Apple Worth of $580 Billion Continues to Skyrocket

As of 11/9/16 the Apple Worth total is $580 billion. That comes from the market value of the company’s stock and makes the company’s value bigger than most countries. Apple makes $233 billion in revenue per year. After dealing with costs, the company makes a profit of $53.3 billion per year. By market share Apple is the eighth biggest company overall and the fourth biggest in the U.S., beaten only by Berkshire Hathaway, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo. Apple’s value will almost certainly jump with the September release of the iPhone 7 amid the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s explosion and recall woes.

Apple Worth $580 Billion

Apple Worth Through Time
Apple worth 2007 $173,426,960,000
Apple worth 2008 $75,870,600,000
Apple worth 2009 $190,786,000,000
Apple worth 2010 $295,886,550,000
Apple worth 2011 $376,410,640,000
Apple worth 2012 $499,614,030,000
Apple worth 2013 $500,738,960,000
Apple worth 2014 $647,361,040,000
Apple worth 2015 $586,859,340,000
Apple worth 2016 $580,496,960,000

The table above shows how the Apple worth figure via its market value has grown over time. The company was worth $173 billion as early as 2007. The economic crash of 2008 decimated Apple’s valuation, taking it down to a low of $75.8 billion. One year later the company had more than rebounded to over $190 billion thanks to the launch of the iPhone 3G in late 2008.

The company’s aggressive phone, computer and tablet releases in the years since then have guaranteed not only strong revenue but strong growth. In fact Apple’s revenue has grown by 7% to 80% per year, averaging 35% for the past ten years. The exception is the time from 2014 to 2016, when Apple’s valuation flattened thanks to very recent revenue declines. That situation is likely to change dramatically in Apple’s favor with the release of the iPhone 7 in September and the Galaxy Note 7’s recall.

Apple Worth Timeline

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Apple Worth Facts

Apple Worth Facts
Apple worth vs Google worth6% bigger
Apple worth vs Berkshire Hathaway worth56% bigger
Apple Worth vs YouTube worth7 times bigger
Apple worth vs Walmart worth3 times bigger
Apple worth vs Disney worth4 times bigger
Apple worth vs Amazon worth56% bigger
Apple worth vs Uber worth9 times bigger
Apple worth vs Bill Gates net worth7 times bigger
Apple worth vs Trump net worth112 times bigger
Apple worth vs Wells Fargo worthTwice as big

Apple WorthThe Apple worth figure of $580 billion is bigger than the worth of any other company in the United States. By measures of stock value only, Apple is king. Apple is 6% bigger than Google with $547 billion, 56% bigger than Warren Buffet‘s company Berkshire Hathaway with $372 billion and seven times bigger than Google subsidiary YouTube with $86 billion.

Think Walmart is bigger than Apple? Think again. Walmart’s worth of $223 billion is 1/3rd the size of Apple’s worth. Disney is only 1/4th as big with $150 billion and even online retail giant Amazon can’t quite measure up to the big electric fruit with $371 billion. Uber falls pretty far from the tree with $62 billion. Bill Gates’ net worth of $80 billion is about 1/7th as big as Apple’s worth. That’s not bad for a single human. Apple meanwhile is 112 times larger than the Donald Trump net worth figure of $5.18 billion and twice as big as Wells Fargo’s worth of $252 million.

Apple Worth Data: It’s Worth More Than Just Stock Value

Apple made $233.7 billion in revenue in 2015 from all sources. That includes 232 million iPhones, 54 million iPads and 21 million Macs, plus 12 million Apple Watches and all other products. $180.3 billion of that money is cost, meaning that Apple made $53.3 billion in profit in 2015. Apple also has total assets of $305.6 billion cash as of 11/9/16 and Apple has debt of $179 billion. That means Apple has $126.5 billion in equity. That’s the $126.5 billion “pile of cash” that Apple has on hand that everyone talks about. That adds to Apple worth above and beyond just the market capitalization.

Apple Worth Data
Total Revenues (2015)$233,715,000,000
Net Income (2015)$53,394,000,000
Total Assets (Q2 2016)$305,602,000,000
Total Debt (Q2 2016)$179,061,000,000
Total Equity (Q2 2016)$126,541,000,000

Apple Worth Sources and Earnings

Earnings of a total $1.1 trillion form the foundation of the $580 billion Apple worth to investors via its stock. The table below is by no means exact, but it should give a good idea of the sheer earning might of Apple since the company’s inception in 1976. Since that time, Apple has sold roughly one billion iPhones, 308 million iPads, 375 million iPods, 12 million Apple Watches, 317 million Mac computers and 26 million Apple TVs. Those numbers come from various sources around the web such as Statista, StatisticBrain and

We used a quick and dirty average price to get at the total earnings from each product. To date, the Cupertino company has taken in a staggering $400 billion from sales of iPhones alone, plus $443 billion from Macs, $123 billion from iPads, $112 billion from iPods, $6 billion from Apple Watch and $4.5 billion from Apple TV. Sales of iPhone just eked up over the 1 billion mark, making up more than 70% of all of Apple’s earnings. Of course Apple’s trillion in earnings gets cut down by taxes and costs and boosted up by outside investment.

Apple Worth Sources
Apple Worth SourcesTotal Units SoldAverage PriceApple Earnings
Apple Watch12,100,000$500$6,050,000,000
Mac Computers317,000,000$1,400$443,800,000,000
Apple TV26,000,000$175$4,550,000,000
Total Apple Worth Earnings$1,090,100,000,000

Apple Worth More than Most Countries

Most countries on Earth have less national wealth than the Apple worth number of $580 billion in stock. According to World Bank data, there are 196 countries in the world and 137 of them are worth less than $580 billion. The list of countries poorer than Apple Inc. includes Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Jamaica, Panama and Iceland.

Apple is also worth more than most companies. Biggest rival Samsung is worth $234 billion in terms of total stock value. That’s $346 billion less than Apple or about 40%. The chart below shows Apple’s total wealth compared to several countries with a national wealth in the same general zone. Apple is worth about half as much as Norway’s $1.2 trillion and slightly less than Greece’s $743 billion. Apple outvalues Ecuador with $577 billion, Costa Rica with $340 billion and Iceland with $268 billion. There are more countries in the world worth less than Apple than worth more.

Apple Worth vs Countries Apple Worth in the Media

Media estimates of the Apple worth figure hang pretty close to the MoneyNation number of $580 billion. That’s because most media outlets use the same method of finding the valuation of a company. Namely, they take the number of shares of outstanding stock and multiply it by the price per share. In this case there are 5.388 billion shares of Apple stock, each worth $107.73. Multiplying the two numbers gives a total worth of $580.49 billion for the company. If that’s true, then why is there any difference at all in the colored bars shown below? Timing. The articles written by each of the major news sources were published at slightly different times. Time’s Apple Worth figure comes from early 2015, when Apple’s worth was at an all time high. Because stock prices go up and down over the course of each day, the total value of Apple as a company has changed since you started reading this sentence. We update our numbers every week, so our data is among the most current available online.

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