Tom Brady Net Worth Passes Peyton Manning’s

As of 2/3/17, the Tom Brady net worth total of $209 million comes from his NFL salary, endorsement deals and merchandise royalties. The now undisputed GOAT has earned a total of $430 million pre-tax since his rookie year. The biggest chunk of that comes from his shockingly low New England Patriots salary. Chosen as a sixth round draft pick in 2000, Brady has since earned $196.1 million as quarterback.

Brady has made another $184.9 million in endorsement deals from companies like Uggs and Under Armour. Taxes and expenses blow the whistle on 65% of that.

Think Brady’s not rich enough? Wife Gisele Bündchen is the highest-paid model in history and has a net worth of $386 million. That gives a total Brady family net worth of $595 million.


Tom Brady is an extremely unlikely hero. Once called too skinny and passed over by every team in the NFL, he transformed into the greatest of all time through excellent coaching, faith and an almost inhuman commitment to training, conditioning and diet.

Tom Brady Net Worth Facts

Tom Brady net worth
Tom Brady net worth vs Gisele net worthHalf as big
Tom Brady net worth PLUS Gisele net worth$595,608,378
Tom Brady net worth vs Peyton Manning net worth10% bigger
Tom Brady net worth vs LeBron James net worth32% smaller
Tom Brady net worth vs Stephen Curry net worth8 times bigger
Tom Brady net worth vs Taylor Swift net worth32% smaller
Tom Brady net worth vs Beyonce net worthHalf as big
Tom Brady net worth vs Tyga net worth18 times bigger
Tom Brady net worth vs Hillary Clinton net worth7 times bigger
Tom Brady net worth vs typical American family net worth3083 times bigger


The Tom Brady net worth sum of $172 million is less than half the size of his wife Gisele’s net worth. Together they have nearly $600 million, well on their way to a billion. That’s still far short of musical powerhouse couple Beyonce and Jay Z, worth a combined $957 million. Brady’s net worth is 10% bigger than former rival Peyton Manning’s net worth of $191 million. That’s the first time Brady has had more money than Manning and is due largely to Manning’s retirement and Brady’s 2016 salary hike.

Brady vs the World

Brady has 664 times more money than NFL rookie Dak Prescott with $315,915. Despite being older with a longer career, Brady’s net worth is still 32% smaller than NBA legend LeBron James’ net worth of $311 million. That’s mostly because Brady took voluntary pay cuts so the Patriots could afford to hire a better roster of supporting players. Brady has eight times more money than Stephen Curry with $27 million and 32% less than pop diva Taylor Swift with $310 million.


Tom Brady Net Worth Timeline

Tom Brady Net Worth Through Time
Tom Brady net worth 2000$212,703
Tom Brady net worth 2002$2,856,990
Tom Brady net worth 2003$10,229,417
Tom Brady net worth 2006$39,074,826
Tom Brady net worth 2007$51,095,159
Tom Brady net worth 2011$107,309,668
Tom Brady net worth 2014$161,385,411
Tom Brady net worth 2015$180,398,116
Tom Brady net worth 2016$209,608,378


In 2000, the Tom Brady net worth figure was about $212,000. Since then, it has grown to a staggering $209 million. The table above shows the growth of Tom Brady’s net worth through the years.

Brady’s income has enjoyed steady growth thanks to a relatively flat average salary and high but stable endorsement earnings. There have been no major upheavals or additions to Brady’s earnings that would cause a massive spike or dip. Compare that to businessman and rapper Jay Z who earned over $200 million from a major business deal in a single day. Or 50 Cent, who lost over $100 million to bad business deals throughout his career. Financially, Brady’s performance is just as consistent and high-flying as his work on the gridiron.

Tom Brady Net Worth Sources: Salary and Earnings

where tom brady net worth comes fromThe Tom Brady net worth sum comes primarily from his salary as starting quarterback for the New England Patriots. Brady was drafted in the 6th round by the Patriots in 2000. In that year, Brady made $231,500 in earnings. His base salary was $193,000 and he received a $38,500 signing bonus.

Since that time, stellar performance including 12 division titles, 6 AFC East championships and four Superbowls have boosted Tom Brady’s net worth. All in all, Brady’s net worth has added $196 million in earnings from his quarterback day job. Other contributors are endorsements of about $185 million since 2000 and film and TV appearances of about $2.7 million.

