Carmelo Anthony Net Worth

The Carmelo Anthony net worth of $111.5 million comes from his 14 year career with the NBA, four huge salary contracts and a dozen fat endorsement deals. Anthony was a huge NCAA star, which means he’s something of an anomaly in the endorsement world. Where many athletes come out of college and have to work for several years to get a net worth in the millions, Anthony immediately landed a huge Nike signature shoe deal in his rookie year in the NBA. He also nailed down a salary contract with the Denver Nuggets worth over $3 million per year. He made over $7 million that year right out of the gate. Since then the small forward has pulled down a total of $264 million, though taxes and expenses have blown the whistle on $168 million of that. He has won two Olympic Gold Medals and is gunning for #3 in 2016.

Carmelo Anthony Net Worth Facts

Carmelo Anthony Net Worth Facts
Carmelo Anthony net worth$111,511,279
Carmelo Anthony net worth vs LeBron James net worthHalf as big
Carmelo Anthony net worth vs Kevin Durant net worth15% smaller
Carmelo Anthony net worth vs Draymond Green net worth21 times bigger
Carmelo Anthony net worth vs Dwyane Wade net worth28% smaller
Carmelo Anthony net worth vs Stephen Curry net worth5 times bigger
Carmelo Anthony net worth vs Usain Bolt net worth60% bigger
Carmelo Anthony net worth vs Neymar net worth6% smaller
Carmelo Anthony net worth vs Donald Trump net worth47 times smaller
Carmelo Anthony net worth vs typical American family net worth1640 times bigger

Comparing Anthony to other NBA players and Olympians, he makes a respectable showing. The Carmelo Anthony net worth figure of $111 million may be only half as big as LeBron James’ net worth of $223 million, but James is a phenomenon. It’s also 15% smaller than Kevin Durant’s $134 million and 28% smaller than Dwyane Wade’s $159 million. That said, Anthony’s net worth is 21 times bigger than fellow Olympian Draymond Green’s $5.4 million and five times bigger than Stephen Curry’s $27 million. It’s also 60% bigger than fastest human ever Usain Bolt’s $71.4 million, though it is 6% smaller than soccer star Neymar’s $120 million. Looking outside the world of sports, presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s net worth dwarf’s Carmelo’s with $5.18 billion. That’s 46 times bigger than Anthony’s $111 million. Finally, Anthony has 1,676 times the amount of wealth of the median American family’s $68,000 in savings.

Carmelo Anthony Net Worth

Carmelo Anthony Net Worth Timeline

Carmelo Anthony Net Worth by Year
Carmelo Anthony net worth 2004$2,830,999
Carmelo Anthony net worth 2005$5,838,195
Carmelo Anthony net worth 2006$9,028,912
Carmelo Anthony net worth 2007$13,051,951
Carmelo Anthony net worth 2008$20,240,101
Carmelo Anthony net worth 2009$28,707,627
Carmelo Anthony net worth 2010$37,947,252
Carmelo Anthony net worth 2011$47,991,407
Carmelo Anthony net worth 2012$59,209,452
Carmelo Anthony net worth 2013$71,122,523
Carmelo Anthony net worth 2014$83,438,556
Carmelo Anthony net worth 2015$97,167,983
Carmelo Anthony net worth 2016$111,511,279

Carmelo Anthony net worth factsThe Carmelo Anthony net worth story starts in 2003 with his rookie year for the Denver Nuggets. Anthony may have earned $7.7 million that year thanks to a huge Nike deal and a fat salary package, but taxes left him with $2.8 million of that. Bigger contracts and endorsement deals ensured that his wealth would grow steadily through the years. Anthony has earned a total of $178 million from NBA salary since 2003 and $85.5 million from endorsements. He’s pulled down another $630,000 from various appearances, including a stint on Wheel of Fortune and an appearance on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. His average total salary in that time including all income sources is $20.3 million while he earned $30.9 million in 2016.

Carmelo Anthony Net Worth from Salary and Endorsements

Carmelo Anthony SalaryThe table below shows how salary and endorsements have each contributed to the Carmelo Anthony net worth total. The star player has earned $178 million from his NBA salary. Anthony’s first contract was with the Denver Nuggets in 2003. That was a four year contract for $15,108,241, giving Anthony from $3.2 to $4.7 million per year. His second contract from 2007 through 2011 was for $78,899,560 and his third was a three year deal with the New York Knicks for $64,166,861. Anthony’s current contract is for five years and $124,064,681. That contract had him earning $22.87 million in the 2015-16 season.

Endorsements are also shown in the table below at over $86 million. That number comes from a reported $58 million deal with Nike that began in his rookie year of 2003-04 and $28 million in other contracts with various companies between 2003 and 2016. Anthony has signed contracts with SMS Audio, Panini, Draft Kings, Foot Locker, Nickelodeon, Samsung, Degree deodorant and several others. The standout fact about how endorsements add to the Carmelo Anthony net worth sum is how early it all began. Most NBA stars get an entry level contract and gradually prove themselves and work their way up the ladder toward the big endorsement deals. Anthony landed his big deal with Nike fresh out of college for a rumored $8 million per year, since adjusted downward to a more realistic $3.5 to $5 million annually.

Carmelo Anthony Net Worth Earnings
YearNBA SalaryEndorsements & AppearancesTotal Earnings
Total Carmelo Anthony Net Worth Earnings$178,392,246$86,135,000$264,527,246

Carmelo Anthony Net Worth Calculations

Into every life, a little taxes and expenses must fall. The Carmelo Anthony net worth calculations below show how those adjustments affect the final numbers. The second column shows all of Anthony’s earnings from all sources added up by year. The third column shows subtractions to those earnings from taxes and expenses, with investment income taking the edge off. Folded into that column are taxes at 48.42% of earnings per year. That’s the highest U.S. income tax rate of 39.6% plus New York’s highest rate of 8.82%. That gives Anthony a lifetime total tax bill of $128 million. Cost of living, agent fees and other expenses take another 15% or $39.6 million. Investments add back 6% per year or $14.7 million.

Carmelo Anthony Net Worth Calculations
YearCarmelo Anthony Total EarningsAdjustments (Tax, Expense, Investment)Carmelo Anthony Net Worth
Carmelo Anthony Net Worth Totals$264,522,246-$153,010,967$111,511,279

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