What Would it Cost to Become Shark Proof?

Wondering what it would cost to make you shark proof? Combining all the science-proven tech below would cost $9,081. For that price, a watersports enthusiast could gear up with a shark tracking app, shark invisibility cloak, anti-shark wristband, shark shield, chainmail armor, anti shark spray and a shark exploder knife in case the rest of the deterrents fail.

Those without an extra $9K to spend can still make use of one of the coolest inventions on our list: anti-shark stickers for surboards and bodyboards. The stickers cost just $30 and have been proven scientifically to work. An extra $87 will pile on a shark repelling wristband that works by giving sharks a highly unpleasant feeling in their noses.

Shark Tracking Apps: Free/$3.99

You’ll be a lot less likely to get eaten by a shark if you know exactly where they are. The Global Shark Tracker app by OCEARCH lets a user keep track of great white sharks that have been tagged with satellite trackers.

The app is available for iPhone and iPad. There’s also an Android version.

cost to make you sharkproof

The Global Shark Tracker App is free, but it only protects you from sharks that have been tagged. Hey look, Wyatt’s swimming right offshore. Let’s surf somewhere else!

The app is free, but unfortunately it only works with sharks that have been tagged.

Downloading a second shark tracking app called Expedition White Shark gives access to the positions of more tagged sharks. This app costs $3.99.

cost to make you sharkproof expedition

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Shark Invisibility Cloak: $30-$370

sharkproof cost shark deterrent wetsuit

Sharks can’t see these wetsuits. They cost about $370.

Until all sharks are trackable, surfers and swimmers may need to rely on tech like the Shark Attack Mitigation System or SAMS. While sharks rely mostly on smell and sound to zero in on prey, in the last few seconds before an attack, their vision takes over. SAMS confuses a shark just before it attacks by displaying patterns that either warn the shark away or camouflage the wearer.

shark repellent body board sticker

This sweet sticker repels sharks and costs just $30.

The shark deterrent wetsuits are already available from select wetsuit retailers for around $370. The patterns are also for sale on surfboards and on stickers that can be applied to surfboards and body boards for around $30. Arena Swimwear is going to start incorporating the designs into their 2015 swimsuit line.

Here’s a short video explaining the science behind the shark deterrent patterning. They even tested it by wrapping it around buckets of fish and the shark in the video still does not attack. While the SAMS company says the testing is “strongly suggestive” of success, they warn that the patterns aren’t 100% guaranteed to prevent all shark attacks.

Anti Shark Wristband: $87

The Sharkbanz shark repellent wristband repels sharks with a magnetic field and costs about $87.

sharkproof cost sharkbanz repellent wristbandAccording to the designer, sharks rely heavily on their electromagnetic sense to attack victims in murky water. Sharks have the most powerful electromagnetic sense of any animal. With it, they can sense the shape, size, distance and even the heart rate of animals nearby.

According to developer Dr. Eric Stroud, the magnetic field produced by the Sharkbanz wristband is like having someone “shine a very bright light in your eyes in a dark room. It’s not pleasant.” The shark’s reaction will almost always be to turn immediately away.

In the video below, the effect produced by the shark deterrent wristband is fairly impressive.

The developers caution that although the technology is sound, they can’t guarantee that it will prevent 100% of shark attacks.

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Shark Shields: $600-$700

Shark shields can be attached to ankles, surfboards, kayaks, SUP boards, jet skis or just about anything that goes into the water.

sharkproof cost shark shield repellentThe shield emits a strong three dimensional electronic field. The field creates highly unpleasant muscle spasms around the shark’s delicate electromagnetic sensing organs. The spasms don’t harm the shark in any way but produce an extreme level of discomfort, warning the shark away. The closer the shark gets to the shield, the more intense the discomfort becomes.

Shark shields have been rigorously tested. While they don’t prevent 100% of all shark attacks, the probability that a shark would feed off bait was reduced in tests from .7 to about .08.

Shark Shields can be bought at the Shark Shield store by clicking here.

Anti Shark Bite Suit: $7,500

So what if all the shark deterrent tech fails? In that case, a Neptunic Sharksuit has got your back. And arms. And legs. The Neptunic Sharksuit is made from stainless steel mesh. Sound heavy? New tech has made it 15% lighter and 30% stronger and a lot more flexible than earlier versions. There’s also a titanium model.

The company doesn’t advertise the price of the suit, which is sold in mix and match components like a shirt, hood, gloves and booties. Several other online articles put the price tag at $23,000 for the Neptunic Sharksuit, but we emailed the manufacturer directly and they said the suits now sell for $7,500. That’s the stainless steel version. How much is the titanium shark suit? $25,000.

shark proof cost sharksuit neptunicNeptunic boasts that in most cases their sharksuits can completely eliminate all bodily harm from shark attacks.

The company has also developed a breathable, water-permeable fabric that’s impervious to cutting and stabbing. So far it’s only available for military applications, but check out the video below to watch the fabric shatter a knife blade.

Anti Shark Spray: $20-$30

shark proof cost shark repellent spraySharks still getting too close for comfort? Repel Sharks shark repellent spray may do the trick. The repellent costs $29.99 per can or $19.99 for a mini can.

The spray contains chemicals found in rotting shark tissue that scare off sharks. The spray does seem to work in clinical trials. However, not all species are affected by the repellent and it hasn’t been tested on great whites.

The spray is also available on Amazon.

Shark Exploder Knife: $500

The Wasp Injector Knife injects “a freezing cold ball of compressed gas” and costs $500. The gas ball is about the size of a basketball, gets injected instantly and is pressurized at 800psi. The manufacturers claim the knife will drop most predators instantly. Secondary effects include freezing all surrounding organs and tissue.

Check out what the knife does to a watermelon below.

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