Kylie Jenner Net Worth: A Lip Kit Empire

The Kylie Jenner net worth sum of $11.9 million comes from a mix of her Lip Kit empire, huge modeling success, and to a lesser extent her TV appearances. Jenner has earned nearly $28 million in her just-begun career. $20.5 million is from merchandise like Lip Kits, clothing, books and posters. $5.5 million comes from traditional modeling and another $4 million from social media modeling. A further $1.05 million comes from TV shows. With $28 million in earnings, shouldn’t the Kylie Jenner net worth total be higher than $11 million? Not likely. Taxes and expenses cut out nearly 63% of that or $17 million as of 10/5/16.

Kylie Jenner Net Worth

On 8/1/16, rumors began to circulate of a Kardashian movie in the works with $100 million paid to the Kardashians. The rumors come from Kardashian Dynasty author Ian Halperin, who said the movie deal is in the offing. It’s not clear yet how much of that money would go to Kylie, but it would likely be less than $15 million based on how the Kardashian TV money has been meted out.

Kylie Jenner Net Worth Facts

Kylie Jenner Net Worth
Kylie Jenner net worth vs Kim Kardashian net worth1/15th
Kylie Jenner net worth vs Kendall Jenner net worth1/3rd
Kylie Jenner net worth vs Rob Kardashian net worth5 times bigger
Kylie Jenner net worth vs Caitlyn Jenner net worth1/10th
Kylie Jenner net worth vs Kanye West net worth1/7th
Kylie Jenner net worth vs Miley Cyrus net worth1/20th
Kylie Jenner net worth vs Beyonce net worth1/31st
Kylie Jenner net worth vs Hillary Clinton net worth1/3rd
Kylie Jenner net worth vs typical American family net worth156 times bigger

Kylie Jenner Net WorthKylie Jenner isn’t the richest of the Kardashian clan, but she’s not the poorest either. Compared to sister Kim Kardashian’s $150 million, the Kylie Jenner net worth sum is only 1/15th as big. Compared to Kendall Jenner’s $30 million it’s about 1/3rd. Kim has built a vast empire on multiple TV shows, fragrances and other product lines. Kendall has her Victoria’s Secret modeling career and a bigger product endorsement pull than Kylie. Caitlyn Jenner’s net worth is estimated at $100 million. It would be pretty difficult for an 18 year old to match the net worth of someone who’s been famous for over 40 years.

Compared to average Americans, the Kylie Jenner net worth total is about 156 times bigger. The typical American family has a net worth of just $68,000.

The Kylie Jenner Net Worth Timeline

The chart below shows how the Kylie Jenner net worth story shakes out over time. Kylie started earning serious money for modeling and TV appearances back in 2012. Her net worth has climbed steadily since then. The only things really holding the teen model back are taxes and expenses. If not for those, the Kylie Jenner net worth pile would be at least twice the $12 million that it is today.

Kylie Jenner Net Worth Timeline

Kylie Jenner Net Worth Through Time
Kylie Jenner net worth 2013$1,238,000
Kylie Jenner net worth 2014$4,284,308
Kylie Jenner net worth 2015$8,771,311
Kylie Jenner net worth 2016$11,903,713

Kylie Jenner Net Worth Sources: Lip Kits, Clothing and Tweets

Kylie Jenner Net Worth SourcesLip Kits, PacSun and other merchandise make up the biggest slice of the Kylie Jenner net worth pie. Tossing in posters and her science fiction book Rebels: City of Indra, the total money Kylie Jenner has made so far from sales of swag is a gigantic $25.5 million. That’s just merchandise.

The second biggest source of the Kylie Jenner money is paid tweets. According to industry figures, pop stars like Jenner can earn as much as $50,000 for a single Instagram pic or tweet. That money means a Kylie post can be as valuable to a brand like Puma, Sears or H&M as a TV commercial. Then there’s modeling income and TV shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians and I am Cait, both of which have added to the Kylie Jenner net worth numbers.

Kylie Jenner Net Worth Sources
Addition to Kylie Jenner Net Worth
Paid tweets, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook posts$4,000,000
Modeling (Kylie Jenner runway, magazine and TV spots)$5,500,000
Kylie Jenner Merchandise (Lip kits, PacSun, etc.)$20,533,333
TV (Smallest Kylie Jenner net worth source)$1,057,667
Total Kylie Jenner Earnings$31,091,000
Kylie Jenner avg. Salary$6,218,200
Taxes (52.9% tax bracket)-$16,447,139
Expenses (est. 10% of income)-$3,109,100
Investment Income (est. 6% of net worth per year)$368,952
Kylie Jenner Net Worth$11,903,713

Lip Kits and Kylie Jenner Net Worth: $8.7 Million

Kylie Jenner Lip Kits and Net WorthDid Kylie Jenner really make $8.7 million from her Kylie Lip Kit sales? She hasn’t released actual figures but it’s not too hard to estimate the impact of the kits on the Kylie Jenner net worth figures. The colors range from Candy K to True Brown K, Posie K and Dolce K. The kits sell for $29 each and sales have been hot. The first release was in November 2015 and all colors sold out in 30 seconds. Kylie restocked and released a special Valentine’s Day collection in February of 2016 and the kits sold out again in 30 minutes. Another restock nine days later sold out in 19 minutes. Since then there have been two more restocks, with all shades selling out in 17 minutes tops.

In other words, Kylie’s lip kits are almost literally flying off the shelves. Estimating 520,000 total lip kit sales by 10/5/16 at $29 each means a total take of $14.5 million. Subtract 40% for manufacturing, design and distribution costs and you’ve got a healthy $8.75 million added to the Kylie Jenner net worth number.

