Tyga Net Worth

The Tyga net worth total of $12 million comes from music sales, concerts, endorsements and more. Tyga’s album sales are nothing compared to his other income streams like concerts and YouTube earnings. The rapper has been accused of only selling 2,200 copies of his Gold Album. He has countered that he gave the record away for free anyway. Tyga has earnings of $9 million from music sales, $7 million from concerts, $6 million from youtube and $6 million from endorsements. Merchandise sales of $1.5 million add to the Tyga net worth sum. That’s a grand total of $30 million in career earnings. A 53% tax bracket and 10% in yearly expenses chop out $19 million. Investments add back $1 million. Numbers are updated as of 9/28/16.

Tyga Net Worth Facts

Tyga Net Worth Facts
Tyga net worth$12,102,725
Tyga net worth vs Jay Z net worth1/45th as big
Tyga net worth vs Fetty Wap net worth5 times bigger
Tyga net worth vs Lil Wayne net worth1/5th as big
Tyga net worth vs The Game net worth1/3 as big
Tyga net worth vs Drake net worth1/7th as big
Tyga net worth vs Nicki Minaj net worth1/6th as big
Tyga net worth vs Barack Obama net worth4 times bigger
Tyga net worth vs Hillary Clinton net worth1/3 as big
Tyga net worth vs median American family net worth181 times bigger

Tyga net worth factsTyga’s net worth of $12 million is 1/3 as big as The Game’s net worth of $40 million. It’s 1/5th as big as Lil Wayne’s net worth of $58 million and 1/6th as big as Nicki Minaj’s $77 million. Jay Z outstrips the Tyga net worth sum by 45 times, with a net worth of $554 million.

Tyga’s net worth is 5 times bigger than Fetty Wap’s net worth of $2.5 million. It’s 1/7th as big as Drake’s net worth of $88 million and 1/3 as big as Hillary Clinton’s net worth of $32 million. Tyga has 4 times as much net worth as Barack Obama’s $3.2 million.

Tyga has taken some flak for only selling 2,200 copies of his 2015 The Gold Album in the first week of sales. These days, album sales count for a lot less and concerts and YouTube count for a lot more. Tyga’s tweet about the net worth flak is below.

Tyga Net Worth Through Time

Tyga Net Worth Through Time
Tyga net worth 2008$526,856
Tyga net worth 2009$1,337,927
Tyga net worth 2010$2,556,678
Tyga net worth 2011$4,145,644
Tyga net worth 2012$5,848,215
Tyga net worth 2013$7,407,130
Tyga net worth 2014$8,837,319
Tyga net worth 2015$11,864,809
Tyga net worth 2016$12,102,725

Tyga’s net worth doubled every year from 2008 through 2011. After that it grew by a steady 20% per year. The rapper has consistently made money from YouTube, club tours, merchandise and endorsements. His album sales have been respectable and steady too, if not on the level of a Drake or a Jay Z.

Tyga is an incredibly hard working performer, sometimes racking up more than 60 concert appearances per year. Most of these are in night clubs and theaters. However, the Between the Sheets tour in 2015 with Chris Brown and Trey Songz brought in $22 million in total revenue. An estimated $3.7 million of this pumped up the Tyga net worth figure in 2015.

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Tyga Net Worth Sources

Tyga net worth sourcesWhere does the Tyga net worth sum come from? Lots and lots of places. At first glance it doesn’t seem like the rapper is earning a whole lot. Sales of his The Gold Album in 2015 were ridiculed at only 2,200 in the first week. Most of us would love to have Tyga’s kind of ridicule. The rap star is cashing in his ridicule for millions in earnings.

Tyga’s income sources include hundreds of club shows, studio albums, 17 mixtapes, compilation albums, 25 singles, 30 singles as featured artist and so much more. He also earns millions from YouTube ads, merchandise and product endorsement deals. The full breakdown of the Tyga net worth story is in the table below.

Tyga Net Worth Sources
Tyga studio albums$1,829,835
Tyga other albums (mixtapes, compilations)$3,171,714
Tyga singles as lead artist$3,661,177
Tyga singles as featured artist$468,219
Tyga concerts and club tours$7,398,400
YouTube earnings$5,373,673
Total Tyga Earnings since 2008$29,382,698
Tyga salary (avg since 2008)$3,672,837
Taxes (52.9%)$15,543,447
Expenses (10%)$2,938,270
Investment income (6% of net worth/yr)$1,201,745
Total Tyga net worth$12,102,725

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Music Sales and Tyga Net Worth

Music sales pump $9 million into the Tyga net worth total. That’s 1/3 of Tyga’s total earnings. The rapper has pulled in $2 million from studio albums and $3 million from mixtapes and compilations. That seems backwards at first until you look at the breakdown of album types. Tyga has released five studio albums, three compilations and 17 mixtapes. That’s an incredibly long list of work from a rapper who only hit the scene eight years ago.

