10 Most Expensive Beers in the World

The most expensive beer in the world Cantillon Loerik 1998 at $2583 per bottle. The most expensive beer ranges from $14 and up. Some are no longer available to be purchased and must be obtained from online auctions. Others are still made, but you must reserve your order in plenty of advance.

The table below shows the most expensive beers ranked in order, from most affordable to most expensive. They show the price of beer by fluid ounce.

10 of the Most Expensive Beers Worldwide

1. Cantillon Loerik 1998: $2583 per bottle

most expensive beer

Skinner Auctions sold one bottle of this brew for $2583, and beer forums have reported that at least one of the limited-edition bottles has been sampled as recently as 2016. Loerik is Flemish for “lazy boy,” which the brewers say is because of the long wait for re-fermentation to occur in bottle. While no longer in production, it’s still a much sought-after brew for collectors and connoisseurs. It may, if you can find it, be the most expensive beer.

2. Antarctic Nail Ale : $1850 per bottle

most expensive beer

In 2010, Australian brewery Nail Ale did a special batch from the water of a melted Antarctic glacier, with the proceeds going to the Sea Shepherd nonprofit organization (which aids conservation efforts worldwide). This special brew was in high-demand. Since only 30 bottles were made, the price tag set records. The most expensive beer sold for a few different prices, with the record price being $1850 per bottle.

3. Storm Brewing Glacial Mammoth Extinction: $1000 per bottle

most expensive beer

Recently re-released in December 2016, this Canadian export is making headlines as the most expensive beer. Glacial Mammoth Extinction is priced at $40 for 500ml growler fills, $80 for 1L growler fills, and $1000 for each of the ten available gift bottle (which are now sold out forever.) Why so much for this most expensive beer? This truly one-of-a-kind beer is the result of “freezing a strong sour beer to -30C in two stages over a one month period. The sweet alcoholic liquid was separated from the extinct ice glacier that was left in the tank and then aged in French oak barrels for two years until it was ready.” It resembles more of a Port than a beer. And people can’t get enough.

4. Brew Dog’s End of History: $765 per 330ml

most expensive beer

We already know that Brew Dog is famous for its unconventional brew ideas. This clever ploy, however, may beat them all. Special-brewed to 55% ABV, this ale is presented in a bottle stuffed inside a taxidermized squirrel. Yes, it’s like Turducken, but with barley…

5. Fonteinen Millennium Geuze: $640 per bottle

most expensive beers

18 years ago, the Millennium Geuze that everyone wants was brewed. It was a project of love, a partnership between brewers 3 Fonteinen & De Cam in the fall of 1998. It was sold at the time for $7.84 cents a bottle. Today, anyone lucky enough to find them at auction can expect to pay $600 or more per bottle.

7. Jacobsen Vintage No. 1 – $400 per bottle

most expensive beer

With an original asking price of US $284, Carlsberg marketed Jacobsen Vintage No. 1 as the most expensive beer. Only 600 bottles of this Danish brew were made each year it was in production (2008 – 2010), however, and the price tag quickly went up as beer collectors raced to find it. With an expiration date of 2059, you still have time to acquire – and enjoy – this rare treat. Bottles have been found for around $400 – 500 from online resellers and collector markets, making it a contender for most expensive beer.

7. Samuel Adams Utopias: $150 per bottle

most expensive beer

A special offering from brewer Sam Adams, these limited-release beers are always in high demand – and for good reason! Many of the special-edition brews have been aged for up to 22 years in a variety of vessels for a unique quality and taste. 2015’s release was a 28% ABV and was aged in single-use bourbon casks, as well as finishing barrels from Madiera, Carcavelos, Cognac, and Armagnac finishing. Fans have enjoyed notes of wood, molasses, tobacco, fruit, and spices like no other beer can offer! Look for the new release every other year or so, in states where they are allowed to sell due to their high alcohol content. Pours are usually priced at $22 per serving.
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8. Brew Dog’s Sink the Bismarck: $49 per bottle

most expensive beers

This 41% ABV beer is inspired by a competition this brewer had with German brewers. They cleverly named this IPA with 4x the typical alcohol level as an assault on the German’s, playfully, by referencing Nazi Germany’s largest battleship. Currently unavailable, Sink the Bismarck was very popular with European and U.S. beer drinkers and is something fans hope will return.

9. Saporro Space Barley: $18 per bottle

The oldest Japanese brewer offered this special treat for sale in 2009, via a lottery system. What was so special about it? The barley seeds that grew up to be included in this concoction spent 5 months aboard the International Space Station. They were used as an experiment between the Russians and the Japanese to show that space has no ill-effect on the good things in life – including beer! The 250 lucky purchasers of this limited-edition ale were chosen by lottery, and paid 10,000 yen each for a 6-pack (or around $85.)

10. Trappist Westvleteren 12: $12 per bottle

most expensive beers

Finally, a beer you can actually buy! While batches of this beer are made weekly at the Westvleteren Brewery, orders must be placed in advance, and you must pick it up in person. This may be difficult, as the Westvleteren resides inside the Trappist Abbey of Saint Sixtus in Vleteren, Belgium. Considered by many to be the best beer in the world, it may be worth taking a flight to this far-off location to get your hands on the next batch! Buying direct from the Abbey is just $44 per crate, but buying from a reseller (which is actually prohibited by the Abbey) will cost you $12 per bottle. Some have paid up to $625 per coveted bottles of past year’s batches.

Most Expensive Beer from a Grocer

What about the rest of us? If you don’t have a thousand dollars to spend on a rotten-corked antique brew from the dusty cellars of a millionaire, don’t fret! The following beers are worth a premium, but can fit most entertaining budgets.

Death by Coconut ($3.99 a can)

most expensive beer coconut

Oskar Blues Brewery out of Colorado makes this Irish Porter with a sweet flavor of dark chocolate and extra dark caramel malt in a vintage-look can.  Find this dessert beer once a year when available.

Cucumber Crush ($3.99 a can)

most expensive beer cucumber

Cucumber Crush is a sour beer made from 10 Barrel Brewing. With a light cucumber finish, it’s available year-round and in the single can from select sellers.

Barbary Coast Imperial Stout ($6.99 a can)

most expensive beer barbary coast

This coffee-flavored brew is a unique blend of cacao nibs, chili pepper, oak and sea salt and is 10% ABV. Snag a bottle from sites like Craftshack while supplies last.

Belching Beaver Stout ($6.49 a bottle)

most expensive beer belching beaver

This milk stout is a favorite and an award-winning ale from Belching Beaver out of California. This frothy and silky beer can be purchased at a premium from their storefront or select online retailers.

Clown Shoes Space Cake ($6.99 a bottle)

most expensive beer clown

Strange name, unique flavor. That’s what the Clown Shoes brand is going for with this brew that contains seven different varieties of hops!