PacSun Adds $5 Million to the Kylie Jenner Net Worth Purse

The PacSun clothing company teamed up with Kendall and Kylie Jenner to create their signature clothing line in 2012. The line is light, breezy and cute and adds an estimated $5 million to the Kylie Jenner net worth amount. That breaks down to about a million a year since 2012. Prices range from $22.95 to $64.95. Fashionista magazine called the clothing line a 70’s obsession nod.

The video below showcases a fashion shoot for the 2016 spring collection. The shoot has Kendall and Kylie sporting wide brimmed hats, rompers, denim skirts and florals. There are also lots of bell sleeves, lace ups and suede, suede, suede.

Kylie has a new line out from PacSun. This one flashes back to the 90s. See her tweet about it below from 7/22/16.

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Selfies Add $4 Million to Kylie Jenner Net Worth

Social Media and Kylie Jenner Net WorthKylie Jenner is something entirely new and exciting in the modeling world: a social media model. A tweet or Instagram post from her can reach an estimated 55 million people. That’s more than half as much as the Super Bowl and twice as much as an NFL football game on any given Sunday. More to the point, Jenner’s audience isn’t a mishmash. They’re directly targeted straight into the exact kinds of products she endorses. That makes it miles easier for a brand to know their money spent on tweets and posts is influencing the right people.

With that kind of sales pitch, it’s no wonder tweets and posts chip in an estimated $50,000 each to the Kylie Jenner net worth sum. After all, a 30 second Super Bowl spot costs $5 million just for the air time. $50,000 for a Kylie Jenner post isn’t just a steal. It’s a bank robbery. That said, on 7/13/16 Jenner said she doesn’t want to be famous forever. If she ever manages that her social media gold will run dry.

With about 60 social modeling posts per year at an average rate of $50,000 each, Jenner is pulling in about $1.5 million a year from social modeling. That’s $4 million total since the start of 2014.

Modeling and Kylie Jenner Net Worth

Kylie Jenner Net Worth from ModelingOf course Kylie Jenner does more than social media modeling and sales of Kylie Lip Kits and PacSun clothes. Her modeling career brings in another estimated $2 million a year to the Kylie Jenner net worth bank. Kylie has signed deals with H&M, Sears and Puma. Kylie is the face of the Puma Fierce trainer as shown in the tweet above from 3/13/16. From 2010 through 2015, she was also a spokesmodel for the Sears Kardashian Kollection. Reportedly, the clothing line didn’t sell very well, but that didn’t stop Jenner from earning big bucks for the deal. In fact the ending of the clothing line may have been mostly a Jenner/Kardashian decision, since the clothes weren’t particularly stylish and (ahem) the PacSun line was really taking off around the same time.

Kylie also has an endorsement deal with H&M. Sister Kendall took the biggest share of the attention and the cash from the H&M Balmain fashion show in March. That said, Kylie does her share of H&M strutting too, showing up at the event in Olivier Rousteing original Brocade dress. Kylie has a summer ad campaign lined up with H&M for summer 2016 also. The stunning shot below is from that deal. All in all, modeling and endorsement work adds $5.5 million to the Kylie Jenner net worth sum.

How modeling adds to Kylie Jenner net worth

Keeping Up With Kylie: TV or Not TV

Kylie Jenner TV MoneyBelieve it or not, TV is the smallest source of the Kylie Jenner net worth flow. Who would have thought that appearing in 138 episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians plus over 50 other TV shows would net the star less than a million bucks? That’s the way it is though. Even big TV stars like Kylie Jenner normally earn only about $5,000 per episode. That translates to a $690,000 paycheck for Miss Jenner from Keeping up. While that’s not exactly bus fare, it doesn’t come close to what she pulls in for her lip kits or her social media posts.

Jenner has also appeared in four episodes of I am Cait, one of Kocktails with Khloé and one of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami. Apart from those shows, the young superstar has been in 46 other episodes of TV shows from Ellen to Entertainment Tonight. The total of all the TV money adding to the Kylie Jenner net worth math is $1.05 million.

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Kylie Jenner Net Worth in the News

As of 3/23/16, Kylie Jenner is being quoted in the media as saying she doesn’t care about boyfriend Tyga’s reported money problems. Tyga allegedly had his car repossessed because he got so far behind on the payments. It’s unclear whether that’s because he’s out of money or just lazy. In fact, MoneyNation lists Tyga’s net worth at $12 million.

Either way, the $10 million dollar Kylie Jenner net worth sum doesn’t stop her from supporting Tyga. In a recent tweet, the star said, “You act like I can’t buy my own Ferrari. Idgaf about your money or looks.”

In the video below, Kylie shares a few moments with dad Caitlyn Jenner. She gives Cait a little good natured ribbing about her “look.”

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Kylie Jenner Net Worth Calculations

Taxes and expenses take their cut of the Kylie Jenner net worth cookie. Jenner lives in California. That gives her a 52.9% combined federal and state tax bracket. That means more than half her net worth goes straight to Uncle Sam. She also pays out an estimated 10% of her income in agent fees, staff, cost of living and other expenses. That means she has a $15.5 million lifetime tax bill and has shelled out $2.9 million in expenses. Investments add back another 6% to her net worth per year. After taxes, that comes to a career total of $370,000 in investment income. When all the math is said and done, a yearly salary of $5 million after adjustments gives a 2016 Kylie Jenner net worth figure of $9.9 million.

On 5/17/16, Kylie Jenner tweeted about a new video on her app. The app contributes to the young star’s net worth to the tune of $2.99 per download, minus costs. With over 2 million downloads in its first week of availability, that works out to a lot of money for the young star.

Another project is her new book with sister Kendall Jenner. The pair have already written one science fiction book to date. That first book added an estimated $1.3 million pre tax dollars to the star’s net worth.