What is Jeb Bush’s Net Worth?

Jeb Bush’s net worth is $21 million dollars. Our Jeb Bush net worth figure comes from his public release of 33 years of tax returns.

Presidential candidates aren’t required to disclose their net worth, so until recently the best Jeb Bush net worth figures came from his federal disclosure forms. Those forms give a loose range instead of an exact income, so it’s been hard until now to zero in on precise Jeb Bush net worth data.

However, after the candidate released his tax returns, a more exact Jeb Bush net worth figure of $21 million was revealed.

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With Jeb Bush in the news for raising $450,000 in campaign donations at a fundraiser on 11/16/15, searches for Jeb Bush and net worth are trending right now. We’ve got the Jeb Bush money breakdown below, from sources to timeline to comparisons to political analysis.

Jeb Bush Net Worth Facts

The table below shows past and current figures for Jeb Bush’s net worth. It also shows comparisons to other candidates and to the median American household.

Jeb Bush net worth 2015$21 million
Jeb Bush net worth when first elected governor of Florida$2 million
Jeb Bush net worth after two terms as governor of Florida$1.3 million
Jeb Bush net worth vs median U.S. household net worth294 times larger
Jeb Bush net worth vs Hillary Clinton net worth1.25 times smaller
Jeb Bush net worth vs Bill & Hillary Clinton net worth combined6 times smaller
Jeb Bush net worth vs Mitt Romney net worth12.5 times smaller
Jeb Bush net worth vs Bill Gates net worth:4,000 times smaller
Jeb Bush net worth vs Bernie Sanders net worth40 times larger
Jeb Bush net worth vs Carly Fiorina net worth3 times larger
Jeb Bush net worth vs Ben Carson net worth1.5 times smaller
Jeb Bush net worth vs Barack Obama net worth7 times larger

Jeb Bush Net Worth: Where Does it Come From?

jeb bush net worth timelineJeb Bush’s net worth comes from various sources. The candidate started his financial life as a banker. From there he moved to a position as partner of a major Florida real estate firm, which was largely responsible for earning him his first million.

Bush earned a salary of about $130,000 a year during his eight years as governor of Florida. Since then, Bush has worked to grow his net worth rapidly, earning over $3 million for positions on the boards of directors of several companies. Bush charges $50,000 for a speech and has given over 100 speeches since he left office in Florida. Managing several private investment funds also kicks in to the Jeb Bush net worth sum.

Jeb Bush Net Worth Timeline

jeb bush net worth floridaThe following section shows the growth of Jeb Bush’s net worth. It also shows Bush’s ambition to become “very wealthy” and how the candidate has worked to make that dream a reality.

Bush started his career as a banker in South America in the mid 1970s. From there, he progressed to real estate development in Florida and other efforts to grow his net worth. Jeb Bush’s net worth had grown to $2 million by 1999. After two terms as governor of Florida, his net worth had sunk to $1.3 million. It quickly rebounded thanks to speaking fees and positions on several boards of directors. Today, Jeb Bush’s net worth is $21 million.

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Jeb Bush net worth time

Jeb Bush Net Worth: The Early Years

jeb bush net worth 2016Jeb Bush began building his net worth at a young age. Though several family members attended Yale, Jeb enrolled at the University of Texas and graduated in just two and a half years.

Jeb Bush’s first job after college was an entry level position at Texas Commerce Bank, culminating in a promotion to branch manager and vice president in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela.

He moved to South Florida in 1980, citing family reasons and a desire “to be very wealthy.”

Jeb Bush Net Worth Before He Was Governor

jeb bush net worth governorBy the time he was elected governor of Florida in 1999, Jeb Bush’s net worth was estimated at $2 million.

In the early 80s, the Jeb Bush net worth story got a boost when he was made partner in a Florida startup real estate firm. The firm rapidly grew to be one of the top real estate development companies in South Florida. Bush was paid 40% of the profits.

Bush made several efforts to increase his net worth during the 80s and 90s. He took a position on the board of a fire equipment company, bought a Panamanian shoe company, took a job at a mobile phone company and worked on a project to sell water pumps in Nigeria. Bush was also paid a $75,000 finder’s fee as a consultant in a private real estate deal.

Jeb Bush Net Worth During His Term as Governor

jeb bush net worth millionaireJeb Bush’s net worth actually declined during his two terms as governor of Florida. By the time he left office in 2007, his net worth had sunk from $2 million to $1.3 million.

It’s difficult to find concrete reasons why Bush lost money during his time as governor. However, speculation centers around two concepts. One reason for the Jeb Bush net worth dip may be the 2001 real estate and stock market crash. The second is, his duties as governor may have prevented him from working to manage his investments.

