Jordan Spieth Earnings and Net Worth

Jordan Spieth’s net worth is $77.4 million. The Jordan Spieth net worth total owes $23 million to PGA winnings and $10 million to his FedEx Cup payout in 2015. As of 6/23/16, Spieth has made over $4 million in 2016.

Most of Spieth’s net worth comes from endorsement earnings. Spieth has made an estimated $114 million from sponsor money since turning pro in 2012. 2016 is lined up to be his most lucrative year yet with endorsement deals in excess of $50 million. All in all, the 22 year old has earned $147.5 million since 2012. Taxes take $58 million of that and expenses take another $14.7 million.

On 5/29/16, Spieth took first place in the DEAN & DELUCA Invitational. He finished at 17 under par and earned $1.2 million for the win. He didn’t do nearly as well in the U.S. Open, finishing tied for 37th place.

Jordan Speith Net Worth Facts

Jordan Spieth Net Worth Facts
Jordan Spieth net worth$78,071,997
Jordan Spieth net worth vs Arnold Palmer net worthAbout 1/9th as big
Jordan Spieth salary$75,145,752
Jordan Spieth net worth vs Tiger Woods net worthAbout 1/11th as big
Jordan Spieth makes as much in a day as most Americans do in three years.
Jordan Spieth net worth vs Barack Obama net worth22 times more
Jordan Spieth net worth vs Phil Mickelson net worthAbout half as much

Jordan Spieth’s net worth is $77 million. That’s about 1/9th as big as Arnold Palmer’s net worth of $675 million. It’s also 1/11th as big as Tiger Woods’ net worth of $825 million. The average Jordan Spieth salary is $73 million per year. Spieth makes as much in a single day as most Americans make in three years.

Barack Obama’s net worth is $3.5 million. The Jordan Spieth net worth total is 22 times larger. Spieth also has about half as much net worth as Phil Mickelson’s $180 million.

Jordan Spieth Net Worth and the 2016 Masters

Jordan Spieth lost control of a five stroke lead to finish tied for second with Lee Westwood in the 2016 Masters Tournament. Danny Willett won the tourney. Had Spieth won, he would have pocketed a $1.8 million purse. Instead he took home $880,000. The tweet below from Golf Digest shows Spieth’s Masters meltdown, Nintendo style.

Jordan Spieth Net Worth Sources

Jordan Spieth Net WorthWhere does the Jordan Spieth net worth sum come from? Most of it is from endorsements. About 4/5ths to be exact. Spieth has made $33 million playing golf. That’s $23 million in PGA money and another $10 million for winning the FedEx Cup in 2015. Spieth’s estimated endorsement earnings come in at $114.5 million. That’s an average of $50 million a year for 2015 and 2016.

Spieth’s total earnings from all sources come to $147.5 million since he turned pro in 2012. That puts his salary for 2012 and 2015 at $73 million a year. Taxes take out $58 million and expenses take another $14.7 million, leaving Spieth a Jordan Spieth net worth number of $76.7 million.

Jordan Speith Net Worth Sources
PGA Money (2013-2016)$25,791,503
FedEx Cup Money 2015$10,000,000
Endorsements (2013-2016)$114,500,000
Total Jordan Spieth Earnings$150,291,503
Jordan Spieth Salary$75,145,752
Taxes (39.6%)-$59,515,435
Expenses (10%)-$15,029,150
Investment Income$2,325,079
Total Jordan Spieth Net Worth$78,071,997

Jordan Spieth PGA Money

Jordan Spieth PGA MoneyJordan Spieth has made $23 million in PGA winnings and $10 million from the FedEx cup. That’s a total golf earnings number of $33 million. Spieth turned pro in 2012 but didn’t make it into the PGA tour until 2013. In that year, he turned an impressive $3.88 million from the sport. He was named the PGA rookie of the year. He made the 10th most PGA money of any golfer in the PGA that year. Tiger Woods was #1 with $8.5 million.

In 2014, Spieth’s golf earnings bumped up to $4.3 million. He shared first place with Bubba Watson for a time, then pulled ahead in the final round. Had he won, he would have beaten Tiger Woods’ record as the youngest Masters champion in history. He eventually tied for second place, adding $792,000 to the Jordan Spieth net worth figure.

In 2015, Spieth made an astounding $12 million in PGA tour money and another $10 million as the winner of the FedEx cup. Spieth also won the 2015 Masters Tournament, taking home a record $1.8 million for his first place finish. He was the PGA player of the year and made the most on-course money that year of any golfer in the league. So far in 2016 Spieth’s tourney earnings total $2.8 million.

Jordan Spieth PGA Money
YearPGA MoneyFedEx Cup Money
Total Jordan Spieth PGA Money$25,791,503$10,000,000

Jordan Spieth Endorsement Pay

While Spieth’s on-course earnings are impressive, his off-course pay is bigger still. According to reports, Spieth earned $4.5 million for endorsements in 2013. He took in $10 million in 2014 and $50 million in 2015. He has already signed deals for that same amount in 2016.

Spieth has multi-million dollar deals with Under Armor, Titleist, AT&T, Rolex, Super Strokes, Perfect Sense and Net Jets.

The Under Armor ad below shows NFL legend Tom Brady and Jordan Spieth having a conversation about pressure and what it takes to being a champion.

Jordan Spieth Endorsement Pay

Taxes, Expenses and Jordan Spieth Net Worth

Though the Jordan Spieth net worth amount is built on $146.6 million in earnings, adjustments knock it down to $76 million. First comes taxes. Spieth was born in Texas and made the smart financial decision to stay there. Texas has no state income tax. That lets Spieth pay only the top federal tax bracket of 39.6%. That still takes a healthy cut from Spieth’s net worth at $58 million.

Expenses such as agent fees, training, travel and cost of living take another estimated 10% from the Jordan Spieth net worth sum. That adds up to $14.6 million over the course of the golfer’s career.

Taxes, Expenses and Jordan Spieth Net Worth
YearTotal Jordan Spieth EarningsTaxesExpenses (10%)

Investments and Jordan Spieth Net Worth

Spieth likely invests his surplus money, making at least a conservative 6% per year. That gives him $2 million in investment earnings to date.

YearJordan Spieth Net EarningsInvestment Income (6% of net worth)Jordan Spieth Net Worth

Jordan Spieth Net Worth Over Time

The table below shows Jordan Spieth’s net worth through time. If he keeps winning championships and continues to land big endorsement contracts, Spieth’s net worth will likely keep growing until it rivals the net worth of past champions like Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods with upwards of a half a billion each.

Jordan Spieth net worth 2012
Jordan Spieth net worth 2013$4,223,429
Jordan Spieth net worth 2014$11,605,231
Jordan Spieth net worth 2015$48,329,159
Jordan Spieth net worth 2016$78,071,997