Dak Prescott Net Worth: Rookie with a Bullet

The Dak Prescott net worth total of $315,915 comes from his rookie salary and merchandise sales. The Dallas Cowboys new starting QB was an unknown just a few weeks ago. The sudden fame came after a spine injury benched former Cowboys starter Tony Romo. Prescott has a four year, $2.7 million contract with the Cowboys. He has actually earned nearly $700,000 so far, though taxes and expenses call back $315,000 of that. How is the former NCAA star handling his new spot in the limelight? When a drive through employee asks if he’s Dak Prescott he says “no.” Then just as he’s about to drive off he changes his answer to “yes.”

Dak Prescott Net Worth Facts

Dak Prescott Net Worth Facts
Dak Prescott net worth$315,915
Dak Prescott net worth vs Tom Brady net worth545 times smaller
Dak Prescott net worth vs Peyton Manning net worth607 times smaller
Dak Prescott net worth vs Cam Newton net worth102 times smaller
Dak Prescott net worth vs Jay Z net worth1748 times smaller
Dak Prescott net worth vs Tyga net worth38 times smaller
Dak Prescott net worth vs Kim Kardashian net worth475 times smaller
Dak Prescott net worth vs Hillary Clinton net worth102 times smaller
Dak Prescott net worth vs Donald Trump net worth16397 times smaller
Dak Prescott net worth vs typical American family net worth5 times bigger

The Dak Prescott net worth total of $315,915 is a lot smaller than the wealth of just about any celebrity but it won’t stay that way for long. As of 9/30/16, NFL legend Tom Brady’s net worth of $172 million is 545 times bigger than Prescott’s net worth. Retired Broncos QB Peyton manning has 607 times more money than Prescott with $191 million and the Panthers’ Cam Newton has 102 times more with $32 million. That’s what years of multi-million dollar salary and major endorsement deals will do for an NFL star, and since Prescott is only at the start of his first year in the NFL, he hasn’t seen any of those fat perks yet. Outside the world of sports, rapper and businessman Jay Z’s net worth of $552 million is 1,748 times bigger than Prescott’s. Singer Tyga has a net worth of $12 million, which is 38 times bigger than Prescott’s and selfie diva Kim Kardashian has 475 times more money with $150 million. In the world of politics, Hillary Clinton has 102 times more net worth with $32 million while Donald Trump has 16,397 times more with $5.18 billion.


Dak Prescott Net Worth Timeline

Dak Prescott Net Worth by Year
Dak Prescott net worth 2015$0
Dak Prescott net worth 2016$315,915
Dak Prescott net worth 2017$700,000

dak-prescott-net-worthThe Dak Prescott net worth story may be just getting started, but it has an excellent chance of going big. In the NCAA he played for the Mississippi State Bulldogs, setting dozens of school records including most total offensive yards, most career passing yards, most touchdowns, pass completions and highest pass completion percentage. In fact, Prescott currently holds every QB record for the team, including total offense records and career and single-season records. When he hit the NFL it was a case of big fish, small pond however. Prescott was selected as a fourth round draft pick by the Dallas Cowboys. He was 135th overall. However, after an injury to then backup QB Kellen Moore, Prescott moved in to compete with first backup QB Jameill Showers. The Cowboys picked him as their starting QB after a spine injury to ten-year starting QB Tony Romo. So far in his career he’s earned $545,848 in salary and an estimated $150,000 for merchandise sales. For 2017 he’s slated to earn $635,848, though that could easily notch upward depending on his 2016 performance.

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Dak Prescott Net Worth Sources: Salary, Merchandise

So far the Dak Prescott net worth sum has only two sources: salary and merchandise. Prescott’s NFL salary for the 2016 season is $545,848. As a rookie, he has no endorsement deals to speak of, though sales of his jersey have taken off among fans. The player has earned a career total of $695,848, with taxes and expenses knocking that back to a net worth of $315,915. Prescott could begin to ink endorsement deals as early as late 2016. He has gained some early notoriety as the starting QB of the most popular team in the NFL. According to CBS Sports Prescott is suddenly one of the most popular people in Dallas, and as stars from Kylie Jenner to LeBron James know, popularity can easily trade up to endorsement cash. However, a kink in the endorsement earnings forecast for the player comes in the form of his own sense of focus. Prescott has reportedly turned down offers of endorsement deals so far so he can focus on winning games.

Dak Prescott Net Worth Sources
Football Salary$545,848
Total Dak Prescott Earnings$695,848
Dak Prescott Salary (average)$695,848
Dak Prescott Salary 2016$695,848
Dak Prescott Net Worth$315,915

Dak Prescott Net Worth from Salary: $545,848

So far NFL salary adds over half a million to the Dak Prescott net worth figure. In 2016, the Cowboys signed the player to a four-year contract for $2,723,393 that guarantees him $635,848 in 2017, $725,848 in 2018 and $815,849 in 2019. The player is now the Cowboys’ starting quarterback, so the team could renegotiate those figures with Prescott depending on his performance in that role. So far he’s doing a fair job of it, leading the team to a 2-1 record and to a tie for second place in the NFC East. Prescott’s contract came with a $383,393 signing bonus. He’ll be an unsigned free agent in 2020.

Dak Prescott Net Worth from Football
YearEstimated Earnings
2017$635,848(not earned yet)
Total Dak Prescott Net Worth from Football$545,848

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Dak Prescott Net Worth from Merchandise: $150,000

Merchandise adds an estimated $150,000 to the Dak Prescott net worth number so far. Prescott’s jersey is already the #13 top-selling jersey in the NFL. That’s after only three professional games played as a starting quarterback. Even more impressive, his number is the #3 top seller among rookies. The player doesn’t seem to have any other earnings sources at present. He almost literally has nowhere to go but up.

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