Diddy Net Worth

The Diddy net worth number is just shy of a bilion, at $915 million. The rap icon’s Sean John clothing line has annual revenue of $525 million and is worth an estimated $1.3 billion. Were Diddy to sell out of the line today, he would most likely walk with a payout of $300 million.

Add that figure to Diddy’s already sky high $615 million net worth from business income and music, and the rapper gets almost to the billion mark. Diddy has earned well over a billion from all the income streams listed below. Taxes and expenses roll the Diddy net worth figure back by $685 million.

Diddy Net Worth Facts

Diddy Net Worth Facts
Diddy net worth$915,189,150
Diddy net worth vs Jay Z net worth65% bigger
Diddy net worth vs Dr. Dre net worth23% bigger
Diddy net worth vs Master P net worth3 times bigger
Diddy net worth vs Eminem net worth4 times bigger
Diddy net worth vs Usher net worth5 times bigger
Diddy net worth vs 50 Cent net worth6 times bigger
Diddy net worth vs Lil Wayne net worth6 times bigger
Diddy net worth vs Kanye West net worth14 times bigger
Diddy net worth vs median American family net worth13,457 times bigger

Diddy, AKA Sean Combs, AKA Puff Daddy, has a net worth of $915 million. That puts the Diddy net worth total at 65% bigger than Jay Z’s net worth of $554 million and 23% bigger than Dr. Dre’s net worth of $745 million.

The Diddy net worth sum is three times bigger than Master P’s net worth of $350 million and 4 times bigger than Eminem’s net worth of $220 million. Lil Wayne’s net worth is six times smaller than Diddy’s net worth at $155 million. At $66 million, Kanye west has 14 times less net worth than P. Diddy. Finally, the typical American households’ net worth of just $68,000 is 13,457 times smaller than the Diddy net worth sum.

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Diddy Net Worth Over Time

The Diddy net worth total grew steadily from 1997 through 2000. In those years, the superstar built his rap music brand with two hit albums and several top selling singles. Known as Puff Daddy, he also fired up the No Way Out world tour and kicked off major merchandise and endorsement deals.

In 2001, Diddy’s Sean John clothing line really started to take off. The sportswear/streetwear company now pulls in an estimated $525 million per year in revenue. It’s likely that 10% of that finds its way to Diddy’s bottom line. Other major business deals like a $90 million Ciroc Vodka deal, a record company and a fitness water business pump millions more into the Diddy net worth sum. By 2009, the Sean John Clothing company was valued at $1.3 billion. Diddy could likely add another $300 million to his bank account by selling out of his portion of the business.

Diddy Net Worth Timeline

Diddy Net Worth Through Time
Diddy net worth 1997$12,059,528
Diddy net worth 2000$19,856,158
Diddy net worth 2003$119,114,012
Diddy net worth 2006$218,583,585
Diddy net worth 2009$633,219,801
Diddy net worth 2012$761,517,357
Diddy net worth 2014$852,321,179
Diddy net worth 2015$898,242,954
Diddy net worth 2016$915,189,150

Diddy Net Worth: Business Deals and Music

Diddy net worth sourcesThe Diddy net worth story starts with music sales but switches quickly to business. It would be more accurate now to call the superstar a businessman than a rapper. By the estimates in the table below, P. Diddy has earned $25.6 million from sales of his 9 albums and $8 million from 74 singles. Concerts have added $67 million to the singer’s wealth. That makes a total of $101 million in earnings from music.

By contrast, business income pumps $938 million into the Diddy net worth figures. Diddy has now earned nine times as much from business deals as he ever did from music. Diddy’s business deals include a $90 million multi-year deal with Ciroc Vodka. In exchange for growing the brand, Diddy received a 50/50 cut of the liquor brand’s profits.

Straight up endorsement deals that don’t include a cut of profits add another $75 million. These include deals with Nike, Mercedes and Pepsi, to name a few.

Diddy Net Worth Sources
Album sales$25,617,690
Business Income$938,000,000
Sean John Clothing value$300,000,000
Total Diddy Earnings since 1997$1,159,992,115
Diddy salary (avg since 2001)$74,359,308
Taxes since 1997 (48.42%)$569,021,238
Expenses since 1997 (10%)$115,999,212
Investment income (6% of diddy net worth/yr)$140,217,484
Total Diddy net worth$915,189,150

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Business Deals and Diddy Net Worth

Business and Diddy net worthBy far the biggest page in the Diddy net worth book goes to business deals. The deals listed below add Diddy is a business genius. He tends to seek endorsement deals that give him a huge cut of the profits instead of a straight up payout. He also puts his money into companies that pay him back in a big way.

Take a look at the businesses and deals listed in the table below. By far the biggest is Diddy’s own clothing company, Sean John clothing. Founded in 1998, the company has become insanely popular and pulls in more than $525 million a year in revenue. Assuming Combs keeps about 10% of this puts his earnings at $50 million a year from that one business alone.

Another big Diddy business deal is his Ciroc Vodka deal in 1997. That multi year deal pays Diddy half the profits from the brand. It’s been estimated that Combs gets about $10 million a year for that deal. Other deals adding to the Diddy net worth some

Business Deals Adding to Diddy Net Worth
Major DealsPer YearYears Earning ThatTotal Diddy Net Worth from Business Deals
Ciroc Vodka 2007$10,000,0009$90,000,000
DeLeon Tequila 2014$5,000,0002$10,000,000
Sean John clothing line (Biggest Diddy business)$50,000,00015$750,000,000
Blue Flame Ad Agency$1,000,0005$5,000,000
Bad Boy Records (Diddy producing company)$5,000,00015$75,000,000
Aquahydrate (Diddy fitness water with Mark Wahlberg)$1,000,0004$4,000,000
Revolt TV network$1,000,0004$4,000,000
Total Diddy Business Deal Income$938,000,000

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Album Sales and Diddy Net Worth

Of course before Sean Combs was a top earning business man, Puff Daddy was a rapper. Album sales have added $25.6 million to the Diddy net worth total.

