Cam Newton Net Worth

Cam Newton’s net worth is $32 million. In five year’s the record shattering QB will be worth nearly four times that much. Total earnings to date are $72 million, but taxes and expenses have called back a staggering $41 million. By 2020, Cam Newton’s net worth will be $126 million from a new, $104 million dollar five-year contract..

The Carolina Panthers quarterback signed on in 2011 with a $4 million dollar salary. One Heisman trophy and a national championship later, Newton’s salary and endorsement clout skyrocketed. In 2015 Newton walked with an $13 million paycheck and $11 million in endorsement cash.

Cam Newton’s earnings aren’t just from stellar game play. He’s been in Women’s Wear Magazine, Vanity Fair and Glamour. Vogue also rated him the most attractive player in the NFL. His popularity off the field has boosted his endorsement value.

Cam Newton Net Worth

Cam Newton Net Worth Facts

How does Newton stack up vs other sports stars and celebrities? Take a gander at our list of facts below.

Cam Newton net worth$32,203,957
Cam Newton net worth vs Tom Brady net worth5 times smaller
Cam Newton net worth vs Peyton Manning net worth6 times smaller
Cam Newton net worth vs LeBron James net worth6.5 times smaller
Cam Newton net worth vs Kobe Bryant net worth10 times smaller
Cam Newton net worth vs Stephen Curry net worth15% bigger
Cam Newton net worth vs Anthony Davis net worthTwice as big
Cam Newton net worth vs PewDiePie net worthHalf as big
Cam Newton net worth vs Hillary Clinton net worthAbout the same
Cam Newton net worth vs Barack Obama net worth10 times bigger
Cam Newton net worth vs Bill Gates net worth2,484 times smaller
Cam Newton net worth vs the net worth of the typical American family474 times bigger

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Compared to Cam Newton’s net worth of $32 million, Tom Brady’s net worth of $158 million is five times bigger. Peyton Manning’s net worth of $191 million is six times bigger than Cam Newton’s. Kobe Bryant has 10 times more net worth than Cam Newton with $319 million. Newton’s net worth is 15% bigger than Stephen Curry’s and about the same as Anthony Davis. Compared to the average American household’s net worth of $68,000, Cam Newton has 474 times more wealth.

Cam Newton Net Worth Through Time

Cam Newton’s net worth jumped to $3.6 million at the age of 22. By the end of 2015, the star’s net worth has risen to $32 million from a mix of salary and endorsements. By 2020, the Cam Newton net worth total will sit at $126 million.

Cam Newton Net Worth 2011$3,629,616
Cam Newton Net Worth 2012$8,281,295
Cam Newton Net Worth 2013$14,107,427
Cam Newton Net Worth 2014$21,295,241
Cam Newton Net Worth 2015$32,203,957
Cam Newton Net Worth 2016$47,167,830
Cam Newton Net Worth 2017$64,999,920
Cam Newton Net Worth 2018$84,475,792
Cam Newton Net Worth 2019$105,944,503
Cam Newton Net Worth 2020$126,389,674

Cam Newton Net Worth 2011 to 2020

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The Cam Newton net worth numbers won’t see a huge bump from Super Bowl 50 on 2/7/16. At least not right away. The star QB will make $49,000 if the Panthers lose and $97,000 if they win. Of course the real Super Bowl win money comes from future endorsement and salary boosts.

As if that wasn’t enough perks for the rising star, Newton was named NFL MVP on 2/6/16.

Cam Newton Salary

The foundation of Cam Newton’s net worth is his salary. The star’s 2015 NFL earnings of $13 million are 6 times the average NFL salary and more than half of frontrunner Drew Brees’ salary of $23.8 million. Newton’s earnings through the years are in the table below.

Newton just signed a 5-year contract with the Carolina Panthers for $103.8 million. That will set the QB up for earnings of $23 million in 2019.

Cam Newton Salary 2011$4,004,636
Cam Newton Salary 2012$5,005,795
Cam Newton Salary 2013$6,006,954
Cam Newton Salary 2014$7,008,113
Cam Newton Salary 2015$13,000,000
Cam Newton Salary 2016$19,500,000
Cam Newton Salary 2017$20,166,666
Cam Newton Salary 2018$21,500,000
Cam Newton Salary 2019$23,200,000
Cam Newton Salary 2020$21,100,000
2021Free Agent

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Cam Newton Endorsement Deals

Newton’s popularity is already landing him a healthy whack of product endorsement contracts. Industry sources put Newton’s 2015 endorsement deal total at $11 million. The star QB currently has deals with Under Armour, Gatorade, Oikos and Foot Locker, among others.

Estimates place Newton’s endorsement earnings to date at $35 million total. By 2020, endorsements will most likely add $140 million to Cam Newton’s net worth.

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Cam Newton Net Worth: The Full Story

Cam Newton EarningsIf net worth was the same as earnings, Cam Newton’s would be $72 million. Adding up his $35 million in salary to date with $37 million in endorsement money puts the star at $72 million in earnings. However, there are little things like taxes, agent fees and expenses to consider.

Newton is in a 39.6% federal tax bracket. His 7.75% North Carolina state tax bracket brings his total tax cut to 47.35% of earnings. That gives Newton a $34 million lifetime tax bill.

What about expenses? Figuring agent fees, cost of living and other expenses at a total 1% of income racks up $7 million in expenses for the star since 2011. Taking some of the sting off, investment income estimated at 6% of net earnings adds back $1.5 million.

YearCam Newton AgeCam Newton SalaryEndorsementsTotal EarningsTaxes (at 47.36% of income)Expenses (at 1% of income)Investment Income (figured at 6% of net worth)Net Worth
202132Free Agent??????????????????

On 12/31/15, Newton announced he’d had a son with his longtime girlfriend. Newton’s earnings will come in handy. The average cost of a child in the United States is around $245,000.

Another Cam Newton Net Worth Bump

Apparently Under Armor cut a deal with Cam Newton to sell some $500 cleats. Sound ridiculously expensive? According to Black & Blue review, the pricey Newtonian footwear is already sold out.