Kevin Durant Net Worth Will Jump with Warriors

Kevin Durant’s net worth is $120 million. The Kevin Durant net worth total is based on salary and endorsements. Durant has five times more money than Steph Curry’s net worth of $27 million. Curry has simply improved too fast for his contract to keep up.

The $120 million Kevin Durant net worth sum owes $109 million to total salary earnings since 2007. Adding $135 million in endorsement money makes career earnings of $244 million. A lifetime tax bill of nearly $100 million and expenses of $24 million cut the figure down to size, while estimated investment income adds back $11 million.

As of 7/4/16, Durant has signed a two year contract with the Golden State Warriors worth $54.3 million. That gives him $26.5 million in 2016-17 and $27.7 million in 2017-18 and makes him one of the highest paid players in the league.

Kevin Durant Net Worth Facts

Kevin Durant Net Worth Facts
Kevin Durant net worth$120,330,865
Kevin Durant net worth vs Stephen Curry net worth5 times bigger
Kevin Durant net worth vs LeBron James net worth40% smaller
Kevin Durant net worth vs Kobe Bryant net worth60% smaller
Kevin Durant net worth vs Anthony Davis net worth10 times bigger
Kevin Durant net worth vs Tom Brady net worth20% smaller
Kevin Durant net worth vs Peyton Manning net worth30% smaller
Kevin Durant net worth vs Barack Obama net worth42 times bigger
Kevin Durant net worth vs typical American family net worth1,975 times bigger

Compared to other NBA stars, Kevin Durant is doing exceptionally well. It’s true the Kevin Durant net worth sum is 40% smaller than LeBron James’ net worth of $223 million. It’s 60% smaller than Kobe Bryant’s net worth of $319 million. But considering that James has been in the NBA since 2004 and Bryant since 1996, Durant has time to make up the difference. In fact when Bryant had been in the NBA as long as Durant, he was worth $70 million. That’s about half the Kevin Durant net worth figure.

Durant’s net worth is five times bigger than Steph Curry’s and 10 times bigger than Anthony Davis’ net worth of $14 million. It’s 42 times bigger than Barack Obama’s net worth of $3.2 million and 1,975 times bigger than the median American household’s net worth of $68,000.

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Kevin Durant Net Worth in the News

As of 3/7/16, the buzz around Durant is that he’ll be an unsigned free agent at the end of the 2015-16 NBA season. That’s exceptionally good timing for Durant, since the NBA’s new national TV deal will up the current per-team salary cap by about 22%. That means extra money will be available to lure key players like Durant. That in turn can only be good for the Kevin Durant net worth math.

In the video below, Matt Moore of CBS Sports admits that Durant’s worth will increase from a huge deal in 2016. However, he also explains why sports fans should chill out about it.

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Kevin Durant Net Worth Sources: Endorsements & Salary

Kevin Durant Net WorthSo where does the Kevin Durant net worth pile come from? #1: Endorsement money. #2: Salary. Durant has earned an estimated $135.5 million from endorsement deals since 2007. He’s made a disclosed $109 million in NBA salary payments. That’s a total of $244 million. According to Forbes, Durant stands to make as much as $30 million per year from a 2014, 10 year deal with Nike alone.

Combining salary and endorsement money gives an average Kevin Durant salary of $24 million. That’s average since 2007. In 2016 the star player’s salary is more than twice that. Taxes take about 45% from the Kevin Durant net worth sum. Contrast that to some who pay 53%. Durant’s low tax bill is thanks to his Oklahoma state residence. Oklahoma’s highest tax bracket takes just 5.25%.

Sources of Kevin Durant Net Worth
Income SourceYearsAmount
Total Kevin Durant Earnings2007-2016$244,168,917
Average Kevin Durant Salary2007-2016$24,416,892
Current Kevin Durant Salary (+Endorsements)2016$50,158,622
Taxes (39.6%)2007-2016$109,509,759
Expenses (10%)2007-2016$24,416,892
Investments (6% of net worth/yr)2007-2016$10,088,599
Kevin Durant Net Worth2016$120,330,865

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Kevin Durant Net Worth Timeline

Kevin Durant Net Worth Timeline

Kevin Durant Net Worth Over Time
Kevin Durant net worth 2007$0
Kevin Durant net worth 2008$2,786,297
Kevin Durant net worth 2009$6,717,816
Kevin Durant net worth 2010$11,158,811
Kevin Durant net worth 2011$16,553,935
Kevin Durant net worth 2012$30,927,594
Kevin Durant net worth 2013$46,347,248
Kevin Durant net worth 2014$69,623,303
Kevin Durant net worth 2015$94,267,976
Kevin Durant net worth 2016$120,330,865

Durant’s wealth has increased by 30% to 50% per year since 2008. The player has consistently added bigger salary payments and bigger endorsement deals throughout his career.

The small forward took home the NBA MVP award in 2014. Apart from that kudo, he’s a seven time NBA All-Star and a five time All-NBA First Team player. He was the NBA’s Rookie of the Year in 2008. He has also been named the NBA scoring champ four different years. With all those awards to his name, it’s no wonder the Kevin Durant net worth figure has grown so fast over time.

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Kevin Durant Salary

Kevin Durant SalaryDurant’s salary hovered in the $4 million range for the first three years of his NBA career. By 2010-11 it had grown to $6 million. Those annual salary levels were set by his first contract. That was a four year contract for $19 million that Durant signed in his rookie year.

The Kevin Durant net worth calculations got a big boost when the player hit free agency in the summer of 2011. By then it was clear Durant was a high powered asset. He had already been an NBA All Star and NBA scoring champ. There was no way he could be satisfied with anything but a massive earnings jump and that’s just what he got. Durant inked a deal in 2011 for five years and $89 million. That contract runs out in summer of 2016, so get ready for another big boost.

Kevin Durant Salary
UFA Year 2016

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Endorsements and Kevin Durant Net Worth

Durant is no stranger to the endorsement game. The superstar reportedly signed a very lucrative ten year deal with Nike in 2014. The deal could be worth as much as $300 million depending on royalty levels, according to Forbes. It’s the largest product endorsement deal of any athlete playing currently in any league. That’s not just the NBA but the NFL, MLB and NHL too.

Durant has also signed deals with Sprint, Footlocker, Neff, Panini, Sonic, BBVA, 2K Sports, Gatorade, Skullcandy and more. The table below shows conservative estimates for how much endorsements add to the Kevin Durant net worth sum.

Kevin Durant Endorsement Earnings
YearEndorsements (per year estimates)
Total Endorsements Adding to Kevin Durant Net Worth$135,500,000

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Kevin Durant Net Worth Calculations

If salary and endorsements were the whole story, the Kevin Durant net worth figure would be $244 million, but it’s not. Taxes and expenses are as inevitable as death and taxes. Durant is in a 39.6% federal tax bracket. He pays 5.25% in Oklahoma State taxes. That’s a total tax rate of 44.85%. Apply that to his earnings and you get a career tax bill of $109.5 million.

Expenses like agent fees and cost of living rack up another $24 million for the player. Investment income of a conservative 6% per year adds back $11 million. All in all, the Kevin Durant net worth calculations shake out in the table below. (Click the green + for more data.)

Kevin Durant Net Worth Calculations
Total Kevin Durant Earnings
Tax+Expense (49.6%)
Investment Income (6%)
Kevin Durant Net Worth

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Kevin Durant Fines

How much do fines suck out of the Kevin Durant net worth figures? $107,000. Players invariably rack up fines in the NBA. Durant has faced fines of $2,000 to $4,000 for each technical foul. He was also fined $25,000 for making a “threatening gesture” during a game on 4/12/13.