,000 and wheelchair winners get $32,250. So far this year, favorites to take the most prize money are Andy Murray, Roger Federer, Milos Raonic and Marin Cilic. For the women it’s Serena Williams and Angelique Kerber. Why doesn’t the prize money in the table below add up to the total? Because the table below doesn’t show all the prizes for runners up, semi finalists and so on. To see the info on that money, see the sections below.

Wimbledon Prize Money
ClassBritish PoundsU.S. Dollars
Singles (Men or Women, Per Player)£2,000,000$2,580,000
Doubles (Men or Women, Per Pair)£350,000$451,500
Mixed Doubles (Per Pair)£100,000$129,000
Wheelchair (Per Player)£25,000$32,250
Total Prize Money£28,100,000$36,249,000

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How Much Prize Money Can a Wimbledon Winner Make?

With tournaments in other sports like the PGA or the Tour de France, the winners get prize money at every stage, racking up more and more as they go. With Wimbledon, that’s not the case. The Wimbledon prize money is very carefully meted out to the loser of each contest along the way and finally to the winner of the entire event. In other words, the loser of the first round of the men’s singles tournament in 2016 got $38,700. The winner got nothing at the time but advanced to the second round. The loser of the second round got $64,500 and the winner advanced to the third round with still no payout. The loser of the third round got $103,200 and the winner advanced without any prize money. If that player were to advance all the way to the final match, he’d get $2.58 million.

Men’s and Women’s Singles Prize Money

Wimbledon Prize MoneyThe table below shows how much money the Men’s and Women’s singles players can win at Wimbledon. Refreshingly, the men and women make the same amount of money regardless of their gender. The table shows both pounds and dollars. Winners of the men’s or women’s singles tournament at Wimbledon make $2.58 million. Runners-up make $1.29 million. Semi-finalists make $645,000 each and quarter-finalists make $322,500 each. It all adds up to $5.21 million, but since there are multiple finishers in some spots, the total Wimbledon prize money for men’s and women’s singles is just over $28 million. This is by far the lion’s share of all the money handed out to players at the tournament. Money for other categories like men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles is shown below. This year, Angelique Kerber beat Venus Williams to make it into the women’s singles finals. That means Williams took $645,000 in prize money and Kerber will either get $1.29 million or $2.58 million, depending on her performance.

Wimbledon Prize Money 2016 - Men's and Women's Singles
STAGESBritish Pounds Per PlayerTotal Prize MoneyU.S. Dollars Per PlayerTotal Prize Money
Runners Up£1,000,000£1,000,000$1,290,000$1,290,000
Fourth Round£132,000£1,056,000$170,280$1,362,240
Third Round£80,000£1,280,000$103,200$1,651,200
Second Round£50,000£1,600,000$64,500$2,064,000
First Round£30,000£1,920,000$38,700$2,476,800
Total Per Event£4,042,000£10,856,000$5,214,180$14,004,240
Total for Both Men and Women£21,712,000$28,008,480

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Men’s and Women’s Doubles

The Wimbledon prize money for Men’s and Women’s Doubles is the same in each case. The prizes shown below are given to each pair, so the players on each team would divide the money between them. Winners of the full Wimbledon men’s or women’s doubles tournament get $451,000 each. In pounds, that’s £350,000. Runners-up get $225,750 and semi-finalists get $113,520. 

Wimbledon Prize Money 2016 - Men's and Women's Doubles
STAGESBritish Pounds Per PlayerTotal Prize MoneyU.S. Dollars Per PlayerTotal Prize Money
Winners (per pair)£350,000£350,000$451,500$451,500
Runners Up£175,000£175,000$225,750$225,750
Third Round£23,250£186,000$29,993$239,940
Second Round£14,250£228,000$18,383$294,120
First Round£9,250£296,000$11,933$381,840
Total Per Event£703,750£1,587,000$907,838$2,047,230
Total for Both Men and Women£3,174,000$4,094,460

Mixed Doubles

Wimbledon prize money for mixed doubles is shown in the table below. Winning pairs get $129,000. Runners-up get $64,500 and semi-finalists get $32,250. The losers of the first round got $1,935 and the losers of the second round got $3,870.

Wimbledon Prize Money 2016 - Mixed Doubles
STAGESBritish Pounds Per PlayerTotal Prize MoneyU.S. Dollars Per PlayerTotal Prize Money
Winners (per pair)£100,000£100,000$129,000$129,000
Runners Up£50,000£50,000$64,500$64,500
Third Round£6,000£48,000$7,740$61,920
Second Round£3,000£48,000$3,870$61,920
First Round£1,500£24,000$1,935$30,960
Total All Events£368,000$474,720