How to Save Money with Best Buy Student Discounts

Going to college can be costly, so saving money where you can is important. When shopping at big chain retailers like Best Buy, however, there is an opportunity to get additional savings not available to the public. See what you can do to take advantage of Best Buy student discounts, and cut your shopping bill in a big way this school year!

How to Sign Up for Best Buy Student Discounts

Like many retailers and service providers, Best Buy has a special savings program that gives additional discounts to those enrolled in a qualifying college, tech school, or post-secondary educational institution. While you do not necessarily have to have an email address with an .edu extension to apply, it will make the process easier. To sign up, you’ll need to do the following:

1. Register for the Best Buy personal account (called “My Best Buy”). This is a good idea for those who shop Best Buy and aren’t enrolled in college, as you can regularly earn points toward future savings with all qualified, everyday purchases.

Best Buy Student Discounts on laptops

2. Sign up for College Student Deals. This separate enrollment takes just seconds and will place you on the mailing list to be alerted for special college student discounts from Best Buy. You will be asked for your birthday and qualified school name. (Search for your school name from the drop down box. Most all are included.)

If your school is not included, you may have to do additional work to verify that you are eligible. Sending a copy of your grades or enrollment letter on the school’s official letter head or an email from the enrollment office may be enough to get you in. They usually have a process in place for the lesser-known schools that qualify but aren’t popular enough to get on the drop-down list. There are also some colleges with very general names, so you may find that you signed up under the wrong school. Best Buy customer service should be able to help you straighten that out.

3. Wait for offers to be mailed to you! The best deals will be mailed to your email in the form of a coupon code that must be used at checkout.

What Best Buy Student Discounts Can I Expect?

Over the years, offerings from the perks program have varied. Some of the most valuable and in-demand discounts have included:

  • Get $150 off with Select Surface Device purchases
  • Save $50 on 2-in-1 Laptops
  • Get $30 off when you buy Home Office and Student 2016 for PC or Mac
  • Free gift card with purchase. Get $5 when you buy select Energizer batteries, for example. Other offers include free $5-20 gift cards when you buy graphing calculators, software, or other college necessities.

Best Buy Student Discounts

How Can You Maximize Best Buy Student Discounts?

For the most part, student discount coupon codes are stackable, and can be used on top of gift cards, free shipping offers, and other savings opportunities that are available to the general public. You can save a lot of money if you purchase a sale-priced laptop, for example, and stack the Best Buy Student Discount code, as well as any gift cards you own, and any My Best Buy reward point certificates. It’s easy to see that planning and patience is the best way to get the biggest bang for your Best Buy buck!

Bundle Discounts

Don’t forget that you can also save with bundle discounts, most frequently offered with higher-priced tech items like laptops and tablets. Many will knock an additional $20-30 off you purchase price if you buy a qualifying printer or gaming accessories at the same time. You can get this savings in the form of instant savings, but they can sometimes be redeemed as a rebate or future coupon code.

Manufacturer’s Savings

When you buy items through the Best Buy Student Discounts program, they are treated like any other purchase and are eligible for manufacturer’s rebates and savings offers, as well. The Best Buy site is usually very good at alerting you to any special manufacturer’s deals going on. It’s best, however, to check with the manufacturer as well to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

For purchases of computers and cell phones, especially, a good rebate or free accessory with purchase can really sweeten the deal! You can usually check the manufacturer’s website (Samsung, Apple, or Garmin, for example) to see what deals they have. There should be a “Rebates” or “Offers” tab to start your search.

Other Ways to Save at Best Buy

If you think you’ll be doing a fair amount of gaming in college, check out the Gamer’s Club. This separate program has two versions:

The free version allows you access to exclusive savings announcements on video games and accessories. You’ll also get 2x points on video game trade-ins and extra earnings toward gift cards.

The Gamer’s Club “Unlocked” program costs $30 for two years, but gets you lots of extras, including:

  • 20% off new video game software
  • 10% bonus trade in credit
  • 10% off pre-owned games
  • 20% off video game e-guides
  • Double points on qualifying gaming purchases
  • Special one-time use codes for members

Signing up for the My Best Buy, Student Discounts, and Gamers Club together. This is the best way to be sure to get all available offers and save the most money on college electronics, technology, and supplies.