Diddy’s debut studio album was 1997’s No Way Out. That was also that star’s #1 best seller. It sold an estimated 9 million copies worldwide.

Since Diddy writes his own songs, industry insiders place his earnings at 11.1% of the total revenue. That gave Puff Daddy an $11 million dollar cut for No Way Out. 1999’s Forever paid Diddy $3.7 million and 2001’s The Saga Continues paid out just over $3 million.

Album Sales Adding to Diddy Net Worth
Diddy Studio AlbumsYearUnits SoldAlbum CostDiddy %Diddy Earnings
No Way Out (Top selling Diddy album)19979,000,000$10.9911.10%$10,979,010
The Saga Continues20012,500,000$10.9911.10%$3,049,725
We Invented the Remix20022,000,000$10.9911.10%$2,439,780
Press Play20062,000,000$10.9911.10%$2,439,780
Last Train to Paris20101,000,000$10.9911.10%$1,219,890
11 1120141,000,000$10.9911.10%$1,219,890
MMM (Money Making Mitch)2015500,000$10.9911.10%$609,945
No Way Out 2 (Diddy Album not yet released)2016N/A$10.9911.10%N/A
Total Diddy Net Worth from Album Sales$25,617,690

Singles Sales and Diddy Net Worth

Singles and Diddy net worthSingles sales chip in over $8 million to the Diddy net worth sum. From 1997 through 2015, Diddy released 35 singles as lead singer. Those singles sold over 42 million copies worldwide and earned the rapper $7.4 million. Diddy’s biggest hit singles was 1997’s I’ll Be Missing You with 5 million copies sold. Come with Me in 1998 featuring Jimmy Page sold 3 million copies. In 2010, Coming Home with Dirty Money and featuring Skylar Grey sold 4 million copies around the world.

On top of singles as lead artist, Diddy also has been featured in 39 hit singles by other artists. His earnings from those appearances amount to another $663,000 added to the Diddy net worth tank.

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Concerts and Diddy Net Worth

Diddy net worth from concertsThere’s no clear record of Diddy’s concert tours throughout the years. That said, concert tours have added an estimated $93 million to the Diddy net worth total.

Diddy’s No Way Out world tour in 1997 took in about $18 million in total revenue. Industry sources place a top star’s concert earnings at about 85% of revenue. That means Diddy took home about $15.3 million from the tour.

Another tour we know about for sure is the Diddy-Dirty Money Coming Home tour. That tour was a much smaller, more intimate club tour in 20 local venues. It earned Diddy approximately $20,000 per appearance or $400,000 total.

The other tours in the table below are estimates only. Most big name performers link a world tour to each major album release. Linking one world tour to each album release and estimating tour revenue based on album sales gives Diddy’s earnings for those tours.

Concert Tours Adding to Diddy Net Worth
Diddy Concert ToursYearTotal RevenueDiddy %Diddy Earnings
No Way Out World Tour1997$18,000,00085%$15,300,000
Forever Tour1999$35,000,00085%$29,750,000
The Saga Continues Tour2001$38,000,00085%$32,300,000
Press Play Tour2006$18,000,00085%$15,300,000
Diddy-Dirty Money Coming Home Tour2011$400,00085%$340,000
Total Diddy Net Worth from Concerts$92,990,000

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Endorsements and Merchandise and Diddy Net Worth

Diddy net worth from endorsements“Smaller” Diddy endorsement deals have added about $75 million to the Diddy net worth figures. By “smaller” deals, we mean those deals that don’t entitle the star to a cut of business profits.

Diddy’s deals with Ciroc Vodka, DeLeon Tequila and the Revolt TV network all pay him a percentage of the company’s profits. Those deals are listed in the section on business deals above. Other deals like endorsement deals with Nike, Mercedes and Pepsi pay out straight up paychecks. Those deals pay Diddy an estimated $5 million per year. Since the rapper has been earning top endorsement deal money for 15 years, that adds $75 million to the Diddy net worth sum.

Merchandise is another Diddy income stream. Yes, Diddy has his Sean John clothing line and his Aquahydrate fitness water company. Aside from that income, Diddy has earned a probable $43.7 million for sales of tee shirts, hats, hoodies and other Diddy merchandise down through the years.

Taxes, Expenses, Investments and Diddy Net Worth

If earnings and net worth were the same thing, Diddy’s would be well over a billion by now. Unfortunately for Puff Daddy fans, taxes totaling $569 million take a giant bite out of the Diddy net worth sum.

Diddy lived in New Jersey until 2014. That gave the rapper and businessman a 48.42% combined state and federal income tax rate. Expenses at 10% of income cut another $116 million from the superstar’s wealth total. Investments estimated at 6% of net worth per year add back $140 million.

It’s easy to say net worth isn’t everything to a star like Diddy. After all, who really needs to worry about money when they have almost a billion dollars? Still, it’s nice to see someone like Combs walk the talk. In his tweet below from 5/11/16, that’s exactly what he does.