Tom Brady Net Worth Earnings

Tom Brady Net Worth Sources

Tom Brady NFL Salary
Total Tom Brady Earnings$430,866,821
Tom Brady Salary (avg)$30,274,135
2016 Earnings$57,629,410
Tom Brady Net Worth$209,608,378

Tom Brady Net Worth from NFL Salary

tom brady net worth film tvThe biggest chunk of the Tom Brady net worth number comes from the NFL. The athlete got his break in 2001 when an injury to starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe thrust Brady into the limelight. He led the Patriots on to victory in Superbowl XXXVI that year. The win led to his first million-dollar plus payout in 2001. From there, Brady’s net worth and earnings grew steadily year over year.

All together, earnings from 2000 through 2015 have added $196,157,208 to Tom Brady’s net worth.

NFL Salary and Tom Brady Net Worth

Tom Brady Salary
2000$231,500Drafted, 6th Round
2001$372,160Win Super Bowl XXXVI
2002$3,878,780Pats finish 9-7
2003$9,129,700Win Super Bowl XXXVIII
2004$6,004,200Win Super Bowl XXXIX
2005$12,004,180Win AFC East
2007$12,505,160Win AFC East
2010$16,500,000$72,000,000 contract
2011$19,750,000Win AFC East
2013$13,000,000$27,000,000 contract
2014$19,000,000Win Super Bowl XLIX
2015$13,010,663NFL Passing TD Leader
2016$28,764,705$41,000,000 contract


After winning Superbowl XXXVI, Brady signed a $32.5 million dollar contract in 2002. That enabled his net worth to grow by over $1 million that year. Interestingly, his most recent contract after winning Superbowl XLIX was for $27 million. The three year deal earns Brady only $9 million a year. That’s 30% less than his average pay in previous years.

Endorsements and Tom Brady Net Worth

tom brady net worth endorsementsIt’s difficult to say exactly how much endorsements have contributed to the Tom Brady net worth total. Football stars pull in lower dollar deals relative to stars from other sports like tennis and golf. We’ve placed a career endorsement dollar value estimate of $184.9 million on Brady’s endorsement deals. While that may seem huge, it works out to an average of $10.8 million each year. That’s a lot lower than most top-tier sports stars.

Brady’s endorsement deals include work for Uggs, Under Armour, Movado Watches and Glaceau Smartwater.

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Film and TV Appearances and Tom Brady Net Worth

Tom Brady’s net worth has seen a small bump from film and TV appearances. These include stints on Stuck on You, Family Guy, Entourage and a role in the comedy Ted 2. We estimate additions of $1.073 million to Tom Brady’s net worth from these appearances.

Tom Brady Net Worth from Acting

Film/TV Show
Appearing As
Brady Earnings
2003Stuck on YouComputer Geek #1$3,000
2006Family GuyTom Brady$10,000
2009EntourageTom Brady$30,000
2015EntourageTom Brady$30,000
2015Ted 2Tom Brady$1,000,000

Tom Brady Net Worth Calculations

The tables below show our Tom Brady net worth calculations. The first table shows earnings from all sources, including NFL salary, endorsements, merchandise royalties and acting.

Tom Brady Net Worth Calculations 1

The second table starts with earnings but adds adjustments for taxes, expenses and investments. Taxes are figured at 44.7% of all income per year. that includes the top U.S. tax bracket of 39.6% and the flat Mass State income tax rate of 5.1%. Expenses of 15% represent agent fees and other costs, while investments are calculated at a conservative 6% per year.

Tom Brady Net Worth Calculations 2

The true Tom Brady net worth amount could be higher or lower than our estimates. It all depends how much money he actually invested and saved, and what his true expenses are. In reality, Tom Brady’s net worth could be as low as $150 million or as high as $230 million.

Gisele Plus Tom Brady: Net Worth All-Stars

Gisele and Tom Brady Net WorthIt’s hard to write an article about Tom Brady’s net worth without mentioning his wife Gisele. Brady’s wife is the queen of all runway divas, the top earning model of all time. The top model earns a reported $44 million a year and has a solo net worth of $386 million.

Adding our Tom Brady net worth estimate of $209 million to the Gisele number of $386 million gives a total combined Gisele and Tom Brady net worth figure of $595 million.

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