How Much House Does $100K Buy in Your City?

how much house does $100,000 buyHow much house does $100,000 buy in your city? That depends where you live. In San Francisco, the median home price is $742,900. Since the median home size in the United States is 2,143 square feet, that translates roughly to 289 square feet for $100,000. That’s a house about 17 feet to a side. 18% the size of a house for the same price in Pittsburgh.

New York City fares slightly better than San Francisco. The Big Apple’s median home price of $390,000 means someone spending $100,000 on a home there can buy 549 square feet of real estate. That’s 35% the floor space of Pittsburgh’s $100K home.

Houston’s $199,300 median home price translates to 1,075 square feet for $100,000. That’s 68% the size of a home for the same price in Pittsburgh.

$100,000 in Detroit buys 1,578 square feet of house. That’s 99% of the size of a home for the same cost in Pittsburgh, thanks to the Motor City’s $135,800 median home price.

The median home price in Pittsburgh is $135,000. Someone spending $100,000 there can get five times as much square footage as a home shopper in San Francisco.

See below for a spreadsheet of median home prices in 25 metros, including the corresponding size of a $100,000 home in each city.

Housing costs by city vary greatly across the U.S.

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