Tyga Net Worth from Music Sales
Tyga studio albums$1,829,835
Tyga other albums (mixtapes, compilations)$3,171,714
Tyga singles as lead artist$3,661,177
Tyga singles as featured artist$468,219
Total Tyga Net Worth from Music Sales$9,130,945

Album Sales and Tyga Net Worth

The table below shows how albums add to the Tyga net worth story. Tyga has consistently sold between 300,000 and 400,000 units of every album he’s released except one. The Gold Album in 2015 only sold 2,200 copies in its first week. It has sold an estimated 50,000 copies since then.

Musicians who write their own songs keep an estimated 11.1% of the money from every album they sell. That means Tyga has made $5 million from sales of 4.1 million albums.

Album Sales Adding to Tyga Net Worth
Tyga Studio AlbumsYearUnits SoldAlbum CostTyga %Tyga Earnings
No Introduction2008300,000$10.9911.10%$365,967
Carless World: Rise of the Last King2012350,000$10.9911.10%$426,962
Hotel California2013400,000$10.9911.10%$487,956
Fan of a Fan: The Album2015400,000$10.9911.10%$487,956
The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty201550,000$10.9911.10%$60,995
Other Albums/18 Mixtapes2008-20162,600,000$10.9911.10%$3,171,714
Total Tyga Net Worth from Album Sales$5,001,549

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Singles Sales and Tyga Net Worth

Tyga net worth from singlesThe two tables below show how much singles sales add to the Tyga net worth tank. Tyga has released 25 singles as lead artist and 30 as featured. He makes more money for each lead single. Of his singles as lead artist, eight have received RIAA certifications for selling 500,000 copies or more.

Tyga’s biggest single is 2009’s BedRock featuring Young Money. That single sold an impressive 6.2 million copies and put over $1 million in Tyga’s pocket. Aside from the top eight songs listed below, 22 other singles selling an average of 225,000 copies each pump up the Tyga net worth figures. All in all, Tyga has earned $3.7 million from sales of singles.

Singles Sales (Lead) Adding to Tyga Net Worth
Tyga SinglesYearUnits SoldUnit CostTyga %Tyga Earnings
BedRock (Tyga featuring Young Money)20096,200,000$1.998.85%$1,091,913
Rack City20114,300,000$1.9911.10%$949,827
Faded (Tyga featuring Lil Wayne)20122,000,000$1.998.85%$352,230
Make it Nasty2012750,000$1.9911.10%$165,668
Do My Dance (Tyga featuring 2Chainz)2012800,000$1.998.85%$140,892
Dope (Tyga featuring Rick Ross)2013650,000$1.998.85%$114,475
Hookah (Tyga featuring Young Thug)2014700,000$1.998.85%$123,281
Ayo (Tyga with Chris Brown)2015450,000$1.995.50%$49,253
Other Tyga Singles2008-20163,825,000$1.998.85%$673,640
Total Tyga Net Worth from Singles as Lead$3,661,177

Singles as Featured Artist

Tyga sings as a featured artist on 25 singles from other performers. The rap star has performed on hit singles by Chris Brown, Major Lazer and Travis Porter. Tyga’s percentage of revenue depends on how many other featured artists performed on the song with him. In total, singles as featured artist add $397,000 to the Tyga net worth sum.

Singles Sales (Featured) Adding to Tyga Net Worth
Tyga Featured SinglesYearUnits SoldUnit CostTyga %Tyga Earnings
Deuces (Chris Brown featuring Tyga)20102,000,000$1.991.13%$44,775
Ayy Ladies (Travis Porter featuring Tyga)2012750,000$1.993.30%$49,253
Bubble Butt (Major Lazer featuring Tyga)2013700,000$1.991.13%$15,671
Loyal (Chris Brown featuring Tyga)20141,300,000$1.991.13%$29,104
Do it Again (Pia Mia featuring Tyga)2015475,000$1.991.13%$10,634
Other Singles Featuring Tyga2010-20165,625,000$1.992.22%$247,942
Total Tyga Net Worth from Featured Singles$397,378

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Concerts and Tyga Net Worth

Tyga net worth from concertsConcerts make up a $7.4 million dollar slice of the Tyga net worth pie. Tyga has been in one major concert tour. 2015’s Between the Sheets tour with Chris Brown and Trey Songz covered 22 shows in major stadiums. The tour was co-headlined by Brown and Songz. Tyga toured as a supporting artist. As such, he likely took about 17% of the tour’s earnings or $3.7 million.