Even so, the large net worth loss is an eye opener. During his eight years as governor, Bush earned an estimated $130,000 a year salary, totaling over $1 million in income.

Jeb Bush’s Net Worth After Two Terms as Governor

jeb bush net worth hillary clintonJeb Bush made no secret about wanting to increase his net worth after leaving office as governor of Florida.

To boost his net worth, Bush served on several boards of directors, including a firm called InnoVida that went bankrupt. Bush also served as advisor to numerous companies such as Lehman Brothers and also went on a speaking tour. Bush charged $50,000 per speech and reportedly gave over 100 speeches.

These efforts together raised Jeb Bush’s net worth to a reported $10 million in the years between 2007 and 2015.

More recently, Jeb Bush has added to his net worth by using his company, Britton Hill Holdings to start several private equity (PE) funds. A private equity fund allows private investors to invest directly in companies without going through the stock market. Bush’s Global Aviation PE fund has raised $61 million, while his shale oil exploration fund has raised over $25 million.

What Does Jeb Bush’s Net Worth Mean Politically?

jeb bush net worthThe Jeb Bush net worth topic is under close scrutiny now that he’s running for president. But is Bush’s net worth an asset or a liability?

Bush’s supporters have spun his net worth as a point in his favor. Bush’s high net worth in recent years has been used to claim he understands the economy and business and would be a good jobs president. With a lower net worth and income than Hillary Clinton, Bush released 33 years of tax returns in June of 2015, showing that he paid a higher tax rate than Clinton, also a point in his favor.

jeb bush net worth 2015Bush’s opponents meanwhile, have cast his net worth as a negative. Compared to Presidents G. H. W. Bush, G. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, candidate Hillary Clinton and former candidate Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush’s net worth is small. Bush’s comparatively small net worth after leaving office as governor of Florida has been pointed to as proof he’s less fit to lead the nation than other candidates.

Further, Bush has made some stumbles in his recent drive to boost his net worth. Most notably, some of the candidate’s private equity funds have lost money. For instance, BH Logistics lost $11.2 million in 2014.

Finally, the Jeb Bush net worth total of $21 million could be used as evidence he’s a rich “one percenter” who is out of touch with average Americans. Whether this will actually count against him remains to be seen. If Hillary Clinton were to win the democratic nomination, Jeb Bush’s net worth would likely not be a negative, since Bush has a lower net worth than Clinton and earned his money largely the same way: through speaking fees. However, if Bush were to run against Bernie Sanders, one of the poorest U.S. congressmen who walks the talk of a democratic socialist, net worth could well be a black mark for Jeb Bush.

Jeb Bush Net Worth Comparisons

jeb bush net worth candidateHere’s how the Jeb Bush net worth picture stacks up:

  • Jeb Bush Net Worth: $21 million
  • Hillary Clinton Net Worth: $31.2 million
  • Ben Carson Net Worth: $30.4 million
  • Elizabeth Warren Net Worth: $6.9 million
  • Rick Santorum Net Worth: $5 million
  • Mike Huckabee Net Worth: $5 million
  • Carly Fiorina Net Worth: $59 million
  • Chris Christie Net Worth: $4 million
  • Ted Cruz Net Worth: $3.7 million
  • Rick Perry Net Worth: $3 million
  • Rand Paul Net Worth: $1.3 million
  • Lindsey Graham Net Worth: $1 million
  • Joe Biden Net Worth: $600,000

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Jeb Bush net worth vs presidential candidates

The graph above shows visually how Jeb Bush’s net worth stacks up against the net worths of the other candidates. We purposefully left Donald Trump off the graph because he would have made the others look flat.

How Would the Presidency Change Jeb Bush’s Net Worth?

jeb bush net worth presidentA 2016 presidential election win would add to the Jeb Bush net worth stockpile. U.S. presidents earn a salary of $400,000 per year. Former presidents get a current pension of over $200,000 per year.

Further, Hillary Clinton earns $225,000 to $300,000 each time she gives a speech. While there’s no guarantee Jeb Bush would see this kind of bump to his net worth, his current $50,000 speaking fee would definitely rise.

Book deals and offers to serve on the boards of directors of higher paying companies would also likely boost Jeb Bush’s net worth post presidency. They have certainly helped the Clintons. Bill and Hillary Clinton went from an estimated $4 million in debt in 2002 to an estimated $111 million net worth in 2015.

If Bush isn’t elected President, the Jeb Bush net worth sum will still probably grow. Bush will likely redouble his efforts to grow his income. Many past presidential candidates seek positions on the boards of directors of large companies. Bush could also return to his successful career in real estate.


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