Chris Bosh Net Worth: A Seven-Footer’s Millions

The Chris Bosh net worth sum of $114.7 million comes from $190 million in salary since 2003 plus $16 million in endorsement deal income. Taxes and expenses take away more than half that money.

The 32 year-old Bosch is a power forward for the Miami Heat. He is a two-time NBA champion, 11 time All-Star and three-time NBA shooting champ. He also holds two Olympic Bronze Medals and one Gold, the latter for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Chris Bosch Net Worth Facts

Chris Bosh net worth
Chris Bosh net worth vs Steph Curry net worth5 times bigger
Chris Bosh net worth vs LeBron James net worth3 times smaller
Chris Bosh net worth vs Russell Westbrook net worth2 times bigger
Chris Bosh net worth vs Carmelo Anthony net worthAbout the same
Chris Bosh net worth vs Tom Brady net worth2 times smaller
Chris Bosh net worth vs Miley Cyrus net worth2 times smaller
Chris Bosh net worth vs Beyonce net worth4 times smaller
Chris Bosh net worth vs Trump net worth48 times smaller
Chris Bosh net worth vs typical net worth1689 times bigger


The Chris Bosh net worth total of $114.7 million is extremely high among most Americans. That said, it’s about par for the course for a player who’s been playing pro ball at a high level since 2003. Bosch’s net worth is maybe even a little lower than it could be considering his general failure to pull down major endorsement deals until very recently. Bosch has said his lack of endorsements comes from his status as a solid but relatively non-flashy player. He has been quoted as joking that he can’t even get a call back from Cheerios.

Bosch’s net worth is five times bigger than Steph Curry’s $27 million, but then again Curry is a relative newcomer compared to Bosch. Superstar LeBron James has three times more money than Bosch with $311 million. Carmelo Anthony’s net worth of $111 million is about the same as Bosch’s.


Chris Bosch Net Worth Timeline

Chris Bosh Net Worth 2007
Chris Bosh Net Worth 2008$19,511,246
Chris Bosh Net Worth 2009$27,654,814
Chris Bosh Net Worth 2010$35,512,424
Chris Bosh Net Worth 2011$44,391,410
Chris Bosh Net Worth 2012$54,510,384
Chris Bosh Net Worth 2013$66,141,286
Chris Bosh Net Worth 2014$79,363,603
Chris Bosh Net Worth 2015$94,222,040
Chris Bosh Net Worth 2016$110,775,888
Chris Bosh Net Worth 2017$114,790,406


The Chris Bosh net worth timeline above shows slow and steady growth starting in 2003. Bosch’s wealth has maintained an exponential upswing thanks to gradual but hefty salary increases year over year. Investment income and the addition of big endorsement deals very recently also help the player’s earnings continue to grow.

Chris Bosch Net Worth from NBA Salary

NBA salary has kicked in over $190 million to the Chris Bosh net worth figures since 2003. Bosh’s entry level contract was for four years and $13.7 million with the Toronto Raptors. Under that deal he earned about $3 million per year. In 2007 he re-signed with the Raptors with a three year deal for $42 million that gave him an average salary just over $14 million.

In 2010 Bosh left the Raptors for the Miami heat with a six-year deal for $109 million and an average salary of $18 million. He renegotiated that deal in 2014 for a five-year contract worth $118 million and an average of over $23 million per year.

Salary and Chris Bosch Net Worth

NBA Salary (Pre-Tax)
Total Chris Bosh Net Worth from NBA Salary$190,062,853

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Chris Bosch Net Worth from Endorsements and Merchandise

Chris Bosh net worthBosh has joked that he can’t get a call back from Cheerios. Certainly endorsement deal money hasn’t formed a large percentage of the Chris Bosh net worth sum. That’s changing recently, since Bosh has inked some very young but big deals with Foot Locker, ESPN, Nike and EA Sports. In the past he’s had minor contracts with First Ink and Xarelto, a blood thinner company.

Bosh now earns an estimated $5 million a year from endorsement deals, up from just a million a few years ago. All in all the player has pulled down an estimated $16.5 million from endorsements.

Chris Bosch Net Worth Calculations

The two charts below show the full Chris Bosh net worth calculations. The first shows his NBA salary by year, his endorsement earnings and his earnings from merchandise royalties. It also shows total earnings by year.

Chris Bosh net worth calculations 1

The second chart shows total earnings by year, with calculations for taxes, expenses and investments. Bosh pays the nation’s top tax rate of 39.6% but pays no state income tax thanks to his status as a resident of Florida. He spends an estimated 15% of all income annually on cost of living, agent fees and other expenses. He also earns a probable 6% per year average from investments.

Chris Bosh net worth calculations 2

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