Apart from that big tour, Tyga is no stranger to the stage. The rapper has been touring hard since 2008, often nailing down 60 shows in a year. He has appeared in an estimated 560 shows. That’s according to Bandsintown.com’s list of Tyga’s concert tour history. Most of those shows have been small venue appearances in night clubs, theaters, fair grounds and ballrooms. Still, with about $8,000 in earnings from each of those shows, they still add up to a respectable $3.7 million in earnings.

Concert Tours Adding to Tyga Net Worth
Tyga ConcertsYearTotal RevenueTyga %Tyga Earnings
Between the Sheets2015$22,000,00017%$3,740,000
Club Tours (Ballrooms, theaters, night clubs, fairgrounds)2008-2015$4,304,00085%$3,658,400
Total Tyga Net Worth from Concerts$7,398,400

YouTube and Tyga Net Worth

YouTube may be free to watch, but that doesn’t mean stars don’t make money off it. The Tyga net worth total owes $7.21 million to YouTube views as of 9/28/16. That’s based on one billion views spread across the rapper’s two channels.

Industry insiders say 1,000 YouTube views translates to about $7.60 in ad revenue. That puts Tyga’s YouTube earnings at $7,218,510With earnings like that, Tyga’s YouTube money rivals his album and singles sale income.

YouTube Earnings Adding to Tyga Net Worth
YouTube ChannelsViews$ Per 1,000 ViewsTyga %Tyga Earnings
Tyga Channel (since 2009)95,455,147$7.60100%$725,459
Tyga Vevo Channel (since 2010)1,069,896,543$7.6085%$6,911,532
Total Tyga Net Worth from YouTube$7,636,991

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Endorsements and Tyga Net Worth

Tyga has earned an estimated $6 million in endorsement money since 2010. The rap star has had high profile endorsement deals with Foot Locker, Reebok, SOL Headphones and Porsche.

The Reebok ad below hilariously teams Tyga up with Shaq. The pair have a conversation, but Shaq is so much taller than Tyga that the rapper has to use a mechanical lift. At the end, Shaq gets in a dig about Tyga’s age, saying his shoes were made before the singer was born.

Merchandise and Tyga Net Worth

Tyga net worth calculationsTyga has earned an estimated $$1.5 million from sales of merchandise since 2008. We estimated Tyga’s merchandise sales at 20% of his concert tour earnings. The star sells tee shirts, hats and other Tyga goods at his concerts and online.

Tyga Net Worth Calculations

Net worth isn’t just earnings. Taxes, expenses and investment income figure into the mix. Tyga lives in California. That gives him a 13.3% state tax bracket. Since he makes over a million a year, he also has a 39.6% federal tax bracket. Add in a 10% expense bill for concert production, music production and cost of living and over 60% of Tyga’s income gets used before he sees it. It’s even possible Tyga spends more. He might spend 20% on expenses or 30%. If so, the Tyga net worth figure would be a lot lower than our estimate.

Tyga Net Worth Calculations
YearAlbum SalesSingles SalesConcertsYouTubeEndorsementsMerchandiseTotal Tyga EarningsTaxes (52.9%)Expenses (10%)Investment Income (6% of net worth)Tyga Net Worth
Tyga Net Worth Totals$5,001,549$4,129,396$7,398,400$5,373,673$6,000,000$1,479,680$29,382,698$15,543,447$2,938,270$1,201,745

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Is Tyga Broke?

Is Tyga Broke?Tyga has reportedly failed to make payments on his Mercedes SUV. He has also been in trouble with landlords for not paying rent. But is he really broke or is he just lazy?

It’s hard to imagine Tyga could be broke, with $30 million in earnings since 2008. However, it does happen. Kanye West also famously cried poverty in 2016. All the Tyga net worth figures in this article are estimates based on sales figures and media reports. We don’t have access to his private financials. It’s possible Tyga spent a lot more than our estimates indicate. For example, he might have spent more than we’ve figured on concert and music production. He also might have spent millions on an extravagant lifestyle alone. It happens.

The more probable answer though is that Tyga simply isn’t paying his bills because he doesn’t feel like it. The rapper is somehow getting money to produce more albums and put on more concerts, and that isn’t cheap.